MiST 85 – Dead Inside

deadinside2The MiSTers decide to plan a revolution. Will they be successful? And if they are, will they enjoy their freedom as much as they thought they would? Also, what will happen to Sapphire, an emo girl whose friends keep dying from random acts of violence? Will Sapphire’s dark past continue to haunt her or will she find true love with a random emo boy?

Want to know more about MiSTing? Read Star’s Guide to MiSTing and educate yourself.


I don’t own any copyrighted characters, series or songs. Which should be obvious, because I didn’t copyright them. I didn’t write the story being MiSTed. My intellectual property in this MiST is the witty remarks, my MiSTers, and the mad. My characters are used only with my permission.

This MiSTing is not a personal attack on the author. It’s an attack on their terrible writing. This is not meant to be even slightly constructive, instead it is meant solely for the amusement of others.

It’s important to learn to laugh at ourselves. Don’t take life too seriously.


Melanie Bryce – The real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach cavity.
Dominick Dante – I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself.
Gwenavere Donovan – Walk softly and carry a BlackBerry.
Jarred Zion – Strangers are just friends that you haven’t met!
Deangelo Desiderio – Grumpy is the only one of the seven dwarfs I understand.
Tempest Lucki – Hey, you’re cute. What are you doing after the MiST?
Kalinda Beckham – Yes, that’s right, I’m the only remotely normal person here.


(The MiSTers are seated at the conference table in the middle of a very serious conversation.)

Dominick: I say we just leave. We all go to different stories and spread out so that M can’t find us.
Jarred: But she can do that summon thing and bring anyone out of whatever story they’re in.
Dominick: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
Deangelo: What if we barricade ourselves in here? I mean, we can block the door with the table and M won’t be able to get in here to tell us we have to MiST or get us into the theatre.
Gwen: I hope you all realize that this MiSTer’s revolt is going to end shortly and badly. For you all.
Deangelo: We’re all in this together, Gwenavere.
Kalinda: I’m not so sure I’m in. Every other time we’ve gone up against M we’ve lost. She is kind of our creator and she’s slightly omnipotent. Maybe this isn’t the best idea.
Melanie: Well, that depends on how you look at it. Do you want to keep MiSTing at this frightening pace? How much longer do you think you can take these tedious emo love stories? Don’t you already cringe when you see someone use the wrong form of “your”?
Tempest: Yeah, I’m tired of this crap. No lemons, just silly emo love stories or silly emo love stories in fanfic form. Maybe if we stand up to her and refuse to MiST, she’ll realize how cruel this is and let up.
Jarred: I’m sorry, are we still talking about M?
Dominick: I think we need to stay focused. If we stand together as a group then we have more leverage.
Kalinda: But if we stand together as a group then M could punish us all, instead of just punishing the ones who tried to revolt.
Gwen: Klinklon does have a point.
Melanie: It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
Gwen: It’s foolish to attempt to swim when you have no arms or legs.
Jarred: I have arms. I have legs, too.
Tempest: (Checking her watch.) Hey, it’s almost time for M to come bounding in here to tell us what crap we’ll be MiSTing this week. We need to make a decision now.
Dominick: I vote we revolt and stand together.
Deangelo: I agree with Dominick.
Melanie: Viva la revolution!
Jarred: I think we should at least try to revolt. Just to see what happens. I mean, what’s the worst M could do to us?
Gwen: Wait… What about that Harry Potter fan fiction?
Kalinda: What fan fiction?
Gwen: My Immortal, the one she said was so bad she wouldn’t let us MiST it. She added that if we ever ended up MiSTing it that means we did something very, very wrong.
Jarred: Oh yeah…
Tempest: Well come on, how bad can it be?
Gwen: I wouldn’t worry necessarily how bad it was, did anyone see how long it was?
Melanie: No.
Gwen: It was 44 chapters.
Dominick: (O_O) 44?
Deangelo: We’ve never MiSTed anything that long before.
Kalinda: We would grow old and die in the theatre if we tried to MiST that.
Jarred: Maybe she would break it up into sections?
Gwen: No, I think if M makes us MiST that story she would do it all in one sitting.
Melanie: But she couldn’t! I mean, that’s crazy! It’s infeasible! It’s… torture!
Kalinda: Yeah, it’s so something M would do to us if we tried to revolt.
Dominick: Okay, let’s look at it this way. If we revolt, and we all stand together, we might never have to MiST ever again. Think about that. Wouldn’t that be worth it?
Jarred: No more MiSTing?
Deangelo: No more horrifically butchered English.
Tempest: No more illogical plot twists.
Kalinda: No more teenage pregnancies.
Dominick: Yeah, then we can all take time for ourselves and do whatever we want to do and visit stories and hang out and have fun. We’d never have to trudge into that MiSTing theatre, plant our happy asses in those seats and make fun of people who can’t spell “great”.
Deangelo: I say we vote now. Majority rules.
Melanie: Okay, let’s go. Dominick.
Dominick: Revolt. Jarred?
Jarred: Well… Revolt. But in a polite way. Kalinda?
Kalinda: I don’t want to risk spending the rest of my 20s MiSTing a 44 page story. I’m voting that we don’t revolt. Tempest?
Tempest: I’m willing to try anything once, so I say revolt. Gwen?
Gwen: I’m with Kalinda. No revolt. Melanie?
Melanie: Revolt. Deangelo?
Deangelo: Revolt.
Dominick: Yes! We’re revolting! Wooooooo!!!!
Kalinda: This will all end in tears. Probably Jarred’s.
Jarred: Most likely.
Melanie: Okay, so when do we spring into —

(The door to the conference room opens and M steps in carrying her usual file folders. Rosie trails along after her, dragging a rawhide with her.)

M: Hey guys. What’s new?
Dominick: M, we have something to tell you.
M: What? Is Tempest pregnant?
Tempest: Oh my God, am I pregnant?!
Dominick: No, no, no. M, we’re revolting.
M: Well, I think that’s a bit harsh. I mean, yeah, you all have your flaws, but you’re good, funny, hard-working people.
Dominick: No, I don’t mean that we’re revolting as in unpleasant, I mean that we are revolting against your tyrannical dictatorship. We don’t want to MiST anymore and we refuse to sit through anymore bad stories.
Jarred: And I am unanimous in this.
M: Really now.
Deangelo: Yes, M. We’ve had enough badly-written nonsense from teenagers who don’t have a basic grasp of their native language. We refuse to MiST anymore.
Kalinda: For the record, I was not unanimous in this decision. I was actually a dissenter. Please keep this in mind when you dole out punishments. Thanks, M.
M: Well, if you’re all sticking together so passionately, there really isn’t anything I can do. You don’t have to MiST anymore.
MiSTers: (@_@) ………….. Really?
Tempest: No wait, seriously?
M: Well, yeah. If you’ve all lost your passion for turning lemons into hilariously delicious lemonade then there’s nothing I can do. (She shrugs.) I better get going then. See you all later.

(M exits the conference room. The MiSTers turn and stare at each other, stunned.)

Deangelo: Did that just happen?
Gwen: I think so. I mean, I think so.
Dominick: Yes, yes, yes! Let this go down in history as a victory for tortured MiSTers everywhere!
Melanie: We don’t have to MiST anymore? Just like that?
Tempest: Are you sure I’m not pregnant?
Kalinda: Wow, I totally thought our goose was cooked.
Jarred: I can’t believe it was that simple!
Dominick: Well, you all know what we have to do now, right?
Melanie: What?
Dominick: Pool party!
Others: Yeah!


(A month has passed since the glorious MiSTer’s revolt of 2011. The MiSTers are gathered in the conference room, each with a different look of boredom and sadness.)

Melanie: Hey, are there any daiquiris left?
Tempest: No, and we don’t have any rum left to make more.
Dominick: Does anyone want to play a video game?
Kalinda: We’ve already played all the games.
Jarred: What if we all started a campfire and sang songs together?
Deangelo: Jarred, if you ever see me seated at a campfire singing songs from the public domain you have my permission to shoot me on the spot.
Jarred: (Tearing up.) Well okay, you don’t have to be so mean.
Gwen: Yes, you have been rather on edge lately, my love.
Tempest: We’ve all been bitchy lately. Even Jarred.
Jarred: You would know.
Tempest: Ha! See! I told you.
Melanie: I’m so bored. Why don’t we go to the pool?
Dominick: The pool we just got out of an hour ago?
Kalinda: Do you guys remember when we used to MiST? That was kind of fun, wasn’t it.
Deangelo: It did allow me to channel my biting wit so I didn’t use it on those around me.
Dominick: I liked the part where I said “lurrrrrrrve juices” a lot.

(The conference room door opens and M walks in holding a file folder.)

