MiST 78 – Goku Love Story

gokuThe MiSTers discover a secret room in the Spotted Satellite. What will they use it for? Also, will they survive an emo love story template that has Dragon Ball Z characters stuck into it? Can Dragon Ball Z characters even fit into the template of an emo love story? Will Goku be emo or will his love interest be emo enough for both of them?

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I don’t own any copyrighted characters, series or songs. Which should be obvious, because I didn’t copyright them. I didn’t write the story being MiSTed. My intellectual property in this MiST is the witty remarks, my MiSTers, and the mad. My characters are used only with my permission.

This MiSTing is not a personal attack on the author. It’s an attack on their terrible writing. This is not meant to be even slightly constructive, instead it is meant solely for the amusement of others.

It’s important to learn to laugh at ourselves. Don’t take life too seriously.


Melanie Bryce – The real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach cavity.
Dominick Dante – I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself.
Gwenavere Donovan – Walk softly and carry a BlackBerry.
Jarred Zion – Strangers are just friends that you haven’t met!
Deangelo Desiderio – Grumpy is the only one of the seven dwarfs I understand.
Tempest Lucki – Hey, you’re cute. What are you doing after the MiST?
Kalinda Beckham – Yes, that’s right, I’m the only remotely normal person here.


(M enters the conference room flipping through folders with Rosie nipping at her heels.)

M: So kids, this week we have a — (M looks around and realizes that no one else is in the conference room.)
Rosie: Meow?
M: I wonder where they disappeared to.
Rosie: Mew, méw!
M: How do you know where they are?
Rosie: Murrrrrr.
M: Well yes, your sense of smell is quite superior to mine.
Rosie: Meow muurow.
M: And yes, you could smell Dominick halfway across the globe.

(Rosie trots out of the conference room with M following her.)


(M and Rosie enter a room in the Spotted Satellite that had never been used before. They step in cautiously and find that it has been turned into a pool room. The MiSTers are frolicking in the water, laying on the clear floor, soaking up some sunlight, and drinking cocktails with little umbrellas in them.)

M: Hello, kids!

(All of the MiSTers freeze in place and turn to M in horror.)

Kalinda: I don’t want to get out of the pool!

(Everyone turns to stare at Kalinda.)

Kalinda: (0_0…) Well, I don’t.
M: You guys are determined to go swimming, huh?
Dominick: Well, after you took away our hot tub, what do you expect?
M: How exactly did you guys find out about this room anyway?
Jarred: Gwenie found some layout designs for the satellite and it turns out this pool was here all along. We just needed to fill it and add the cocktails.
Melanie: Yeah, we all pitched in and now we have an awesome pool.
Tempest: Although this pool would be better if I could sunbathe topless. And bottomless. Clearly no one understands the importance of avoiding tan lines.
Gwen: You should join us, M. And let’s not worry about whatever inane tripe you have for us to MiST today. We should have a day off from all of that MiSTing and just relax.
Deangelo: Yes, I believe we all need a mental health day from those horrible “stories”.
M: (Taking a cocktail off of the tray and taking a long sip.) Tell you what, bring the cocktails, we’ll MiST a short story, then back to the pool for some fun.
Gwen: MiSTing with alcohol? Are you sure that’s a good idea?
M: What’s the worst that could happen?
Dominick: How short is this short story?
M: 3 chapters, Dommie. You guys are totally prepared.
Tempest: Okay, but only if I can sunbathe nude when we get back.
M: Well, Temp, why don’t you wait until after dinner time. Then while we eat, you can sunbathe your little heart out and when we’re finished, your clothes go back on and no one needs to scrub their corneas.
Tempest: Humph. Fine. Maybe I’ll invite some friends whose minds are more open than yours.
Jarred: Please give us fair warning if you do.
M: Well, come on, kids. Let’s get MiSTing.

(M heads out of the pool room. Dominick grabs the tray of martinis and hands Melanie the pitcher.)

Dominick: You heard the leopard, let’s move!


(The MiSTers assemble in the conference room. Dominick puts the martini tray down in the middle and sits down, sipping his cocktail.)

Kalinda: You know, we can finally use our cup holders.
Deangelo: You’re right, we’ve never had a chance to use them before.
Jarred: Maybe when we MiST we should get popcorn and sodas. That would make the MiSTs more pleasant, don’t you think?
Gwen: I doubt it would make the stories less tedious, but I think it might help to dampen the pain.
M: (From the control room.) Okay, is everyone ready?
MiSTers: (Holding up their cocktails.) Cheers!
M: (From the control room.) Here we go!

