I’m getting pretty tired of hearing every bride claim that her wedding is going to be unique. One of my English professors once said that we were never allowed to use the word “unique” in a paper. Because to say that a poem is unique it means that we have read every single poem ever written and can state that the poem we are writing about has no peer.

Unfortunately for most brides yearning to dub their special day “unique,” people have been getting married for thousands of years. Pretty much everything that can be done, has been done. People have gotten married under water, during a sky diving free fall, on top of mountains, inside their local Wal-Mart, in prisons, in churches, and I once saw a couple shout their vows to each other as they raced through the sky on bi-planes. Romance!

Anyway, with all of the weddings that have taken place, it’s next to impossible to claim that your wedding is unique. But a lot of the brides who claim that their wedding will have some feature that no other person’s wedding will have, are often boasting about rather commonplace items. At this point, if someone deems a wedding idea to be a good one then in hardly any time, a wedding magazine has it in their glossy pages, someone has figured out how to DIY it, a business has figured out how to offer it as a service, and it’s a buzz over the wedding forums.

At this point it’s ridiculous to claim that your wedding is totally unique. What is more important is to make your wedding special to you and your groom and when you look back on your wedding photos, you want to still get emotional. Don’t try to do it first, just do it right.