MiSTers: (Deadpan.) Hi, M.
M: Thanks for the enthusiastic greeting, everyone.
Deangelo: We’d be enthusiastic if we were actually happy to see you.
Tempest: What are you up to, M?
M: Not much. Just, you know, hanging out. Well, there was one thing but — No, you guys wouldn’t be interested.
Melanie: What? I mean, we might be interested.
M: No, it’s silly. You wouldn’t like it.
Dominick: Try us.
M: I was going over some old stories I had in my MiSTing fodder folder and there was one that stuck out.
Kalinda: Why’s that?
M: Come on, you guys don’t care. I mean, you all gave up MiSTing. This is old hat to you.
Jarred: Well, maybe we could hear a little about it. It’s not like we’re doing anything else.
M: Well, this is a story about a girl named Sapphire or actually “Saphire” as the author puts it. She’s an Angsty Mary Sue that has a slew of personal problems unique to emo girls. Some of them are actually quite funny.
Deangelo: Please enlighten us.
M: Enlighten you? But you all banded together and revolted against MiSTing. I couldn’t enlighten you with my tyrannical ways.
Jarred: (Bursting into tears.) I wanna MiST!!!!!
Kalinda: There! I told you! I told you it would end with Jarred’s tears.
Jarred: (Sobbing hysterically.) I just want to laugh like we used to and MiST and be funny together. We all have such a good time MiSTing. I mean, we say we hate it, but some of our best memories were when we were MiSTing. And now we’re all bored and bickering with each other and I just wanna MiST some more.
Gwen: I agree with Jarred. We all need to MiST. Without it, we’re idle and bitter.
Melanie: You know, I feel it too. The need to MiST. This last month has felt like something was missing in our lives. Almost like we lost a part of ourselves.
Dominick: Hey wait, you’re right. We’ve all been miserable without MiSTing. Yo, M, something you want to tell us?
M: Nothing to tell you, really. You were all created to be MiSTers when you don’t MiST and you’re still active it means that you’re not acting as you were intended and therefore, you’re only a part of your actual selves.
Gwen: So we’re MiSTing machines.
M: Not technically, but MiSTing is an ingrained part of your existence. You can’t properly function without it. I’m surprised you all made it this far actually. I figured by the end of the second week you’d all try to kill each other.
Tempest: So this is why everyone’s been feeling like crap lately. Weird.
Jarred: (Sniffling.) So are we going to MiST?
M: (Brandishing the print out.) You’ve been out of commission for a month, do you really think you guys are up to it?
Dominick: We can take it! We can take this story and any others ones you’ve got!
M: Great, I’ll get the theatre set up. See you all there!

(M picks up her file folder and leaves. Rosie, who has been asleep in her cat bed the entire time, starts sleep running as if she was racing through a field in hot pursuit of a gazelle. The MiSTers exchange glances.)

Tempest: I can’t believe we’re going to MiST again!
Melanie: I know, I’m so excited!
Deangelo: Not nearly as excited as I am!
Kalinda: Let’s go, everyone!
Jarred: Yay!

(The MiSTers race out of the conference room.)


(The MiSTers arrive in the theatre and pile into their seats, picking up their boxes of popcorn and getting comfortable for the MiST.)

Melanie: I’m so glad we’re MiSTing again.
Dominick: Me too. But now that we’re actually about to do it again I feel like I want to hate it.
Deangelo: Hmmm, me too. It’s weird that we want something then immediately want to complain about it.
Gwen: It’s like we’re all pretty teenage girls.
Tempest: Well, I practically am!
Deangelo: Not in this century.
Tempest: Hey!
M: (From the control room.) Is everybody ready?!
MiSTers: Bring it on!
M: (From the control room.) Here we go!

>Dead inside.
>by AbiXP

Dominick: Yep, I know what she means. I totally know what she means.

>Im Saphire i am 16.My mom cheated on my dad when i wasnt even born so i never really knew my dad

Deangelo: (Sapphire.) All I knew was his signature on the child support checks that he always mailed on the first of the month.

>my mom says he wanted to put me up for adoption and he never loved me.

Tempest: She also told me that unicorns were all murdered for being too pretty.
Jarred: And kittens will knife you in your sleep.
Kalinda: And the love of your life is just one bar skank away from giving you genital warts.

>Mom is a drunk and my step dad is drunk and beats me.My mom does not know.

Melanie: Which is odd, seeing as she sounds like such an attentive parent.

>Saphire just wants to end her life can anyone change her mind?

Gwen: Oh wait, I know, I know! A random emo boy that she falls in love with ten seconds after meeting him can!

>Dark memories
>I opened my eyes to see i was in third grade i was at school

Dominick: She had gone back, back to third grade.

>and i was by my bestfriend Tony i know him sice i was in pre-k but for some reason this didnt seem right or feel right

Gwen: No, nothing about this author’s lack of punctuation seems right or feels right or… you know, actually IS right.

>we were wating for the bell to ring so we could go up stairs and get ready for class but it was only me and Tony

Kalinda: The community theatre’s cast of Cats usually held their rehearsals in the hallways before school, but they were gone now.

>usealley there was at least three or four people that arrived early but it was only me and Tony were there but someone was walking in

Deangelo: Have we really gone this long without a single punctuation mark?
M: (From the control room.) Just in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t get any better later in the story.
Deangelo: Well, that takes the mystery out of it.

>he stoped in front of me and Tony he pulled out a gum

Tempest: A gum? Like Trident? I love the strawberry kind.

>my eyes widened Tony grabbed me hand and he tryed to make me rum up stairs but

Gwen: Gum? Rum? Is this author’s “N” key broken?

>i was froze i was in shock was today the day i was going to die

Melanie: Seeing as this is a flashback, no.

>i Tony kept on screaming my name but he cocked the gun

Deangelo: You know you’re a terrible writer when your story makes it sound like the third grader is the one carrying the loaded gun.

>Tonys eyes grew wide he screamed for me but i was still in shock

Dominick: (Sapphire.) I just remembered that my math homework was still on the kitchen counter.

>i started to breath hard then he pulled the trigger i closed my eyes thinking Is this really how i am going to die

Kalinda: I doubt a real third grader would be pondering their mortality at this moment.

>but then i herd the man run out i looked at me

Tempest: (Sapphire.) With the portable mirror I carry in case my eyebrows grow back when I’m not looking.

>i was fine but did he miss i looked to the ground to see it was Tony who took the bullet for me

Deangelo: Well, who is she going to go to senior prom with now?

>i screamed “TONY!”I yelled i ran over to him he was loosing blood and fast the last words he said was without me he would die

Jarred: But she’s there now and he’s dying.

>and he loved me a teacher walked down stairs worried when she herd the gun shot the kids werent aloud off the bus i was crying

Kalinda: I’d think if a teacher in a public school heard a gunshot she would more than casually walk downstairs to see what’s up.

>i was all my fault if i just would have ran up stairs with Tony he wouldnt be dead

Gwen: Seriously? This is what the Angsty Mary Sue is blaming herself for?
Jarred: Well, she could have run up the stairs.
Gwen: She’s eight years old! Unless she is put in life or death situations on a regular basis I fail to see how she was supposed to react with anything other than shock and paralyzing fear.
Melanie: You’re right, Gwen. She’s a Sue.

>thats all that replayed in my head the teacher called 911 and they soon came i wanted to go with him but they wouldnt let me

Dominick: (Sapphire.) The paramedics said that they didn’t allow little murderers to ride to the hospital with him so instead I had to remain at school and think about what I had done.

>i kicked and scream but the just grabbed me my mom ended up picking me up and we went to go see him but he didnt make it

Tempest: So she’s 8 and she already has a body count. Interesting…
Kalinda: Just wait until she starts PMSing.

>my heart shatterd he was the only thing that made me fill alive

MiSTers: (@_@) …… Wha????
Jarred: “Fill” alive?
Gwen: Maybe it’s just a typo. Not an ignorant mistake. Just a typo.
Others: It’s never a typo.

>and that only thing was dead i staarted to cry

Deangelo: If this person means so much to you, you might want to stop referring to him as a thing….

>i closed my eyes thinking this was not happning but i was falling its all your fault everyone would say

Kalinda: Everyone being all of the voices in her head.

>as i fell soon i fell in water

Dominick: (?_?) She’s in water?

>but it wasnt water it was a pool of blood

Tempest: (?_?) She’s in blood?
Gwen: Is this girl supposed to be having a dream or a flashback?
Melanie: Well, the chapter title said “Dark Memories”, which would indicate flashback, but well, you know.

>i screamed “Help!”i yelled but the only thing i could here was its all your fault

Dominick: (One of Sapphire’s internal voices.) It’s your fault the girl’s room ran out of toilet paper this morning. It’s all your fault!

>something grabbed my legs and i started to get drug down to the bottom………I shot up i was breathing hard really hard

Kalinda: Hey, is there going to be any kind of explanation why an adult randomly walked into a school and shot a kid?
Gwen: Surely there doesn’t need to be an explanation seeing as how often children are murdered in public by adults with no motive.

>my eyes were starting to water i layed back down and started to cry “It is all my fault.”i whisperd to myself

Deangelo: Yes, as a child you should have been far better prepared for a random act of violence.

>and i fell asleep remembering the dark memorie that will haunt me forever…New school new friends?

Tempest: Psh. Emos never make friends. It might take time away from their morbid pondering about their own pain.

>I woke up with my phone alarm going off i grabbed my phone and turned it off.I sighed “First day of school.”i said i sighed

Deangelo: I hope we get a detailed description of everything she’s going to wear and how she styles her fashionable emo haircut.

>i got up and walked to my closet grabbed black ripped up skinnys and an Blood on the dance floor band yee and bra and ppanties

Gwen: Looks like you’re going to get your wish, Deangelo.

>i sat my clothes in the bathroom i turned the shower on and i got in the shower “Damn.”i whisperd the water was blazing hot i turned the water down aittle.

M: (From the control room.) By the way, I took a Mary Sue litmus test for this character and she scored a 78.
Dominick: Out of how many?
M: (From the control room.) Well, I’m not sure how many points are possible, but a score of 70 is considered a total Mary Sue and the test suggests you immediately start rewriting.

>i got out of the showerd i changed into my clothes and brushed my hair out and dryed it then i straightened my hair then i teased it in the back.

Melanie: (Sapphire.) Brushing out my hair reminded me of how Tony’s hair always looked perfectly combed and was so lustrously shiny. If only he hadn’t died. He so could have gotten Best Hair in the yearbook.

>I out alot of eyeliner and mascara on and some foundation wwhich made me look pailer then i really was.

Jarred: You know, there’s something I don’t get about emos.
Kalinda: Really? Just one thing?
Jarred: Well, more than one thing. But why do emos purposely dress in a non-mainstream way then complain that the mainstream doesn’t accept them?
Gwen: It could be argued that the emos feel differently, so they dress to reflect their difference.
Jarred: But they can’t dress and act different than the teenage mainstream and expect everyone to accept them. Especially teenagers dislike anything different from some very rigidly defined societal standards.
Gwen: You do have a point.