>Goku Love Story 😀

Gwen: Why do I get the feeling this is going to be the standard emo love story template only with Dragon Ball Z characters inserted into it?

>Info ^_^
>Ok,ur name is Ramaz.

Tempest: No, it’s not, it’s Tempest.
Jarred: My name isn’t Ra…maz either.
M: (From the control room.) Sometimes, most likely in an effort to make the typical self-absorbed teenagers more involved in the plot, the author writes the story as if it applies directly to the reader. It can be very weird.

>Ur a Saiyan,born on Planet Vegeta but raised on Earth just like Goku.U have Raditz’ hair,

Melanie: You cut it off with a pair of garden shears and now wear it on your head as a badge of honor.

>only its elbow length,and no pointy hairline,just pointy bangs like Goku. .Its prettier (the hair that is lol) and more girl-like.Ur nice,and u know ur a Saiyan

Deangelo: You know, sometimes I like to make up little justifications for why people write the way they do. I choose to believe that this girl wrote this entire story on her phone. A phone without spell check or grammar check. So she has to type “u” for “you” and she can’t find the space bar, because it is so difficult to type things out on her phone.
Kalinda: You know, that does make the story seem better.

>and u took care of urself,but u know what its like to have parents also.

Jarred: Parents that horrible abuse you?

>All the boys fall for u,nut they are mostly jerks.

Tempest: Nut yeah, they are.

>Ur really strong and u can do anything Goku,Vegeta,Bardock,and Gohan can do.U like fighting (ur Saiyan,duh,u have a need to fight lol).U hate it when ppl mess with u,

Gwen: Which is weird, because usually Saiyans love it when people do that.

>and they have a right to be scared of u.

Deangelo: They have a right to? For some reason I think most countries might have left that out of their constitutions.

>Ur friends with Bulma and Yamcha.U r now just meeting Goku (u couldent bcuz u were traveling,fighting,all that crap lol) at the Strongest Under The Heavens Tournament.Hope U like it!

Dominick: I feel that I should let everyone know that the Strongest Under The Heavens Tournament was part of a Dragon Ball manga when Goku was still a kid. He entered his first Strongest Under the Heavens when he was 12, he entered again when he was 15, and once again when he was 18.
Melanie: Thank you, anime nerd. Our lives are now complete.


Jarred: What a happy smiley face. (^_^) Maybe this story won’t be so bad after all.

>Chapter 1:Strongest Under The Heavens Tournament.
>”Ramaz!Wait UP,girl!”U hear Bulma shout.U smile and say “Well,hurry up!I gotta get behind the wall and wait for my turn to fight!”

Kalinda: (0_o?) You know, this writing style is disturbing me already.
M: (From the control room.) Just wait.

>Ur in the finales and ur up against a random guy.Bulma sighs and says “U and ur fighting.Ur just like Goku!”

Deangelo: No, Goku developed a personality.

>U giggle and say “Soo,Goku is just like meh,eh?”.Bulma nods and says”Ya,u guys will get along.”

Melanie: Right before they start battling to the death for the control of Earth.

>Before u can say anything else,she disappears into the crowd,along with Yamcha.U sigh,and walk towards the arena,behind the wall.Ur leaning against the wall,listening to the fighters,well,fighting.

Jarred: But then there was silence as the two big burly men realized that they didn’t need to beat each other to work out their differences. Together they talked and cried and reached a whole new level of inner understanding.
Dominick: “Inner understanding”? Seriously, Jarred. I think all of the testosterone in your body was taken out and replaced with cotton candy syrup.
Jarred: That must be why I’m so sweet. (^_^)

>U suddenly wish u had ur tail again,but u know it wont happen.

Tempest: She could just go get somebody else’s tail. (Thinks for a second.) Hey M, are the people in this fic adults?
M: (From the control room.) I can’t tell. Like Dominick said, Goku first entered this tournament when he was 12, but, as you will read later in the story, Goku is definitely past puberty. I’m guessing Goku was 18 in this story. At least, there’s not enough evidence to the contrary.

>”Hey,are u Ramaz?”

Kalinda: No, sir. No, I am not.

>U turn ur head to ur right and see the most hottest boy uve ever seen.

