Even better!

So I was searching for inexpensive diamond ring napkin holders and I came across a website selling 100 napkin rings for $1.25, instead of $5 each from Target (who I also discovered didn’t have enough sets available for sale on their website anyway). I e-mailed the website and they responded saying that they would sell 130 to me at $1.15 each and they can ship them in 5 business days.

Amazing! $150 instead of $500 on favors? Hell yeah!  I’m sure that I want these to be my favors. I thought about posting it on the wedding forums that I frequent and then I thought, no, I don’t need anyone’s advice, this is exactly what I want. They’re different from the typical wedding favors, they’re cute, and they’re something that people can keep. Not to mention that since I’ll order more than I’ll probably need then I can get a full set of diamond engagement napkin rings. Which is exactly what I wanted when I first saw them at Tuesday Morning. Bonus!