>I walked over to my dresser and got out black and whit checkerd socks i grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket then i went down stairs

Kalinda: She’s gotta have her bowl, gotta have cereal.

>i grabbed my black hoodie and slipped it on then i slipped on my chucks and then i grabbed my bag.”Sweetie do you want a ride to school?”mom asked

Tempest: Really? That’s a rather nice gesture for an abusive mother.
Dominick: Maybe she’s offering her a ride so she can turn on the Justin Bieber station and force her to listen to bad pop music until her ears bleed.
Gwen: This is a teenage girl, Dominick. She’d probably love that.
Dominick: Oh. Well, it would make my ears bleed.

>”No rather walk.”i said and then i slammed the door.

Melanie: Yeah right, like anyone would let a kid walk to school.

>I finalley made it to school dint live that far from the school so…I walked in the school it was big and there were alought of people and i seem to not really fit in.

Deangelo: Of course, she only came to this conclusion after several weeks among the students and several spurred attempts to get to know them. She didn’t just walk in, look around, and decide she doesn’t fit in.

>”Saphire!”a very fimilar voice said
>i turnes around to see it was the only friend i had in this school

Jarred: But I thought this was a new school.
Gwen: I suppose not.

>well to be clear the only person knew.”Wow saphire you changed alought!Ehh in a good way!”Bliss said while laughing

Tempest: (Bliss.) Yeah, I know I’m your best friend and all, but I couldn’t be bothered to come visit you during the summer. I mean, I don’t want to be a social outcast for yet another year.

>”Eh yea you have to uh in a good way.”i said

Deangelo: (Sapphire.) If you consider losing all your baby fat to reveal a figure the same shape as an oval to be a good thing, then yes, yes you changed in a good way.

>Bliss laughed “But you still havnt changed well since you know.”Bliss said lookin at the ground

Gwen: Did she — No wait, it couldn’t be.

>i sighed “Yea.”i said

Gwen: Oh my God, she did! She just brought up Tony’s death!
Tempest: Well, if your best friend isn’t going to bring up the death of your childhood BFF that you’re still illogically blaming yourself for, then who is?

>”Well uh shouldnt we go get are scechels or somethin like that?”i asked

Jarred: “Scechels”? What in the world are “scechels”?
Deangelo: Satchels?
Dominick: Seashells?
M: (From the control room.) Schedules.
Kalinda: Are you sure?
M: (From the control room.) No, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense than seashells.
Dominick: Their school could be on a beach!

>Bliss laughed “Yea lets go!”

Melanie: “Scechels” for everyone!

>she said with a smile she lead me to the gym were we got are it.Almost everyone was in the gym i looked around there was alought of diffrent people

Tempest: And Sapphire immediately decided that she didn’t fit in with any of them and spent the rest of the school day complaining about it to Bliss.
Gwen: Might I add, it’s simply amazing how close the author came to spelling “a lot” correctly. She was only three letters and a space off!

>we walked up and grabbed it

Dominick: Well, that’s just impolite.
Others: Ewwwww…

>and me and Bliss hade two classes together math and science then we got the paper to shoew were are lockers were at and the combination

Jarred: It also had a checklist of ways you can tell if you’re an emo or not and several resources for seeking help.

>I started to walk to the gym when someone walks in front of me she looked really popular and like a barbie doll with her little clone behind her

Kalinda: Yeah, I remember the Barbie Clone doll. Used to play with it all the time when I was a kid.
Melanie: I remember that too. Her name was Barby and she came with a fold-up restraining order from Ken.

>”Whatch it freak!”she yelled
>”FUCK you!you dont tell me what to do!”i yelled

Jarred: Clearly, Sapphire’s not going to make any friends with that kind of demeanor.
Tempest: The chick did cut her off and insult her.
Jarred: But that doesn’t mean Sapphire should shout and swear at her. How is that going to improve the situation at all?
Tempest: True. But she already decided that she didn’t fit in with the other kids, so why should she bother getting to know them at all?
Jarred: Touché.

>”Uhh do you know who your taalkin to!”she yelled

Dominick: (Barbie.) My dad’s the Channel 3 weather man!

>”A whore!”i said with a smile
>’You bitch whatever!”she said and she walked away

Melanie: Awww, I thought that was definitely going to become a cat fight resulting in everyone’s immediate suspension from school. Damn.

>i just walked away annd to my locker i put in my combination but i couldnt open my locker i sighed “Great !”i whispered to myself

Deangelo: (Sapphire.) Locker hates me, some random girl called me a bitch. Why God, why do you do this to me!?!

>”Need help?”Someone asked behind me
>i turned around to see it was a

Jarred: Snowman.
Kalinda: A snowman?
Jarred: He came in from the cold to learn what it is to be human.
Kalinda: Huh, like Jack Frost.

>emo guy he had long jet black hair with deep blue eyes.
>”Ehh yea um thanks.”i said

Tempest: (Sapphire.) So…. are you single? And if not, are you interested in pretending you are for the next 45 minutes?

>”Ha no problem!Whats the combination?”he asked with a smile
>”Um 0-20-40.”i said he opened my locker for me

Dominick: No way, who has a locker combo that easy? Mine were always totally random, non-sequential numbers that took me weeks to memorize.
Gwen: All of the nonsense going on in this story and you’re complaining about a locker combination?
Dominick: I’m just saying, locker combos never come out that nice and neat. Totally unrealistic.

>”Thanks.”i said
>”No problem by the way im Aiden.”he said with a smile

Melanie: Which really isn’t that surprising seeing as everyone is now named Aiden.
Jarred: Some people are named Aidan.
Deangelo: I blame Sex and the City for making that name so popular.

>”Um im Saphire.”i said while looking down at the ground

Kalinda: (Sapphire, to herself.) Um, I’m Sapphire. Fuck, what was I thinking?

>”You know you to pretty to be hideing your face.”he said in a smile (AWWW!<3) i blushed

Gwen: Did the author just “Awwwww!” at her own writing?
Deangelo: Apparently.
Gwen: Why do so few people understand the purpose of author’s notes?
Deangelo: Because the concept was never detailed in a pop song?

>”You know your cute when you blush to.”he said with a smile
>which made me blush anymore Adien laughed

Melanie: Well, looks like it’s true emo love. Nothing else to do now but make a little emo baby.
Tempest: Are emo babies born with skinny jeans on?
Melanie: Sure, why not?

>”So what class do you have next?”Adien asked
>”Ehh art.”i said

Dominick: Ah, I remember high school art.
Kalinda: Really?
Dominick: Yeah, I always got kicked out for drawing incredibly realistic penises for every project.

>”Well lets go!”Adien said with a smile
>he grabbed my hand and we went to art

Gwen: As they walked, Sapphire found herself imagining what it would be like to hold Aiden’s hand as well as their love child’s as they walked the halls of their high school.

>we walked in we were just a little early
>we walked over to the back table soon everyone was in art but i had a filling they were talking about me and Adien.

MiSTers: ….. filling?
Jarred: We’ve seen a lot but this whole “filling” instead of “feeling” thing still gets me. I mean, the words don’t even sound that similar.

>”Ok class i am mrs.Rogers if you behave and respect the rules in the art room me and you will git along fine but if you break the rules then we will have a problem.”she said

Deangelo: Wow, this really shows the author’s insight into the educators that have tried in vain to teach her these many years.

>”Ok now i will let you draw anything you want but of corse the drawing has to be school apropiet and you need to do your best

Kalinda: Doesn’t that, you know, go without saying?
Gwen: I don’t know, the teacher did have to explain to the class that if they break her rules it will be a problem and that is generally understood.

>and you have to color the drawing to.”she said she passed out papers and penciles “And you may begin.”she said

Jarred: So what do you think Sapphire is going to draw?
Deangelo: Her emo anguish personified by a pop punk band?
Kalinda: A picture of herself killing her step-father and reclaiming her lost childhood.
Gwen: A detailed drawing of her future emo baby.
Dominick: A sketch of her future wedding dress when she becomes Mrs. Aiden Emohead.
Melanie: Uh, I’m pretty sure Aiden’s last name probably isn’t Emohead.
Dominick: The author didn’t say that it wasn’t. I’m just filling in the details.

>I was stuck iwasnt her what to draw

Gwen: Whatever she draws we can all safely assume it’s not going to be a grammatically correct sentence with proper punctuation.

>i looked over at Adien to see what he was drawing he was drawing a person i couldnt tell who but i knew he was drawing a person

Tempest: (Sapphire.) I became suspicious when he began drawing enormous ears on that person and it started to resemble me before I had the surgery.

>i sighed i tryed to think of what i should draw but nothing came to mind soon i just drawed a big broken heart

Deangelo: Well, looks like none of us were spot on for that one. But it does fall under the category of her emo anguish.

>that was being stiched up and there was broken peaces every were i drawed how i felt and thats what i felt like

Kalinda: It still amazes me why teenagers act like they are the first and only person to have ever had feelings of loneliness or confusion and they deserve special recognition for dealing with these hardships.
Gwen: I’m sure to them it feels like they have invented these feelings and are the only people in the world to have ever suffered through them.

>i looked at Andien to see what he was drawing i still couldnt tell who he was drawin

Jarred: Has anyone else noticed that after spelling “Aiden” right the first time she wrote it, the author hasn’t managed to spell it correctly since?
Dominick: Maybe “Aiden” was the typo and his actual name is “Adien” or “Andien”?

>i had a very puzzled expresion on my face soonmAdien was done and i kept on looking at it and soon i figured out who the person was…

Melanie: It was Hulk Hogan.

>It was me

Melanie: Eh, close.

>i smiled i was supprised i smiled ever since Tony had died i have never smiled.

