Cake Toppers

So there are tons of wedding cake toppers to choose from and I’m still getting ideas about the one would look best on ze wedding cake. Of course, Hello Kitty is in the lead with this Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel porcelain figurine. It’s adorable, would look great on a cake and afterwards, you have a figurine to keep forever.

There are some “humorous” cake toppers, including the one with the bride with her legs around the groom, which I fail to see appropriate. Also the topper with the bride dragging the terrified groom along after her. Amusingly enough I have scrapbooking embellishments that match that. However, I don’t want there to be an assumption that I’m dragging anyone anywhere against their will and I can’t help but think it looks a little tacky.

I’m also veering away from the people wedding toppers because it seems that most of the Caucasian couples have a dark-haired groom and a blonde bride. Tim and I are the other way around. Yes, I am quite sensitive the medieval notions about physical appearance, including hair color, being a predictor of personality and temperament, due to the fact that these archaic ideas are still around. Nevertheless, there will not be a blonde woman on my wedding cake.

There are a few cake toppers that I find a little annoyingly cute. Such as the bride and the groom holding a picture frame over their faces with the name of the topper being “picture perfect”. It’s already been established that I usually don’t go for puns but I think that crosses the line. The word “cheesy” should only apply to the food.

Anyway, it would be super cute to do something non-traditional for a cake topper like Super Mario Bros. or something similarly geeky, however, Mario and Luigi usually don’t grace the top of wedding cakes and other than have something custom made I think the regular $2 cake topper available from most party stores would look a little out of place on top of a wedding cake. Besides, Princess Peach is blonde and we’ve already covered that.

I’m going to try to avoid the absolute ridiculous and steer clear of the bride and groom being depicted as fairies, dragons, Klingons, or anything similarly absurd. I supposed if someone was having a fairy-themed wedding it would make sense to get a fairy-themed cake topper, but otherwise it just looks silly.

But there is also a trend in not having a cake topper at all. Which would be one less thing to worry about and one less thing to spend money on. Besides, some of the cakes I’ve seen are so beautiful that they don’t need anything to distract from that. Not to mention that the only topper I’ve seen so far to really catch my interest is the Hello Kitty topper and I’m pretty sure my groom would object to that. Although I don’t understand why.