Tempest: She wants him to super her saiyan. (^_-)
Dominick: … That doesn’t really make any sense.
Tempest: Yeah? Neither does your face.

>”Uh,ya..why?”U ask,sorta lol.The guy laughed and said “Wow.Bulma didnt say u were so pretty!”U blush and ask “So,ur Goku?”.The guy nods and says “Thats me.”

Gwen: So nice to get to meet the man you’re going to be beating silly in a few minutes.

>U:Well,Bulma siad ur a Saiyan too.Are u?
>Goku:Yes,ur a Saiyan too?!

Melanie: Dear lord, are they going to form a club now?

>Goku hugs u tightly and says “I havent met another Saiyan yet!!!Now I have!!”

Melanie: Holy crap, they ARE going to form a club.

>U sorta standing there,blushing ur ass off and u dotn want him to let go,but he does.”Oh sorry,haha.Got a little carried away”Goku says,blushing a little himself.

Kalinda: (Goku.) Now let’s kick the crap out of each other!

>**Ok Ima just skip all the fighting,

Dominick: Thank you! We appreciate you making this story as short as possible!

>But U WIN!!!Read Chapter 2:Celebration,to see what happens nxt! ^_^

Gwen: No wait, I have it, there’s going to be a celebration of some kind!
Deangelo: A celebration that she won the tournament, no doubt.

>Chapter 2:The Celebration 😀
>Recap:U won the Strongest Under the Heavens Tournament,and ur inviting Bulma,Yamcha,and Goku to ur house 😀

Kalinda: With hilarious consequences!

>**At ur house**
>The doorbell rings and Yamcha,holding Bulmas hand,and Goku are at the door.

Jarred: I wonder if they’re going to play Parcheesi.
Tempest: What is it with you and Parcheesi?
Jarred: I love that game! It’s so fun to play with people and it never gets boring.

>”Hey guys!Thnx for coming!”U let them in,and Goku looks even more hot in a regular jeans and T-Shirt.

Melanie: Which he wears all the time…

>U lead them intot he living room,where theres comfy chairs and a fireplace.Bulma asks u to meet her in the kitchen,and u follow her.

Dominick: Ah, they have to go talk about tampons.
Kalinda: Tampons? Hell, they might have to talk about ovulation.
Dominick: (Cringing.) Please make it stop.
Kalinda: You’re the one that brought up tampons.
Dominick: As a joke! You didn’t have to bring (winces) ovulation into it.

>U:So,what did u need to tell me?
>Bulma:I think Goku likes u!

Tempest: (Bulma.) The way you beat his ass to a pulp, it was a total aphrodisiac. He had a boner the entire time the doctors were treating his broken arm.

>U:What?!?!Thats crazy!How do u know??
>Bulma:Ramaz,Ive known him since he was 12!!I KNOW if he likes someone!!

Deangelo: The whole writing your name on his bedroom walls in his own blood was a pretty clear sign too.

>U:Its not that I have a problem with it,I like him too,its just that..Only jerks like me cuz I can fight..

Gwen: Yes, I think most men are attracted to women who can beat them senseless. They just drool over the petite, helpless girls out of societal obligation.

>Bulma:Trust me,if anyones a jerk,its NOT Goku!
>U:Ok…Good,I dont like jerks,haha.

Kalinda: Yeah, that’s what all girls say while they ignore the sweet guys and agonize over what happened with some random asshole.

>U and Bulma walk back to the living room,and u glance at Goku,whos also glancing at u.

Jarred: With glances like those you can totally tell that they’re in love. And they’ve spent so much time together too. They know everything there is to know about the other person and have truly had the time to assess their strengths and flaws and are absolutely ready to have a baby together.
Tempest: (Choking on her cocktail.) Who said anything about having a baby together?
Jarred: They always do! How many Quizazz stories have we read where the main character gets pregnant? Way too many! You’d think the teenage pregnancy rate was 95% or something.
Tempest: Okay, you do have a point.

>U go to ur room and change into dark blue sweat pants and a white tank top with the words “Capsule Corp.”on the front of it.

Gwen: A very important rule of hostess etiquette is to always be dressed by the time your guests arrive. But considering the rate we’re going, I shouldn’t really be surprised.

>Yamcha and Gokus jaws drop when they see u.

Tempest: Really? They’re impressed by sweat pants and a tank top? They really don’t get out much, do they?

>Bulma smacks Yamcha on his arm,and he grumbles.U laugh and when u go to sit next to Bulma,she pushes u towards Goku.U glare at her,and sit.U were so close to him,u could feel his muscles.