Deangelo: So in eight years, half of this child’s life, nothing even only mildly amusing has happened to make her smile? I find that hard to believe.

>I looked down Adien looked at ne
>Soo?Do you like it?Adien asked

Melanie: (Sapphire.) Yeah, I love it. But why did you draw me with all those piercings? I don’t have my ears pierced at all.
Dominick: (Aiden.) Oh right, that was my hot ex-girlfriend that I’m still not over.
Melanie: (Sapphire.) Oh.
Dominick: (Aiden.) Sorry.

>”Yea i do”I said while blushing
>Adien laughed but soon art was over.

Jarred: It went by so quickly. I know I’ll miss that heady art class with all of the drawing and the nice teacher.

>All the other periodes went by fast i had almost all my classes with him well so far now it was lunch….

Deangelo: Here’s where Sapphire’s and Aiden’s relationship fell apart.
Jarred: (Sigh.) But it was great while it lasted.

>Cuts and broken hearts
>I went to my locker and put in my locker combinstion and my locker opened i was pretty proud of myself.

Gwen: Wow. She opened a locker. A cure for cancer can’t be far behind.

>I put my stuff in my locker and i waited for Bliss.Bliss soon came with three more of her friends there were two boys and one girl

Melanie: Which, including Aiden, was the perfect ratio of boys and girls and so the emo baby making of 2011 could commence.

>”Saphire this is Ribbon and Sky they are twins and this is Amanda guys this is Saphire!”Bliss said with a big smile

MiSTers: (O_O) Ribbon?!
Jarred: But a boy in that other story we read was named Ribbon.
Dominick: Holy crap, it’s catching on!
Kalinda: Hey, maybe Ribbon is the new Aiden.
Melanie: Ribbon is such a stripper’s name. But a female stripper’s name. Which makes it even weirder.

>”Umm hi.”I said
>”Hi nice to meet you!”they all said with a smile

Deangelo: They seem to be smiling a lot for emo kids.
Gwen: You’re right. Someone should check their emo cards and make sure their skinny jeans are actually surgically attached.

>and after i met Blisses new friends we finalley went to lunch the lunch room was big and they had like a hudge buffet.

Kalinda: Since when do high schools have lunch buffets?
Dominick: Yeah, you get a spoon full of green beans and a spoon full of Who hash and you eat it with a smile.
Kalinda: Uh yeah, exactly.

>Bliss and every one else found what they wanted i just grabbed a pepsi

Tempest: What the hell? Eating disorders are a preppy disease.

>”You kno you should eat.”Adien said from behind me
>”Umm i not really hungry.”i said with a smirk

Kalinda: (Sapphire.) Also, yesterday, I was counting my ribs like I always do and the one at the bottom wasn’t totally visible. I had to count it as a half. How embarrassing is that?!

>Adien smirked back
>Then the girl i told off when i came to school came between me and Adien

Melanie: Here we go! Cat fight time!

>”Listen her you better stay the fuck away from my boyfriend!”she said

MiSTers: What????
Gwen: The preppy girl is dating the emo boy? Why do I somehow doubt that?
Melanie: I don’t know, I’ve heard Sk8ter Boi before.
Deangelo: But why would that young man be holding her hand and drawing pictures of her if he is already dating someone?
Dominick: I guess Aiden is just one of those teenage boys that are indescribably evil for no apparent reason.

>”Eh boyfriend oh i dindt know.”i said with a puzzled look on my face
>snd was looking at the ground

Tempest: The ground, however, couldn’t explain to her growing fetus that it would have no emo daddy.

>”Well now youdo!”she said
>”Um Saphire im sorry i didnt i cut him off

Dominick: With a large knife.

>”What the hell Adien you have a girl friend but you fuckinng flirting with me huh well i really umm dont want to talk to you right now i have to go.”i said

Kalinda: Way to let him have it, champ!
Melanie: He’s going to need some medical attention after that tongue lashing.

>”Im sorry Saphire.”Adien siad
>”Whatever Adien.”I said with a tear going down my cheek

Deangelo: (Sapphire.) Excuse me, I have to go be emo now.

>i walked out of the lunch room and into the bathroom i walked into the stall and pulled out a razor blade from my pocket

Tempest: And we’re back to cutting. Do teenagers really think that this is a cool way to deal with your problems and not a maladaptive behavior?
Kalinda: I don’t know. Come to think of it, we don’t actually know any actual teenagers.
Gwen: After reading these stories I don’t really want to.

>and i ran it on my wrist once i could fill the sting but then the sting went away and ut was a numb filling i slid the razor blade back into my pocket

Dominick: Now that is some time efficient cutting. I also love how this character casually keeps a razor in her back pocket. She’s going to shift positions sometime and bam! She’s going to cut her own ass.

>and and put my jacket bck on i walked out the bathroom to see Adien was waiting one me i walked away from him he grab my wrist i screamed in pain.

Kalinda: Really? From one cut with a razor blade? That would be like getting a bad paper cut.
Tempest: Maybe she just has absolutely no tolerance for pain.

>Adien raised my sleeve of my hoodie his eyes grew wide i yanked my wrist away from “Saphire why did you i cut him off

Jarred: Yeah, that whole dropping the quotation marks when someone is interrupting someone else is in no way confusing or incredibly annoying.

>”Who cares what i did besides its none of your busieness so dont worry about it!”i hissed

Deangelo: I’m so glad we’ve moved on from Aiden’s disloyalty to his girlfriend. This plot twist is so much more interesting.
Jarred: It is?
Deangelo: Not in the slightest.

>Adien started to walk toward me “Saphire please just let me take

Kalinda: ….your coat?
Dominick: …..your umbrella?
Jarred: ….your hand so you can fly me to the moon?

>”NO!”i yelled

Tempest: Dude, she didn’t even know what he was going to say. He could have been offering to take care of her dry cleaning in or carry her backpack all day.

>”Just leave me alone!”i yelled my eyes started to water and i ran away from Adien he yelled for me to come back but i just ignored him

Gwen: You know, these children have a very long lunch period.

>i really did start to like him but how could ne not tell me he was dating her he didnt seem the type to date her he was like emo at least i thought

Jarred: Maybe her emo-dar is broken.
Dominick: Emo-dar?
Jarred: Emo radar. Emo-dar.
Dominick: Ah.

>now i really want to die….

Kalinda: Good thing she’s a teenage girl and this will all be forgotten about by the following day.

>The breakdown
>I ran out of the school i just wanted to get away not be on this earth anymore

Deangelo: Well, that’s a happy coincidence. I didn’t want you here either.

>besides no one would care if i was gone anyways.I finalley ran out of breath i was by the park

Gwen: Suddenly she felt alive. She felt…. real.

>i looked at my cut on my wrist it was still bleeding from were Adien grabbed a hold of it.

Melanie: She must be on some killer blood thinners for a small cut like that to still be bleeding.

>I was breathing ard i have never ran that fast befor then i felt someone wrap there earms around my waist

Tempest: Whoop! Whoop!
Kalinda: Rape alert! Rape alert!
Tempest: Whoop! Whoop!

>i turned around too see it was Adien i looked down at the ground not wanting to look at him

Dominick: So he followed her all the way from school? Didn’t anyone see them leave?

>”Im sorry i didnt tell you about me and Whitney.”Adien said

Gwen: So finally, this Barbie character gets a name.

>i didnt say nothing i sighed “Uh its ok i gusse.”i said

Deangelo: What?! How is it suddenly okay? He completely led her on and should have definitely told her that he was seeing someone before he started holding her hand and drawing pictures of her.
Kalinda: Yeah, that is not acceptable boyfriend behavior and just because he apologizes that doesn’t make it right.

>Adien lifted my head up and gave me a kiss on the forhead i blushed.

Kalinda: And that is even more unacceptable boyfriend behavior.

>”What the hell!”someone said

Gwen: Let’s see how Aiden explains his way out of this one.

>i turned areound to see it was whitney she didnt look to happy
>i broke the hug and just stared at her.

Dominick: Preppies aren’t like dogs, you can’t stare them down.

>”I would be carful Adien i herd her friend got killed because of her.”Whitney said with a grin

Melanie: Really? So everyone is in on blaming her about Tony? It wasn’t just the voices in her head?
Gwen: I have come to the conclusion that I despise Angsty Sues solely because of this character.

>my eyes started to water as fell to my knees and i wrapped my arms around myself trying to fill some comfort.

Deangelo: Right away she goes into emo defensive mode; curling up into a ball and crying.
Jarred: Well, the good news is that emos will always know what to do during bear attacks.

>Whitney just laughed.”Besides he probley was worthless and desercied to die

Gwen: That was a rather sociopathic thing to say.

>what a loreser to sacrfice his life for a little whiney ass emo girl like her!”Whitney said laughing

Kalinda: I have a feeling that Sapphire is going to suddenly and unexpectedly open up a can of emo whup ass and totally beat the shit out of this girl in a second.

>i stopped crying and my eyes no longer had tears in them but anger…..

Kalinda: Oh yeah, Whitney is going to be coughing up her teeth.

>The fight…

Jarred: Well, that took all of the suspense out of it.
Deangelo: But the word “fight” actually implies two people engaging in physical conflict. One girl beating the living daylights out of another isn’t a fight.

>I was angery.How dare she talk about one of my most bestest friends ever?i made my self git up

Melanie: Wow, she actually stopped crying and decided to do something. We should write down this moment so we can remember it for all time.

>Whitney was still laughing at me i klintch my hands into a fist i walked up to her and punched her in her face which made her fell to the ground her clones left her.

Dominick: So Sapphire punches Whitney in the face and all of Whitney’s friends that were trailing along after her just peace out? Whitney is so going to take back her BFFs bracelets.

>I grabbed her little extentions and ripped some of them out she was screaming in pain then i kicked her n the side she screamed even louder

Tempest: So is Aiden going to do something in this fight or is he just going to stand back while Sapphire beats the shit out of his girlfriend?

