Tim’s Calendar

My fiancé wanted a calendar to take to work so I made him one with photos of his dogs, past and present. I decided to try something different and I put the months on top and the decoration below.

Okay, so that stuff about wanting to do the calendar differently and put the decorations on the bottom was a total lie. I got confused when I was punching out the pages and by the time I realized I had punched the holes wrong I was starting the decoration. At that point I didn’t want to waste 24 sheets of my good Martha Stewert 8×8 paper, so I pressed on with the decoration on the bottom.
Now that I’m used to it, it doesn’t look that weird. My fiancé really liked it though, so that’s what counts. He did ask me if I could have butched it up a bit for him. But scrapbooking really isn’t a manly thing. Sorry, sweetie.

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