Air & Space Center

So, for good luck I decided to look at one more potential venue. I wanted to see the Air & Space Center partly as a possible wedding venue but also as a possible surprise birthday party venue for Tim’s next birthday. However, the museum failed on both counts.

While for the wedding it’s reasonably priced, for a birthday rental the cheapest area rental is $500. And all of the food would have to be catered and we would need linens and more, which would probably make a simple birthday party somewhere near $800-$1000. While it was a cool idea, that is entirely too much money.

As for the reception, it’s an interesting place alright. In the main hall, where the seating would be, there is a lunar lander. Not a lot of people can say that had something that was actually on the moon at their reception. However, the venue is far too industrial for my taste. There isn’t any romanticism in it, it’s all steel and concrete.

Funnily enough, the special events coordinator who gave us a tour highly recommended getting married at the Chrysler museum, if we didn’t choose their venue. I have to agree. Chrysler is looking pretty amazing.