>Adien grabbed me and held me back

Tempest: Finally! He took his sweet-ass time.

>”You bitch!”whitney yelled Whitney had a blacked eye and a bloody nose some of her extentions were on the side walk.

Dominick: Kids, I think we just witnessed an emo blitzkrieg.
Gwen: Very nice vocabulary usage, Dominick.
Dominick: Thanks. I was watching the History Channel with Mel last night.

>I slipped out Adiens arms “Saphire what in the hell i wrong with you!”Adien yelled he ran to whitney and comfort her

Tempest: You’d think after he found out that she was responsible for someone’s death that he wouldn’t be yelling things at her…

>”Whats wrong with me whats wrong with her she cant talk about my best friend like that

Jarred: Well, thank goodness that situation could be successfully resolved with violence.

>and if she ever does it again its going to be worse that a couple brusises and scratches here and there!”i yelled

Kalinda: Dude, the girl has a black eye, probably a fractured nose and she’s had fake hair ripped from her scalp. That’s more than a bruise and scratches.
Jarred: I think it’s a little strange that she goes from crying and cowering one second and then suddenly gets all badass and beats Whitney senseless. People’s reactions usually don’t violently shift like that in a matter of seconds.

>”Well that dosnt mean you had to beat the hell out of her!”Adien yelled i started to cryagain

Deangelo: Finally! The emo boy is a voice of reason! …Surely it is starting to get chilly in hell.

>”Go to hell both of you!’i screamed and ran i had to get away from here i sisnt want to live ‘
>what was the point everyone already hated me…

Gwen: Yes, violently attacking people generally doesn’t endear them to you.
Melanie: Really? I can’t imagine why.

>Sorry it was so short.

Dominick: I’m sorry you didn’t make it shorter.

>I ran in the woods behind the park i dropped in my kmees as i starte to cry

Tempest: And we’re back to crying helplessly. This girl is quite the rollercoaster of emotional reactions.

>i couldnt take this anymore i just wanted to leave this world and not deal with all this pain and suffering

Jarred: Yeah, when you blame yourself for deaths that aren’t actually your fault it can take quite a toll on you.

>i grabbed my blade and i pressed it down my skin and i slid it arass my wrist i did the same this about three times i started to get dizy

Kalinda: What?
Tempest: How?
Deangelo: I choose to believe that these emos are not using simple razor blades but instead are cutting themselves with butcher’s knives. Yes, clearly that is the only explanation.

>i slid the blade across my wrist again thats when everything started to turn black and i fell on the ground but i could still hear my surrondings

Tempest: So she’s not unconscious, she’s just blind?

>i felt something or someone pck me up i tryed to open my eyes to see who it was but i just couldnt soon everything became a big blur…

Kalinda: I thought everything was black? Is her vision actually improving?


Dominick: We should skip this. Just out of spite.

>Ok well i will right more if i get some comments.

Gwen: Yes, you do that. You “right” more. In fact, “right” a lot more.

>I hope you liked this story and sorry about the grammer lol

Melanie: (Facepalm.) I hate it when people misspell “grammar”.
Jarred: Not to mention that the grammar is just one third of the MiSTing trifecta. She should also be apologizing for the mechanics and the actual story.


Dominick: Where? Where?!

>I opened my eyes.I was alive i thought to myself i thought i was dead.

Kalinda: Then why did she think she was alive? Also, doesn’t the very act of thinking that you’re alive mean that you’re alive as most dead people tend not to think a lot?

>I looked around,i was in a house but were at who took me here.

Deangelo: Were at she had been was here.
Gwen: But how were and lately being here?

>So many thoughts ran threw my mind i sighed i reached into my back pocket

Melanie: Is she really going for her razor again? Damn, this chick might have a problem.

>and i grabbed my phone 10 miss calls 7 from Adien and 2 from Bliss

Melanie: Ah, only her phone. But she still has a problem.
Deangelo: Did anyone else notice that 7 and 2 don’t add up to 10?
Gwen: Well, she can’t write properly. Why should her math skills be any sharper?
Jarred: I’d like to think the missed call is from her therapist’s office, confirming her next appointment.

>i didnt remember giving Adien my number i sighed Bliss must have gave him my number.

Kalinda: Because she clearly wanted her best friend to hook up with someone who’s dating a prep. That sounds logical.

>”Your up!”Someone said from behind me

Tempest: That’s right! It’s your turn for karaoke.

>i turned around to see a guy he had long black hair that coverd his face and pastey skin.

Gwen: (Sapphire.) He can’t see where he is going AND he never goes out in the sunlight! What a hunk!

>He smiled his smile took my breath away i was shocked.”Are you ok?”He asked while laughing

Dominick: (Emo boy.) I saw you passed out from blood loss after slicing your wrists in half and I briefly thought about taking you to a hospital or some kind of medical professional, but then I decided that you’d be better off waking up still injured in a strange house.

>”Ehh yea.”i said with a puzzled look on my face.He smiled
>”I never catched your name!”He said

MiSTers: ….. Catched?!
Deangelo: Dear lord, I thought it was only the author who wrote the God Took Me story. But this girl too!
Melanie: M, please tell me this chick is like… 8 or something.
M: (From the control room.) I actually don’t know her age. She accessed Quizazz through her Myspace account but she seems to have deleted that account as whenever I click on the link it takes me to an error page. However, she never indicated that she was that young, so I’m assuming she’s a teenager.
Jarred: Let’s all just pretend that she’s 8 and hasn’t yet been taught that the past tense of “catch” is “caught”.
Kalinda: I would also like to add that the dude never caught her name because she never said it.

>”Oh um Saphire.”i said

Tempest: Sapphire really does have an inordinate amount of vocalized pauses. I mean, practically every sentence she says “Uh”, “Ummmm”, or “Ehh”.

>”Im Alex.”Alex said with a smile
>I smiled back he walked over to manad sat down next to me.

Dominick: (Sapphire.) I began to look around the room and found that the walls were littered with stuffed animal heads. I thought that taxidermy was a strange hobby for an emo boy, but then I saw the stuffed human head on the wall in front of me. By the time I realized why Alex had taken me back to his house, it was far too late.

>”Soo,how do you fill?”Alex asked
>”Umm i fill fine.”I said with a smile

MiSTers: (Facepalm.) …….

>”I whish i could stay a little longer but i kinda have to go home.”I said in a sad tone
>”Aww,well can i walk you home?”Alex asked

Gwen: Whatever happened to her open wounds that caused her to faint in the first place? Did Alex bandage her up or is she just going to walk around with blood dripping everywhere for the rest of the day?

>”Sher i gusse if you want to.”I said
>Alex got up and grabbed my hand and helped me up

Tempest: It’s kind of sad how trusting teenagers are of random emo boys. I mean, not all serial killers and perverts look like creepy dudes.

>i blushed alittle
>”You knw you arereally cute when you blush!”Alex said with a smile

Deangelo: Have we really gotten to the part in the story where we’re repeating dialogue?
Kalinda: Maybe her blushing is just so adorable that everyone around her has to comment on it.

>my face got even redder Alex just laughed and soon we were out the door.
>The walk home

Gwen: Alex decided to take Sapphire to his tree house first. That was the last anyone ever saw her alive.

>We walked outside it was pooring rain.I put my hood up and Alex did the same.And we startted to walk to my house.”Saphire?”Alex said

Jarred: (Alex.) Where do babies come from?

>”Yeaj.”i siad
>”Can i ask you somthing?”Alex asked

Kalinda: (Alex.) How many emos does it take to change a light bulb?
Melanie: (Sapphire.) I don’t know. How many?
Kalinda: (Alex.) None. All of the emos would sit around crying that the light went off instead of actually trying to change it.

>”Umm sher i gusse.”i said a little worried

Dominick: Is that really the way she thinks “sure” is spelled?
Melanie: Is that really the way she thinks “guess” is spelled?

>”Why did you do it?”Alex said
>”Eh do what?”I asked

Deangelo: (Alex.) Become an emo. Didn’t you have any other options?

>”Try and kill yourself?”Alex asked
>i was in shock i fiugred he wouldnt ask me about well that.

Gwen: I fail to see how this qualifies as a valid suicide attempt when she didn’t require hospitalization.
Tempest: Those are some strict standards.
Gwen: Think about it; someone can claim they were trying to commit suicide by taking 4 Aspirins instead of the recommended dose of 2, but how serious were they? To have actually attempted suicide you should be somewhere in the general neighborhood of death, in my opinion.
Tempest: Well, three cuts with a razor blade does seem to be rather half-assed when you think about it.

>”Um well its kinda a long story.”I sad looking at the ground

Dominick: She had an abusive childhood and a guy played her. Ta da!

>”Well its a long walk to you house.”Alex said trying to be funny

Melanie: So how does he know where her house is? I thought they just met.

>i sighed ok and i told him the ehole story about why i did what i did.Soon i was done

Jarred: Uh, how was it a long story if she was done so soon?

>and Alex looked supprised of what had happened to me in just one day.I sighed the rain had gotton harder we were only about 2 more miles aqay from my house.

Kalinda: ONLY 2 more miles? That would take another half hour to walk, at least.

>Until i seen Davess car my step dad i ran to Alex and i barried my face in his chest

Tempest: Is it time for them to go make an emo baby now?

>Alex just wrapped his arms around me when he did i had a weird filling inside me like a warm fuzzy filling i have never felt this befor well ever since that day.

Gwen: Maybe it was strawberry filling. That’s always best warm.
Deangelo: I prefer blackberry, myself.
Kalinda: Dude, blueberry all the way.

>Luckley Dave didnt se me so he drove on by past us.

Jarred: Yeah, good thing someone driving a car who could have gotten them both out of the rain and taken them home while blasting the heater didn’t see them. It’s so much more comfortable to walk in the pouring rain.