Dominick: Just reach out and fondle him. You know you want to!

>Bulam and Yamcha then break the silence by making out.

Tempest: Woo hoo! Finally, some action!
Kalinda: They’re just going to start making out? Are they ADD? Silence for twenty seconds and they have to suck face?

>U close ur eyes in disgust and yell “GET A ROOM GUYS!,AND NOT MINE!”

Melanie: How rude. Making out in front of people is so inconsiderate.
Tempest: Yeah, they should at least invite them to join in.
Melanie: That’s so not where I was going with this, Temp.

>Goku laughs and Yacmha pulls Bulma towards the guest room,and they shut the door.

Deangelo: What kind of a party is this?
Dominick: I don’t like where this is going. Jarred is right, this chick is going to be knocked up by chapter 3.

>”Oh god,they better not..u know.”

Kalinda: (Ramaz.) Do their taxes.

>U say,giggling.Goku laughs a little,and stops.U guys are just staring at the fire,wondering what to do now.

Gwen: Clearly, in keeping with the theme of the party, they should start making out too.

>U get up and lay down infront of the fire,propping ur head up with ur hands.Goku gets up and does the same.

Tempest: Oh yeah, no guest room crap for these two. They’re going to do it nice and slow down by the fire.


Dominick: (Goku.) Why are my pants getting so tight?

>Goku:I know Ive only known u for like,not even a full day.But,Ive gotten some strong feelings for u..

Gwen: Yes, those feelings are probably a mixture of lust and infatuation and it’s totally normal. They will fade with time and no one needs to make any life-altering decisions tonight.

>U stare at him,in shock,and in happiness.
>U:Really..?I have too..

Jarred: (Ramaz.) I have really strong feelings about the federal deficit and the ongoing political problems in Egypt. What do you have strong feelings about?

>U:Ya,ever since I saw u,i fell in l-

Tempest: L…. ust. Yes. (Shrugging.) He has a tight ass. It happens to us all.

>Goku wouldent let u finish,and planted a kiss right on ur lips.

Dominick: Dude! This quasi-first person writing is disturbing. I don’t want to think about some ripped dude kissing me. It’s… wrong.
Tempest: Yeah, Dominick only likes to think about femme-y guys kissing him.
Dominick: (O_O!!!) Hey! I do not!

(The MiSTers exchange hi-fives and all raise their glasses to Tempest.)

Dominick: I don’t think about guys kissing me at all! I think about hot women all day! With really big boobs and huge hips that you can just grab and — (He suddenly realizes that Melanie is glaring at him.) I mean, I think about Melanie all day. Only Melanie. Just my lovely, understanding little Mel.
Melanie: Sweetie, when you realize that you’re in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging.

>U didnt break the kiss,it felt so good.U deepened it and Goku touched ur lips with his tongue begging for entrance.U let his tongue in ur mouth and his tongue gently touches urs.

Tempest: Well now, I might be mistaken, but are we MiSTing a lemon?
M: (From the control room.) I maintain that it’s not a lemon if body parts aren’t explicitly mentioned. Someone writing “He slowly shoved it in” does not a lemon make.

>U put ur hands on Gokus neck,and ruffel up his hair with both hands.Goku cups his hands around her face,never wanting to let go.U slowly break the kiss,regreting u did,but u lead Goku to ur room.

Jarred: And we’re back to yet another teenage pregnancy.
Kalinda: Maybe they’ll use a condom.
Others: They never use condoms.

>He lays down on ur bed,and u lay ontop of him.He reaches his hand up,and messes up ur hair,and with his other hand tightly holds u close to him.U lay ur head down on his chest and close ur eyes.

Melanie: You then fall asleep, disappointing Goku, but remaining safe from becoming a statistic.

>He kisses the top of ur head.U feel his heart beating faster.u tug at his shirt,wanting him to take it off.He takes his shirt off,and u could see his strong abs.

Kalinda: You look over the various bruises and scars you caused from the fight the previous day.

>U kiss his chest,right where his heart is and say “Promise me u wont let that kiss go away from that exact spot..”.

Deangelo: What in the world does that even mean?

>Goku nods and says,smiling “Id rather have it here,on my lips.”U smile again,he makes u so happy.

Jarred: The last 14 or so hours that she knew him have been the happiest of her entire life!

