Hello Kitty is coming to the wedding

Okay, let’s be honest. If someone who knows me well came to my wedding and DIDN’T see something Hello Kitty, they would be a little confused. As much as I wanted a life size Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (see left) to come to the wedding, Tim talked me out of it. So I need another clever way to integrate my favorite kitty into the big day.

I thought about doing a Hello Kitty cake topper. That would be super cute, and I have plenty to choose from (believe it or not). I also thought about putting Sanrio plushes on the tables at the reception and instead of having a table number on your seating card, you have a picture of your table’s plush. This might not work quite as well if the guests aren’t that familiar with Kitty. But it’s a cute idea.

Maybe I could get the Hello Kitty bottles of bubbles for the guests to use while Tim and I are walking down the aisle together at the end of the ceremony. Thankfully, no matter what I pick there is a Hello Kitty everything. So there’s lots of options!