>I lifted my head up to see Alex starring at me with his deep blue eyes it felt like he was looking right through me.

Gwen: Which would mean that Sapphire is transparent.
Deangelo: Just like her personality.

>I smiled i kissed him on the cheek and i broke hug Alex looked confussed
>”i have to go home now i will see you later.”I said with a half smile

Melanie: She’s going to walk the remaining 2 miles to her house by herself?

>We exchanged numbers and i ran home.To were i hated to go home was the only place that never really felt like home.

Jarred: So her school and her dentist’s office feel like home to her? Oh wait, I’m sorry, they “fill” like home to her?

>The beat down.
>I ran inside when i did i got knocked to the ground.”You whore were did you go!’Dave yelled

Kalinda: (Dave.) And more importantly, where’s my money!

>”You dont need to know!’i yelled back
>”I saw you with that boy!You were all over him you whore you fuckin bitch!’Dave yelled

Tempest: To be fair, Dave just doesn’t want to have to take care of Sapphire’s bastard love child.

>he grabbed me by my throught and slung me aganist the wall and he punched me in my gut i screamed un pain and then he slung me on the ground and kicked me on me side then he grabbed me by my throught again and he slammed me on a glass table which couldnt hold my weight and it busted and i fell to the ground with cuts all over me.

Jarred: Oh great, she’s going to be cutting herself in a few minutes.

>”Im leaving clean this mess up!’Dave yelled and he slammed the door.I was in so much pain i made myself git up i crawled up the stairs and into my room

Melanie: Then she called CPS. Oh wait, this is an emo love story and CPS hasn’t been invented yet.

>i fell on the floor with tears running down my face from the pain then everything went black.

Dominick: Well, that brings her fainting total up to 2. Although she actually does have a decent reason this time.

>It was about 8:30 pm i was still in pain but not as bad as i was befor.I got up it was still pouring rain i had to git out of here

Gwen: Run, little emo child, run as fast as you can! Don’t even stop to collect your skinny jeans or your iPod!

>i ran down stairs still in pain and i walked to the park i couldnt walk any more.I fell to my knees in pain

Kalinda: Okay, we get it, she’s in pain. Repeating that fact over and over and over again doesn’t make us more aware of it.

>it was pouring rain and it was dark i grabbed me razor blade from my pocket and i began to cut all over my self i was bleeding alought.

Dominick: Now the only thing left to happen is for her emo dreamboat to come and save her once again.

>Tears were still running down my face and my whole body was shaking not that i was cold it was from what i had been through i dropped the blade on the ground

Melanie: (Sapphire.) I heard sirens in the background. The police had come for me.

>and i leaned against the brick wall.I was gitting really disey and everything soon startted to get blurry

Deangelo: Hurry, generic emo love interest! Sapphire needs to collapse in someone’s arms.

>”Saphire!”someone yelled it sounded like Alex then everything turned black.

Deangelo: There we go. Alex has come to save her, once again proving that teenage girls just want someone to rescue them because they can’t take care of themselves.

>ok im sorry i didnt right as much chapters and the chapters are so short so i promies i will right more towmorow k!

Tempest: Yeah, please right more. I’m dying to see how this stereotypical story turns out.

>And none of these pics are of me i just found them so these are not me people kk lol!

Dominick: Pictures? What pictures?
M: (From the control room.) Emo love story writers like to add photos of emo kids to their stories and will sometimes say that they represent a character. However, there are only about 50 pictures of hot emo kids, so all of the writers end up using the same photos again and again.

>THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AND I am glad you like the story i will right more llater!

Kalinda: Ugh, seriously? Haven’t we suffered enough?

>The truth.
>I opened my eyes.I was sore every were i noticed arms around me i turned my head to see it was Alex.

Deangelo: He found her because he always returns to the scene of the crime.

>He looked so cute when he was sleeping.

Gwen: So they’re asleep together? Sapphire would definitely need some medical attention after her adventure yesterday. Surely, Alex took her to a hospital.

>i smiled.I got up trying not to wake Alex up.I did it usalley i was really bad about waking people up but he must have bin a heavey sleeper.

Tempest: Usually? So how many guys has she been sleeping with?

>I walked in the bathroom to see cuts were all over my arm i kinda remember what happened but everything was just a blur

Kalinda: I wonder if Alex’s parents are going to be pleased he brought home a strange emo girl.
Jarred: That is, if his parents aren’t both dead and he’s inexplicably living on his own.

>i turned around and lifted by shirt up my eyes widen there was a big bruise on my back and cuts all over my back from the glass.I sighed.

Gwen: (Sapphire.) If only there was a place I could go where someone could bandage my cuts, make sure that none of my wounds became infected, and generally take care of me. If only.

>I looked at the cuts on my arm they were deep they were still opened alittle.I felt someone wrap there arms around my waist.i smiled i already new who it was

Dominick: Alex? Was it really that hard to guess?

>”Im sorry did i wake you up?”I asked
>”Nope!”Alex said he was so warm.i turned around to were i was face to face with Alex he was smiling i smiled back.

Deangelo: You’d think that Alex would be a little more cautious in opening his home up to a suicidal emo girl.
Dominick: Big D, never underestimate the power of hot, easy tail.

>Alex picked me up an dlet me to the bed i wrapped my legs around him.Soon i was on his lap.”Saphire?”Alex whisperd

Tempest: (Alex.) A girl has to say no for it to be rape, right? I mean, if she’s unconscious, that doesn’t count, does it?

>”Hmm?”i mumbled
>”How did you get thoughs bruses?”Ales asked

Gwen: Ice skating. How does he think she ended up with so many bruises?

>by eyes widen when he said that tears started to poor down my cheeks i started to cry Alex pulled me into a hug and just letted me cry.

Kalinda: “Letted”? Come on, people!
M: (From the control room.) If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t found any other author who has no clue how to conjugate a verb in the past tense.
Kalinda: Really?
M: (From the control room.) Of course, I sometimes don’t read the whole story when I file it and it seems like every time I go on Quizazz I find 20 new stories. But, you know, to my knowledge, so far, I haven’t found an author who doesn’t understand when to put the “ed” on the end of words.
Kalinda: That’s a lot less comforting.

>Soon he got me to calm down and i told him everything from the beginig to the end.Alex looked shocked i couldnt blame him.

Deangelo: But surely her life is that of the average emo’s. How would anything in her story be shocking or uncommon?

>Alex soon got kinda mad.”W-why didnt you tell me t-this befor?”Alex asked
>i sighed

Melanie: Because she doesn’t start conversations by saying, “Hi, I’m Sapphire and my dad beats me”?

>”Beacause its my own problem and no one needs to be dragged into my problem.”I said

Jarred: CPS could get dragged into it. They could get dragged right to the middle of it…

>Alex just lookd at me.”Bu”He started to say but i cut him off

Tempest: (Sapphire.) My mouth is open, boyfriend’s mouth should be closed. We went over this, remember?

>”No please dont git into this i dont want you to get hurt!”I said with tears running down my cheeks.Alex tilted my head up and befor i knew it we were kissing.

Jarred: Because her story of child abuse was just so darn romantic.

>There were butterflys in my tummy my heart was going crazy.Alex kissed me with so much passion.Could he be the one>So many thoughts raced through my mind.

Gwen: Where is my umbrella? Did I remember to turn my alarm off this morning or did I just set it to snooze? It’s so tragic what happened in Japan. I wonder what they’re serving for lunch tomorrow. Does anyone remember who played Ted on Scrubs?

>Alex broke the kissed i was red and i was smiling which Alex thought was funny.Alex started to laugh at me i punched him in the arm.

Dominick: So glad everyone moved on from that horrible child abuse story Sapphire just told. I mean, that was really bringing everyone down.

>”What the hell was that for!?’Alex asked
>i started to laugh
>”You were laughing me.”I said with a smirk

Tempest: (Sapphire.) And I’ve learned to turn all of my “fillings” into physical violence.

>Alex smirked back.I laughed ‘Then i stopped
>i looked at Alex
>i sighed “Alex i have to go home.”I said looking at the ground

Deangelo: Well, why not? Home is such a safe and happy place. Why, I wouldn’t mind going there myself.

>(Ohh and BTW its the weekened)

Kalinda: Well, thanks for letting us in on that little tidbit of info way too late.

>”But its only saterday.”Alex said
>”I know but my mom is probley worried sick.”I said

Gwen: And her dad needs SOMETHING to put his cigarettes out on.

>lieing like she would care were i was.Alex sighed “Ok”Alex said in a sad voice

Dominick: Yeah, don’t recommend calling CPS or trying to help her or anything.

>i giggled i kissed him on the cheek.He smiled and i smiled back.And soon Alex and i were walking to my house soon i was there

Tempest: So apparently, Alex doesn’t have parents. Also, he listens to her tragic tale of being physically abused on a daily basis and lets her go right back to her abusers without even the slightest attempt at getting her away from the situation. Yeah, this emo love is going to go on and on.

>Alex kissed me goodbye and he left “Here we go.My own hell a waits me.”I whispered to myself

Jarred: Yep, just trot right back into the house. I bet your parents are waiting for you with a nutritious meal on the table. Oh wait, that’s right, your parents are abusive and they will probably beat the crap out of you when you get in. Hurry, Sapphire, hurry!

>Worried mom?
>I walked in my house ready to hear yelling.

Kalinda: Can’t imagine why.

>But when i walked in my mom looked up at me she had tears going down her cheeks.”Saphire!”Mom yelled she ran over to me and gave me a hug

Melanie: Watch out, she’s got a knife!

>”I was so worried you didnt come home lat night.”She said while crying.

Others: What?!
Melanie: Er, never mind. Flashback.

>I was shocked she was worried when did she ever worrie about me.And were was Dave.

Deangelo: Practicing his acceptance speech for the Step-dad of the Year Award, of course.

