The bridesmaids dress!

I found a nice detailed instruction manual for the bridesmaids dress that we all picked. There are so many options! When you really look at it, you can even design your own tops, if you feel so inclined. I can’t wait to see all of my beautiful girls in their dresses!

P.S. The third from the left has been reserved for Laura.

2 thoughts on “The bridesmaids dress!

  1. THANK YOU for giving me dibs on the dress with 1940s silhouette! 😀 Did you change your mind on the color, is red just the example they had? Every one of those styles is something people could totally wear again too, which makes them even more awesome!

  2. The color is still blue, I just couldn’t find a good pic of examples that were in the right color. And yeah, this dress is totally wearable! It will not be sitting in the back of a closet. If you want to see the dress in action, Genesis got one that the same convertible style, but shorter. She took lots of pics at a party by the Christmas tree. It will look so cute on everyone! And yes, you retain your dibs, lol. There are so many options that everyone will be able to choose something that looks great on them.

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