>U sit up and take ur shirt off,then laying back down on him.Goku unhooked ur bra and ur eyes widened,but u dont care.

Dominick: 3AM feedings are just so much fun, who can blame her for wanting to become a teenage mom?

>He rubbed ur back and u kiss behind his ear,which he likes (idk?? lol).

Tempest: Dude, lots of people like that. It’s totally hot.

>U know u both want to do it,but u guys r both nervous.”Um,Goku,do u wanna..u know..?”U ask nervously.Goku thinks for a short moment and he says

Dominick: (Goku.) Hell yeah! Who cares about my future, let’s put a bun in that oven!

>”Yes,but if I hurt u,i wont forgive myself.Ever.”U nod and say “U wont hurt me.Ever.Im a Saiyan,too,nothing like that can hurt me.”U reply.

Deangelo: If this is how fast this young lady is with young men, I think he’s being a little presumptuous to assume that she’s a virgin.
Others: Ooooo, ice burn!

>U both start to undress,and Goku couldent keep his eyes off ur body.U were really slim and fit,but had abs (not that buff,but u got muscles from working out :D).

Melanie: A professional fighter is muscular? Really? I never would have guessed.

>U blush and say “What,u like my body?”Goku smiles and says “Ya,I do actually” and u both laugh.

Tempest: Because the whole situation is so hyterimic.
Kalinda: Uh, Tempest?
Tempest: Hysterimagical. Hysterimage.
Gwen: Hysterical?
Tempest: Yep! That’s it. Anymore martinis? Mine is a little on the empty side.
Dominick: Uh, I think we’re going to have to cut you off, Tempest. Once you stop being able to pronounce simple words, the booze stops flowing.
Tempest: Fine. I’ll just sober up then. Spoil spot.
Dominick: Yeah, exactly.

>u lay down on the bed,really nervous but u thought “Its not that a big deal..Ok it is but calm down,gosh!!”.Goku gets on the bed and looks at u nervously,and giving u a look that says

Jarred: Are you ready to ruin your lives by bringing a child into the world?

>”U sure?”.U nod and he slowly shoves it into u.

Dominick: You know, it takes real talent to make sex so completely unsexual.
Jarred: Also, there were no mentions of condoms. None whatsoever. Those two are having unprotected sex and she’s going to get pregnant and give birth the following day! Just wait!

>U moan slightly,but u wont let urself scream.Goku kisses u,to remind u that he doesent want to hurt u.He keeps going at it,but u dont scream,nor moan.

Tempest: So she just laid there without making any sounds? Yeah, that’s sexy.

>After a half hour,u guys both flop on the bed,exhausted.”Wow..”U say breathing heavily.

Gwen: (Ramaz.) That teenage fumbling was just thrilling. I truly can’t wait until we can do that again. Oh wait, I’m pregnant. You’re not getting any ever again.

>”Ya,wow is right.”Goku says,and he’s a bit sweaty.U guys both get in the shower(Yes,u guys are sharing lol)

Kalinda: Showering together! OMG! What devious behavior will this author think of next?

>,and clean urselves off.U fall asleep in ur room,with ur head on his chest.

Jarred: Great, now time for chapter 3; the next morning when she takes a pregnancy test that comes back positive.

>Hope U liked it!!Read Chapter 3:Its a Boy?!

Deangelo: Well, that takes all of the mystery out of it.

>(The title gives it away,but who cares?) 😀 Umm comment and rate plz!Thnx! ^_^

Kalinda: Well, she does have a point. I mean, we already guessed what happened and none of us really give a crap about this promotion of casual sex and teenage motherhood anyway.

>Chapter 3:Its a boy?!?!
>Recap:U and Goku kissed,and um…did it (hehe xD)

Melanie: We know. We were there, remember?

>U wake up,the sun shining from ur window hits ur face.

Kalinda: But not nearly as hard as the cold light of reality will when you wind up pregnant from your night of passion.
Deangelo: No need to worry. I highly doubt reality will intrude on this little story.

>Goku kisses ur forehead and says “Good morning,beautiful.”.U smile and kiss him back.U guys both walk to the kitchen and see Bulma and Yamcha making breakfast.

Tempest: You feel accomplished when you realize that you have hosted a very successful sex party.

>”Finally,u guys woke up.”Bulma says.U giggle and say “Ya,well,we Saiyans need our sleep.”After u guys ate breakfast,u,Goku,Bulma and Yamcha sat in the living room.

