Trash the Dress

Yes, it sounds crazy and weird, but I want to trash my dress. The first reaction is; why would you want to destroy your wedding dress? But the point of trashing the dress is that you’re saying, I have worn this dress once, on my wedding day. I will never wear it again. I will symbolize the finality of this dress wearing by destroying it and taking arty photos that look really awesome.

The actual destruction is up to the bride, but common ways of trashing the dress are immersing it in water, going to the beach, getting the train muddy in a country setting and so on. Since I know I will be destroying the dress, I know I don’t want it to be particularly expensive. I’m okay with trashing something that’s $180, but not $1,800. Not that my mom would even let me trash something that expensive.

Anyway, the dress trashing photos usually take place a few days after the wedding or a few days after the honeymoon, not on the actual wedding day in question, so there’s no chance of me turning up to the reception looking like a wet cat. But as you can imagine, trashing the dress requires a very specific kind of photographer that has a certain eye for these things. I need to find such a photographer.