Party Stationary

So I took on the task of planning my fiancé’s 80s themed birthday party this year and I decided to do what I do best and integrate some paper crafting into the party! I handmade the invitations and the goody bags. After the party I’m also going to make some thank you cards.
Here’s what I’ve come up with:
I loved the cassette tape invitations. I wrote on the front to make it look like a mix tape (and yes, I know, my handwriting is terrible). All of the information about the party was on the back of the card. I made envelopes to fit the cards as well since, after I started cutting out the tapes, I realized that none of the envelopes I already had would fit. But it was super easy to cut out the envelopes from cardstock, fold them and put the addresses on them.

Right now I’m working on goody bags for everyone. They are all created to look like a game of vintage Pac Man and they all have the guest’s names on top. I found lots of great goody bag favors too!
I haven’t made up the thank you cards yet, but the party isn’t until the end of the month, so I still have plenty of time to plan.

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