Great Wolf Lodge

I forgot to write about my tour of the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg a few weeks ago. I went with my mom right after we went to the Williamsburg Pottery to look for potential flowers. We got a full tour from one of the special events coordinators and got an information packet to take home.

I had to say, I was interested in touring the Lodge as it’s a refreshingly different place. The outside is nicely decorated and the outdoorsy theme is very well executed. Even from the outside, it doesn’t look like your average hotel. When you get into the lobby, you can see the restaurant, a Pizza Hut Express, and sign-age for the indoor water park, as well as another interactive feature on the third floor. The lobby is also nicely decorated and right as you walk in the door, it doesn’t look like your average hotel.

However, as soon as we got to the spaces we’d be using, everything started to look exactly like your average hotel. The outdoor ceremony space was a patio and across a very small stretch of grass there are the patios to the other guests’ rooms. Which means that should a tired mother of four decide to shove her kids outside so they can play outdoors while she watches them through the sliding glass door, they will be playing only yards from where I’m saying my wedding vows. Curious onlookers would become unexpected guests at the wedding.

Also, the reception area looks like a place where a high school would hold their prom. The carpeting and the chairs are green and while they are very striking in their own right, they would not go with my modern elegance theme at all. I also had to explain why I loathe chair covers to the coordinator. I’m pretty sure the woman thought I was completely insane, but all well.

The middle area, where the cocktail hour would be, also known as a hallway, was also underwhelming. The area itself looked far too small to comfortably hold 120 people. There was no area for seating in the hallway, so the guests would have to eat their finger foods while sitting in the chairs they occupied for the ceremony. It wasn’t the best set up.

After we got back to the house and I had some time to think, I was really disappointed. Everything in the Great Wolf Lodge looked amazing right until you went to the actual ceremony and reception spaces. There wasn’t anything interesting or unique about it. It could have been any ballroom in any hotel anywhere in the US. Sorry, Great Wolf, but I was expecting more.