>”Umm were is Dave?”I asked
>”Hes in jail!”Mom said

MiSTers: (O_o) Really?
Dominick: But huffing paint isn’t technically illegal.

>my eyes became wide
>”Uhh why?”I asked
>”What he did to you!’Mom said

Gwen: Oh really? So Dave is now in jail for events that no else witnessed, without Sapphire being involved? How did that work exactly?

>”How did you find out?”I asked
>”Someone called and said that Dave had beatin you and you were injuired really bad.”Mom said

Melanie: And one anonymous tipster was enough to throw him in jail with no physical evidence? That could totally happen.

>My eyes became wide
>”Who called?”I asked
>”He wouldnt tell who he was.”Mom said

Jarred: Oh wait, I think I know who it was. Could it have been Alex?
Kalinda: He saved her ass with a phone call. Huh, if it’s that easy, I wonder why no one else ever figured out how to do it.

>”Oh.”i said
>”Im oing to go take a shower.

MiSTers: (Face palm.) What?!
Tempest: She finds out that her abusive step-dad is in jail for beating her and her thoughts immediately go to her personal hygiene?
Dominick: Sapphire really likes to be clean? Maybe?

>”Ok baby.Are you hungry?”Mom asked
>”Umm yea i gusse.”I said in a low voice

Gwen: (Sapphire.) Now I must go be clean.

>”Ok w ill make you some soup.”Mom said
>”ok.”i said

Deangelo: This mother is not behaving like the typically abusive parent that she was made out to be.
Kalinda: Maybe the dad was the evil one.
Deangelo: Her father might have been the one beating Sapphire but any parent who ignores the signs of abuse and allows it to continue is just as evil.

>i walked up stairs i was still shocked did Alex do this but he acted like he didnt know when i told him

Dominick: What? He didn’t know she was being abused, then she told him she was, then he could have called the police.

>was it him or was it someone else i sighed.I walked over to my closet i got out black skinnys and a Panic at the disco band tee

Melanie: Good thing horrific child abuse never gets in the way of her keen fashion sense.

>and i took a shower i changed nto me clothes i brushed and dryed my hair then i straightened my hair then i poofed it in the back.

Deangelo: But did she put on mascara? What about lipstick? What color is her nail polish?

>The i clipped on my vans i grabbed my phone and ipod.I waled down stairs and had some soup then i walked out the door

Kalinda: Shouldn’t the police want to talk to her? Just to ask her a few questions? Or take her to the hospital to have her multiple wounds looked at?

>i put my head phones in and i listened to musiic as i walked to the park.That is until i herd someone falling me.

Kalinda: No, no, I guess not.

>I walked

Gwen: While I completely understand that teenagers would not be savvy to the finer points of the American legal system, do they really think that all it takes is one anonymous tip for someone to be thrown in jail? What kind of society would we live in if people could be jailed without evidence of any kind?

>I turned around to see it was just Bliss.Bliss had tears doown her cheeks i could tel she was worried.”Saphire.”she whispred i smiled

Tempest: You know, for someone who only recently started smiling, she sure is doing it a lot lately.

>”Its ok Blissey(Saphires nickname for her)”Saphire said with a smile

Jarred: (^_^) Blissey is the name of a Pokémon. And it says; Blissey, Blissey, Blissey!

>Bliss walked over to me and she started to cry i could tell she was worried i gave her a hug which made her fill alot better.

Kalinda: So why is Bliss upset?
Melanie: Because her best friend got the shit kicked out of her?
Kalinda: First off, who would have informed her of what went down last night? Second, Sapphire recently kicked the shit out of Whitney and we have yet to hear anything more about that.

>Soon she stopped crying and then she punched me in the arm which >hurt.”OWW!WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!”I said yelling

Deangelo: Yes, punch your physically abused friend in the arm. That’s a great way to show affection.

>”When i call you you better answer!”Bliss said while laughing i smiled.

Gwen: So this flood of tears is all because Sapphire didn’t answer her phone? Incredible.

>”You want to go to the park with me?”I asked Bliss
>”Well shure!”Bliss said with a big smile we both laughe and we startted to walk to the park.

Dominick: Just two emo girls out having fun in the world, despite everything that’s just happened in the last few chapters.


Jarred: Alex is going to have to come save her again?
Kalinda: Seriously.

>We were walking and listnen to music.Until smeone Grabs me and Bliss i scream i somehow get losse from them and Bliss does to.

Melanie: Have the police finally shown up to ask her a few questions?

>”What the hell!”I screamed it was th jocks ofthe school.The had a grin on there face.

Gwen: I am, of course, concerned that several boys only have one face, but why exactly are they bothering Sapphire and Bliss?
Tempest: Maybe they’re getting some retribution for their fallen Barbie doll, Whitney.

>One guy walked over to Bliss and tryed to pull her shirt up but she kicked him in a place.

Deangelo: In a place? What kind of place?
Jarred: She probably mean in his, you know, private area.

>Soon all of them cornerd us to a wall and they tryed to take are clothes off the woldnt let us go.But we shoved them out of are way and we ran.

Dominick: So an entire group of physically fit young guys can’t restrain two emo girls that probably have rickets? I find that hard to believe.
Melanie: Maybe they kept kicking the guys in their “places”.

>They had kinda slapped us to make us stay still but it didnt work.

Tempest: They kinda slapped them? How do you kinda slap someone?

>”Were are we going!”Bliss yelled
>”Anywere but here!”I said

Gwen: (Bliss.) Great plan! I’ll meet you there in an hour!

>”I know were to go follow me!’I said
>i had to find Alex no matter what i just had to.

Kalinda: Because the big strong man will make everything all better again and Bliss and Sapphire won’t have to worry their pretty little heads about anything ever again.

>We ran in the woods they were still running after us.”Saphire were are we going!’Bliss yelled

Dominick: Oh that’s right, Bliss hasn’t met Alex yet.
Melanie: And Alex hasn’t proven himself not to be a serial killer yet.
Jarred: How do you prove you’re not a serial killer?
Melanie: You generally check their attic, basement and freezer. You also pay careful attention to smells around their house.

>”To a friends dont worry i think we will be safe!’I yelled back

Gwen: Well, they could go to the police station. Oh wait! The police didn’t get an anonymous tip that those boys were harassing them, so they couldn’t help them even if they wanted to.

>Soon we were in the woods were Alex found me just the spot were Alex founf me.
>”ALEX!PLEASE I KKNOW YOU HERE I NEED YOU HERLP!”i siad screaming and crying

Jarred: I’m confused.
Kalinda: Me too.
Jarred: Is Alex supposed to be the spirit of the forest or something? Because usually, going to a place where a person has been before and screaming for them doesn’t work.
Kalinda: Maybe Alex is actually a Celebi.
Jarred: Really?
Kalinda: Why not? Makes as much sense as the rest of this nonsense.

>”Saphire hurry there coming!’Bliss said in a scared voice.Bliss dropped to her knees holding herself she was trying to a shure herslf that she was going to be ok

Deangelo: But when you really think about it, how helpful is Alex going to be? He’s just one emo boy against an entire clique of jocks. Certainly, he would end up with his emo face punched in.

>I was still yelling.But i was so scared i couldnt breath i was crying so hard i was so scred was he going to come for me or not

Melanie: No wait, were you so scared too?

>and then everything went black and it the ground.

Dominick: That brings her fainting total up to 3.
Gwen: I’m sure Bliss felt great when she saw Sapphire pass out.

>Am i ok?

Tempest: No, no, you certainly are not.

>I opened my eyes to see Alex sitting next to me.I was in his house.Thank god he came for one secound i didnt think he would have came for me but he did.

Jarred: So is anyone going to explain how Alex managed to save Bliss and Sapphire from the jocks?
Gwen: No, because that would require a logical thought process.

>”Hi there.”i whispered Alexs head shot up he was smiling cause i was up.”Weres Bliss?”i asked

Kalinda: Even after reading this whole story I can’t get used to the girl’s name being Bliss. I mean, that’s a yoga name, not an actual name.

>Alex pointed she was on a chair still sleeping she was all beatin up she looked so scared.”Ohh well im glad shes ok.”I said

Melanie: How do you look scared while sleeping?

>”Im sorry i dint come sooner.”Alex said in a sad voice

Dominick: (Alex.) I was so busy time traveling.

>”Its ok at least were are here and not with those guys.”I said with a weak smile.

Tempest: Now’s where Alex tells her exactly how he managed to deter an entire group of jocks.

>Alex leaned over and kissed me.I could tell he was scared.Soon i broke the kiss.”Alex was still smiling.

Tempest: ….. Or maybe not.

>i sat up and Alex stayed were he was.Then i sat on the floor next to Alex.i think Bliss had gotton beat worse then i did.

Kalinda: Yeah, she should go to the hospital. Oh wait, hospitals don’t exist in this story.

>Alex kissed me again with alot of passion soon his tounge was exploring Saphires mouth.I coulnt help but smile.

Deangelo: Did the story just randomly switch into third person then back again?
Gwen: Yes. Sapphire also went from being concerned about her friend to making out with a guy she had just met a day ago at a frightening pace.

>”Eww git a Room!”Bliss said we started laughing.
>”We are in a room!”i said with a smirk

Jarred: She does have a point.

>”Well find another room!”Bliss said with a smile
>”Soo whos this Saphire?”Bliss asked

Gwen: (Sapphire.) The father of my emo love baby. Why?

>”A really good friend.”Saphire said with a smile
>”Well to me it looks like way more!’Bliss said with a smile.

Dominick: Yeah, I generally don’t stick my tongue down the throats of my friends. Even my good friends.

>Bliss got up and walked over to us
>”Hi im Bliss.”She said with a smile

Kalinda: (Bliss.) Namaste.

