The Registry Mess

So I’m not entirely sure how many registries are too many, but I think I’m about to find out. Right now I have 4. 1 on Amazon, where all of our Waterford crystal drinking glasses and other random items are, then a Registry 360 account where I have all of the things from different websites that I couldn’t find on Amazon. Next, I was at the Richmond bridal show and signed myself up for a Bed, Bath and Beyond registry was well as a Kohl’s registry.

I figured that I wouldn’t really use the BB&B registry and put all of the china on Kohl’s registry as well as anything else we needed. But then I got onto the Kohl’s website and found out that my china pattern (which I already started during my retail days) wasn’t available on the Kohl’s websites and could only be purchased in store at whichever store carried it. I went to the closest Kohl’s and the sales associate hadn’t even heard of Wedgwood China. Needless to say, they didn’t carry any Wedgwood at all.

With the pattern so difficult to find, people are more likely to select something else on the registry than try to track it down. Being that I want to throw dinner parties and I can’t do that with only 3 place settings of china, I started looking around for a different site that carried it. I also needed some serving dishes and since my pattern is plain white, I can mix in dishes with patterns. So I needed several different Wedgwood patterns.

Of course, I couldn’t find all of them on one website. I was able to limit everything to 3 registries, but I’m hoping having multiple registries won’t confuse everyone. Most people are comfortable using so I’m sure they won’t have any problems ordering from there. Here’s hoping people are alright with Registry 360 and Bed, Bath and Beyond as well.

Also, I read that you need to have 2 items on your registry for every invited guest. We’re inviting about 150 people, so I need 300 items for the registry. Holy crap that’s a lot. I think I have about 70 on the lists so far if I count every wine glass and dinner plate individually. Of course, I haven’t asked Tim what he would like to add to the registry. Naturally, I wanted to avoid giving him a scan gun and letting him loose in a store. He did come up with an idea of getting a registry at Sears though. Maybe he won’t do too much damage.