Dominick: Suddenly they received notice that the world is in jeopardy and the best fighters on Earth have to come together to defend it. After all those years of training and fighting a pregnant Ramaz had to sit this one out.

>U whisper to Bulma that u guys did it,and she squeeled.

Kalinda: Seriously? They’re all sitting around in the living room and she just squeals to Bulma? Stay classy, Ramaz, stay classy.

>”Can I tell Yamcha???Plz?????”Bulma begged.U smile and roll ur eyes,”Yes,tell him.Anything to make u shut up.”After Bulma told Yamcha,Yamcha said “Ha,Good work man.”

Deangelo: Yes, you put your penis in something. Congratulations.

>Goku laughed and said “Well,did U do it,Mr LadysMan??”Yamcha laughed and said “Well,no,I didnt feel like it,but whatever.”

Tempest: This is all code for he couldn’t get it up.

>.Bulma suddenly jumped up and said “No!U were too much of a WIMP to do it!”

Tempest: Which also means that he couldn’t get it up.
Jarred: What if he was too scared?
Tempest: He’s a guy and being scared is an aphrodisiac. He couldn’t get it up.

>U and Goku busted out laughing,and fell no the floor,trying to breathe.

Tempest: (o_o) Well, it wasn’t THAT funny.

>”Of all the years Ive known u,Yamcha,U always told me how much u wanted to do it with Bulma.U had ur chance,and now,Ur a WIMP?!THATS PRICELESS!”U say,still laughing.

Gwen: Yes, don’t give him a complex or anything.

>Yamcha blushed,in a angry way,but he let it go.

Dominick: Instead, he started plotting their deaths.

>U and Goku got bak up,and U sat on his lap.U suddenly felt queesy,and u asked Bulma to got to the store with u.

Kalinda: For a pregnancy test?

>U guys got dressed and headed out.U suddenly went straight to a aisle,and picked up a pregnency test.

Melanie: A magical pregnancy test that works only hours after coitus and several weeks before your body starts producing the needed hormones to test positive anyway. Amazing.

>Bulmas eyes widened when she saw it in ur hand.U placed it on the counter,bought it,and u guys drove home in silence.

Jarred: So now this girl is going to find out she’s pregnant and tell the father, who she has known for less than 24 hours? This is a great situation for a teenager to find herself in.
Dominick: Yeah, at least in real life the guy has about six to eight weeks before he finds out that he knocked the chick up and that’s plenty of time to disappear.

>When u got home,U told Bulma to keep her mouth shut,and u went to the bathroom.U took the test out of the box,and used it..And the result?Positive.100%

Tempest: Mazel tov! I hope you didn’t want to continue your education.

>correct,and it also said it was going to be a boy.

Deangelo: Really? A pregnancy test that can predict the baby’s gender as well? Maybe this is a type of pregnancy test unique to the Dragon Ball world.

>When u got out of the bathroom,u told Goku.

Dominick: He asked you to come with him upstairs with him for a second.

>He was suprised,in a good way,and u were happy u were going to have a child.

Gwen: Clearly, the realization that her entire life is going to change and she will have more to worry about than who she’s fighting against next has not set in yet.

>U got Bulma and Yamcha in the living room,and said “Guys,Im going to be a mom,and Goku is going to be a dad!”

Kalinda: Bulma and Yamcha knocked each other over as they both reached for the phone in order to call Planned Parenthood.
Dominick: Meanwhile, Goku asked here where her coat closet was.

>Bulma and Yamcha clapped,well mostly Yamcha,Bulma screamed “OMIGOD REALLY?!?!?”Goku picked u up and spun u around and u laughed.

Deangelo: But when he started swinging you a little too close to an open window, you stopped laughing.

>Bulma kept asking u if it was a girl or a boy,and u refused to tell her,she was gonna find out herself;).
>**Ima skip to the part where u have…GOHAN! :D**

Dominick: Well that solves the mystery of what happened to Chichi.
Kalinda: It does?
Dominick: Well yeah, she doesn’t exist in this story. It would be so awesome if she did and she could show up to kick this chick’s ass.

>”Omigod,Goku!”U suddenly shout.Ur at home with Goku and Bulma.”What,honey??”Goku asks.”Get me to the hospital,NOW!”U demand,ur water just broek and ur sure of it!

Jarred: Unlike the last four times when you were sure of it.

>Goku hauls ass in the car,driving past other cars,not even caring if he gets pulled over.