>”Alex nice to meet you.”Alex said with a smile
>”I never seen you around school.Are you knew>”Bliss asked Alex

Deangelo: But they’ve only been in school one day.
Melanie: I think that chapter title lied to us and Sapphire wasn’t going to a new school.
Deangelo: Ah.

>”Yeah i am knew.”He said with a smile
>’Ohh ok.No wonder.”Bliss said with a smirk
>She sat down on the couch

Tempest: Soooo… Is anyone going to call the cops or go to a hospital or explain what just happened in this story? Anyone?
Dominick: I don’t know, Temp. I mean, the explanations we get are usually infuriatingly unintelligent, so maybe we’ll be okay without one this time.

>She grabbed her phone out of her back pocket and her ipod.
>”Shit!”She yelles

Kalinda: (Bliss.) I’m pregnant from those jocks! I mean, you can get pregnant when a guy touches your shirt, right?

>”What?”I asked
>”My fuckin ipod is fuckin broke!”She yelled

Melanie: So the girl was beaten up, almost raped, and she can only muster up some emotion for her broken iPod?

>”They are payin for a knew ipod”She yelled

Deangelo: Yes, just walk up to one of them outside of school and tell them they owe you a new iPod. That will go over well, I’m sure.

>”You know how long it took me to put all my songs on here!”She said
>”How long?”Me and Alex asked

Tempest: A few minutes? How long does it take iTunes to sync?

>”3 weeks!Now i am going to have to buy another one and wait like three weeks till i get all my songs on there!”Bliss yelled

Dominick: I want to respond to this because something must be very wrong with her iPod if it takes that long to sync music to it, but in light of the fact this same girl was being sexually assaulted a little while ago, I want to complain more that the author is treating rape like it’s absolutely nothing.
Gwen: Granted, these emo love story writers never seem to ever verge on attempting to write about the psychological ramifications of such an assault.

>Me and Alex just laughed.
>”Dont laugh!Its true!”She said yelling at us.

Tempest: Maybe they’ve both blocked out all of the events from a few hours ago and they don’t even remember that anything bad happened to them.

>Besides being almmost raped this was the best day i could ever had i thought to myself while listning ot Bliss going on and on about her ipod.

MiSTers: (Face palm.) …………..

>Ok so it has biin about 10 mounths Alex and Saphire has bin dateing for 5 mounths

Melanie: And Alex had saved her from danger on no less than 53 occasions.

>Bliss stil goes on about her ipod and they all are really good friends Whitney still gives Saphire dirty looks but that is all

Deangelo: Really? Because I’d generally think that parents, upon seeing their daughter with a broken nose, black eye, and a score of other injuries would want to see the person responsible punished in some way. But yes, giving dirty looks. That’s a reasonable outcome for this situation.

>and Adiien and Saphire are never.

Gwen: Never what? Never going to the bowling alley again? Never sitting next to each other in art class? Never going to purchase an elephant?

>Adien tryed to date Saphire but she said no so Adien had moved and he hates Saphire lol.

Jarred: Because hating people is funny.

>And Saphires mom has married a very rich buissness man who treats Saphire like his daughter

Kalinda: So what happened to Dave?

>and her mom has stopped drinking and she is a nurese so everything is Perfet for Saphire.

Melanie: Maybe Dave is still sitting in jail waiting for someone to post bail for him.
Dominick: Funny how Sapphire’s life just completely turned around in only 10 months.
Gwen: But of course, none of this would have been possible without the emo love of her life.

>One last kiss
>It was around one am Saphire and Alex had walked Bliss home

Jarred: Of course, Sapphire’s new and improved parents didn’t believe in a curfew. That’s just how cool they are.

>and Saphire was going to stay the night with Alex.

Tempest: And Sapphire can sleep over at her boyfriend’s house with no adult supervision and that’s totally cool with her parents as well. I just love this story’s staggering realism.

>I was so tierd i could barley walk so Alex carried me on his back.Then someone started to walk toward us.”Saphire?”Alex whisperd

Dominick: (Alex.) Your leg is on my keys. Can you move it?

>”Yea Alex?”I whisperd back
>”Run home now”Alex whispered back

Melanie: Why? What’s going on? A person is out walking, just like they are, at 1 AM and running is in order?

>”What why?”i said while Alex was puttung me down
>”Just do it”Alex said
>i seen the man walking toward me he started to pull a gun out of his pocket.

Kalinda: Wow, this seems like some excessive gun violence for the suburbs.

>”Saphire go!’Alex yelled
>”No im not leaveing you!’I yeled back tears were going donw my cheek.

Jarred: Running down her cheeks! Tears were RUNNING down her cheeks! “Going” just makes it sound weird.

>Then i remembered it was just like the time my dark past when he died my best friend the one i loved i started to cry even worse

Dominick: Yeah, crying is going to solve all your problems now. Just keep sobbing hysterically and the gunman will just get bored and wander off.

>Then i herd a gun shot and my eyes got wide i looked at the man he ran wawy but i wasnt hurt but there was splattes of blood all over me.

Gwen: Is the author really recycling plot events from earlier in the story?
Tempest: Maybe she’s trying to make a point that time is cyclical and events from our past are bound to repeat themselves eventually.
Gwen: Maybe she’s simply so tapped for a storyline that she hoped to completely reuse some past events and no one would notice.

>I looked down at Alex who was shot in the heart.

Melanie: Dude, he is so dead.

>”ALEX!”i screamed
>”I ran over to him he was bleeding bad.

Kalinda: Now would be a great time to call 911 and get an ambulance down there. Perfect time, really.

>”No please dont die i need you!’i screamed

Tempest: (Face palm.) Yeah, don’t die because if you do, I’LL be sad.

>Alex smiled
>”Saphire you know i would have to die one of these days i gussse it was today

Deangelo: Wow, he skipped over the other stages of death and settled on acceptance.

>But i love you more then anything could ever love you i am so lucky that i have someone like you.”Alex said with a smile

Jarred: Is she really not calling an ambulance? I mean, it takes a while for them to get there. They don’t just materialize as soon as someone places a call.


Tempest: (Sapphire.) That Valentine’s day dance is coming up and I CAN’T go alone!

>”Saphire kiss me so i can always remember how your lips will fill on mine.”Alex said
Saphire kissed his for like a minute

Melanie: That was actually kind of romantic until you got to the “fill” part. Then it just went right back to ridiculous.

>She had called the ambulience

MiSTers: Finally!

>so they should be on there way here.I broke the kiss
>tears were running down my cheeks.

Jarred: Hey look! Running! Tears were running down her cheeks!
Kalinda: I count that as a victory for us.
Deangelo: Why?
Kalinda: Let me have my moment, D.

>I help Alexs hand but soon it became cold.
>”Alex!PLease dont be dead Alex!”I SCREAMED

Melanie: Yeah, if you had called the ambulance right after he had been shot then they would be here by now. Think about that.

>”Its time for me to go Saphire just remember t-this i will always love you Saphire.”Alex said
>and then he stopped breathing he was gone.

Jarred: I think this is a great moment for all of us to reflect and think about what we learned from this situation.
Dominick: Don’t wait to call an ambulance.
Gwen: Don’t walk around at 1 AM.
Tempest: Stay the hell away from this Sapphire chick.

>Goodbye My Love.
>They rushed him to the hospitale.I sat in the waiting room soon i fell asleep.

Melanie: I thought he was dead. Why is she camping out in the waiting room?

>”Mam?”I herd a voice
>my eyes shot open

Kalinda: (Sapphire.) Yes, voice in my head.

>”Yes is is he ok!’I said

Deangelo: But she just —
Gwen: I know.
Deangelo: But he just —
Gwen: I know.
Deangelo: He’s dead! He’s not okay, he’s D-E-A-D, dead! As a doornail.

>The nurse looked down at the ground
>”No!He he cant be he said he would never leave me!”I screamed

Tempest: (Nurse.) Oh, he said he would never leave you? Well, let me go back and check on him then. Teenage boys can’t actually die if they say that to a girl.

>I ran to were his room was and i slung the door ope and there he was.He was so pale and he wasnt breathing

Melanie: Which you already established in the last chapter. But, never mind. Let’s just act like that whole thing didn’t happen.

>i walked over to him and i put my hand on his cheek he was so cold he wa gone this wasnt a dream this was real….The only one i truley loved was gone i had no one else….

Jarred: Yeah, that’s really tragic for her.

>Ok so i hope you liked this story!

MiSTers: We didn’t.

>Soo i might right a second story to this do you think i should

MiSTers: No.

>well if you think i should then comment this and tell me i should thanks for the support!=))

Kalinda: M, please tell me you commented and told her under no circumstances to continue this story.
M: (From the control room.) When I found this story the sequel was already complete. And I’ve already cataloged it in my MiSTing fodder folder.
Deangelo: Damn.
M: (From the control room.) Well, time for dinner. Come on, everyone!


(The MiSTers are seated around the conference room table heartily enjoying their soup buffet. Rosie is asleep in the gaming nook, snuggling her catnip mouse. M enters carrying a Dr Pepper.)

M: So, did everyone enjoy the MiST?

(The MiSTers grunt, grumble, and mumble incoherently.)

Deangelo: It was okay.
Dominick: I kind of enjoyed it.
Gwen: It did take the edge off the terrible anxiety I’ve been feeling lately.
Tempest: We don’t have to MiST the sequel right away, do we?
M: Nah, I’ll save that for a rainy day.
Jarred: Well, I’m glad that we got the old band back together. It was great to MiST and be funny again.
Melanie: It did feel good to be MiSTing again. Even though the MiSTs can be so disheartening.
Tempest: Totally. The mechanics are bad enough, then you try to logically follow the storyline only to realize that it simply can’t be done.
Kalinda: Yeah, but we made it through the whole thing and we had fun.
M: That’s the spirit! Wait until you see what I have for you all next week.

(MiSTers groan.)

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