I have been doing math. This is never a good sign.

I estimate that we will need to send out about 140 save the dates, invitations, response cards, and thank you cards. Each of these needs its own postage. This means that I will need 560 stamps. While you can always get the personalized photo stamps, I went on the US Post Office website and rediscovered the fact that they actually make 44 cent stamps that cost 44 cents. Amazing!

Granted, none of the stamps they have available are blue roses, but they have rings, a wedding cake, LOVE stamps, and white cherry blossoms. So I started doing more math. Here is how the prices break down:

Photo Stamps: 74 cents each ($419.72 total)
Zazzle stamps: 85 cents each ($478.80 total)
USPS stamps: 44 cents each ($246.60 total)

I really wanted to get the personalized stamps at one point, but $200 less is looking much better now.