Gwen: He can fly, can’t he? Why wouldn’t he just fly her there?
Deangelo: If he can fly, then according to the author, so can Ramaz. So she could fly herself to the hospital and not waste precious gasoline.

>U arrived at the hospital,with Bulma and Goku by ur side (Yamcha is getting to the hospital).
**Ima just skip past all the..details LMFAO xD**

Tempest: That’s okay. Everyone does. I mean, it’s pretty simple, all things considered. She screams and pushes some, baby pops out, yay, everyone’s happy.

>”Well,u were right,Ms.Ramaz.Ur now a mother of a healthy boy…I just dont know why..he has…a TAIL?!”The doctor (it was a girl)exclaimed,before she fainted.

Dominick: Hey, they should clip that right away. Before the next full moon, anyway.

>The other doctor helped her up,and handed u the baby.Sure enough,he had a tail,and a bit of Black hair.His eyes were closed,until Bulma,Goku and Yacmha gathered around.

Melanie: I kind of wonder what happened to the other DBZ characters. I mean, there’s more than just Bulma and Yamcha running around in that series.

>He slowly opened his eyes,somehow knowing he was looking at some important ppl.He suddenly pulled at ur nightgown,wanting milk.U started breastfeeding him,while Bulma said “Awww”

Jarred: Because it’s totally natural to break a boob out in front of your best friend and her boyfriend. Nothing rude about that.

>The doctor (who fainted) walked back up to u with a peice of paper and pen,asked “So,what will be this fine baby boy’s name?”

Kalinda: (The Doctor.) Something that compliments his tail?

>U and Goku looked at each toher and u replied,smiling “Gohan.Son Gohan”

Tempest: Hey, I’m feeling sober. Any martinis left?
Dominick: (Examining the empty pitcher.) No, sorry, Temp.

>The end!I know it was short,but Hope u still liked it!!

MiSTers: We didn’t!

>U then lived ur life in peace,while u werent fighting or training urself and Gohan.Gohan grew up to the same boy he is on Dragon Ball Z.

Melanie: Yeah, that’s convenient.

>U died a happy life,in Goku’s arms,he died with u as well (like in the NoteBook lol).

Jarred: Of course, he died with you because you had been slowly poisoning him for the last ten years.

>Gohan was devastated,but his Daughter,Pan knew them before they died,sooo that was good :D.The END!

Tempest: (Jumping up.) Wonderful! Let’s get back to the pool party! (She grabs the pitcher and races out of the theatre. The MiSTers watch her leave.)
M: (From the control room.) Well, you heard the woman! Let’s go party!


(The MiSTers and M are once again assembled in the pool room, relaxing, swimming and having fun. Rosie is standing at the edge of the pool trying to decide whether or not to get in.)

Tempest: More cocktails for Tempest, yay!
Kalinda: Uh, maybe we should watch her a little more closely.
Dominick: Hey! You can’t drink the whole pitcher!
Gwen: Everyone, look at Rosie. She looks like she wants to get into the pool.
Jarred: (Swimming over to Rosie.) Come here, Rosie. The water is nice.
M: (Rubbing some lotion on her arms.) Don’t forget, she is a cat. She might not like the water.
Jarred: I think she’ll like it. She just needs a little help. (Jarred gently picks Rosie up and places her in the water.)
Deangelo: Uh, Jarred?

(Rosie lets out a loud meow and starts failing in the water. Jarred continues to hold her and after she calms down and starts treading water, he releases her. Rosie starts to paddle around Jarred, looking quite pleased with herself.)

Melanie: I have to say, that is unbelievably cute.
Rosie: Mew! (She starts paddling over to Melanie.)
M: She is adorable.
Kalinda: You see, M, sometimes it’s nice to relax and not have to worry about a MiST.
M: I don’t have anything against relaxing. I firmly believe that having a little fun is needed for everyone to be happy and healthy.
Dominick: Yeah right. Do you think those MiSTs make us happy or healthy?
M: Well no, but it —
Rosie: Mrrrrrrow!!! (Rosie leaps out of the water and attacks Dominick’s leg. He screams in surprise and falls into the water. Rosie gets out of the pool and trots over to M, licking her wet fur. The MiSTers all dissolve into laughter as Dominick surfaces and wipes his eyes.)
Dominick: Hey! That wasn’t funny!
Jarred: I know things like THAT make me happy and healthy!

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