The Bolling Haxall House & Main Street Station

My dad and I went to visit a few Richmond venues right after I took my nail tech state board. I had seen a lot of new places when we went to the Richmond bridal show and I was super excited at the prospect of seeing some new places.

The first place we went to is called the Bolling Haxall House and it’s owned by the Women’s Club. It’s a very beautiful old house with lots of personality. However, it requires a one-day 2 million dollar insurance policy. They are also a fan of the nickeling and dimming. Everything was extra and required its own fee. I didn’t even bother adding everything up because I knew it was going to be far more than we wanted to pay.

Also, I didn’t like the ceremony area. The parlors looked entirely too small to host 120 people and the chairs would be set up in an L shape with the ceremony taking place in the corner of the L. While half of the guests could see everything perfectly well the other half would be looking at people’s backs and wouldn’t even be able to see everyone. Additionally, the reception area looked like the cafeorium of a well to do middle school. It was beautifully decorated but for some reason the backdrop of the local women’s prison graduation didn’t seem romantic enough for me.

The second venue we visited was the Main Street Station. This place was out of the running before it was even in. The station is actually a working train station in downtown Richmond. It’s right in the middle of everything and I’d imagine that the traffic and city noise would be too difficult to ignore while trying to have a quiet ceremony. When my dad and I got there we couldn’t find a place to park. We ended up parking on a side street and having to walk two blocks just to get to the station.

Considering that there will probably be around 60-70 vehicles needing parking at our wedding, that wasn’t really working for me. We went into the station and everything was very nice, but we were a little concerned that there didn’t seem to be any space for a ceremony whatsoever. We went upstairs, where the events coordinator told us the reception would take place and found ourselves in the lobby of the train station. I started getting a sinking feeling at this point so I asked one of the security guards when the last train usually comes through. He informed me that it was usually about 7:30 or 8.

So unless you wanted a really late reception you would be having your event while people are getting off or getting onto their train. My dad and I both agreed that the general public wasn’t invited to the wedding. So the Main Street Station was ruled out with gusto.

Nothing is looking as good as Chrysler right now. Nothing at all.