MiST 86 – Blood Lust, Part I

emoboysIn their longest MiST to date, the MiSTers tackle the sequel to Only You. Unfortunately, it makes as much sense as the first story and now takes on serious topics like murder and serial crimes without an ounce of subject knowledge or research. Meanwhile, the MiSTers figure out who has been making the delicious meals they feast on after every MiST.

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I don’t own any copyrighted characters, series or songs. Which should be obvious, because I didn’t copyright them. I didn’t write the story being MiSTed. My intellectual property in this MiST is the witty remarks, my MiSTers, and the mad. My characters are used only with my permission.

This MiSTing is not a personal attack on the author. It’s an attack on their terrible writing. This is not meant to be even slightly constructive, instead it is meant solely for the amusement of others.

It’s important to learn to laugh at ourselves. Don’t take life too seriously.


Melanie Bryce – The real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach cavity.
Dominick Dante – I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself.
Gwenavere Donovan – Walk softly and carry a BlackBerry.
Jarred Zion – Strangers are just friends that you haven’t met!
Deangelo Desiderio – Grumpy is the only one of the seven dwarfs I understand.
Tempest Lucki – Hey, you’re cute. What are you doing after the MiST?
Kalinda Beckham – Yes, that’s right, I’m the only remotely normal person here.


(The MiSTers, minus Tempest, are seated in the conference room in various stages of boredom. Melanie and Dominick are replaying Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, Kalinda is reading an old issue of Cosmopolitan, Deangelo and Gwenavere are rewatching a National Geographic Channel special, Jarred is practicing the dance moves to Cheryl Cole’s “Promise This.”)

Kalinda: (Closing her Cosmopolitan.) I’m bored.
Melanie: Yeah, me too. M needs to provide us with new sources of entertainment. We haven’t gotten a new game in ages. And Pokémon White and Black are already out!
Deangelo: By the by, has anyone seen Tempest lately? She’s not back at that silly club getting into even more trouble, is she?
Gwen: I was wondering that too. I haven’t seen her around the satellite lately. Normally, I would assume she’s in a new relationship but she hasn’t been hand-washing all of her various and sundry delicates in the laundry room at all hours.
Jarred: Maybe we should go find her. I mean, she could need our help.
Kalinda: Well, we don’t have anything else to do, so why not?
Melanie: We have to find what story she’s in first.
Dominick: Let’s get to the computer and check it out.

(As the MiSTers head out of the conference room, the door open and Tempest steps in. She is wearing glasses and is dressed rather modestly, compared to what Tempest usually wears. She is also carrying a laptop bag and a large text book.)

Jarred: Look, we found Tempest! Wow, we’re good.
Tempest: Hey guys, what’s up?
Deangelo: Where have you been?
Kalinda: Why are you wearing my sweater?!
Tempest: First off, I’ve been taking classes at Stony Lane University. Second, I had to borrow your sweater because my professor told me that my luscious boobs were distracting everyone and kindly asked me to cover up the goods.
Gwen: Wait, you’re going to college?
Tempest: Yeah. I was bored and I wanted to get a degree.
Melanie: So what are you studying?
Tempest: Sociology. I’m excellent with people so it was a natural choice.
Dominick: Well, that’s great, Tempster. I bet you feel really good about bettering yourself.
Tempest: Of course! I mean, I was incredibly awesome before and now I’m going to be even more awesome.
Gwen: (To Deangelo.) Did she just say “more awesome” and not “awesomer”?
Deangelo: (To Gwen.) I believe she did.
Jarred: What classes are you taking this semester, Tempest?
Tempest: I’m taking English composition, intro to sociology, death rituals in African tribes, and college math. It’s a full load, but I can handle it.

(Everyone pauses.)

Tempest: What? Oh yeah, I just said “full load” and didn’t make a sex joke about it. You know, I was thinking about it a few weeks ago and I realized that we all have to grow up sometime. So my time happened when I’m in my late 20s. But it did happen eventually.
Kalinda: Temp, you’re in your 30s.
Tempest: Shut up, I hate you!

(The door to the conference room opens and M walks in. Rosie trails along after her with her favorite snuggle blanket.)

M: Hey everyone, what’s new?
Deangelo: Well, Tempest is going to college.
M: Really? Nice one, Temp. I hope you’re enjoying it so far.
Tempest: Yeah, the classes are challenging, but I like it. It’s nice to develop my brain, since my body couldn’t get any more banging.
Kalinda: Good thing her self-esteem was never in jeopardy.
Tempest: Oh please, when you’re as hot as me, nothing can bother you.
Dominick: Well, that’s true.
Gwen: So M, did you have something for us to do?
M: Welllllll, remember Only You?

(All of the MiSTers groan.)

M: I’ll take that as a yes. Well, the author wrote a sequel.
Deangelo: Not more of that ridiculous story!
M: Come on, guys. It’s not that bad. I mean, you’re already familiar with the characters and the basic setting. At least you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.
Jarred: But this is the sequel, so maybe the author has grown and gotten better since the first story.
Kalinda: Jarred, don’t dangle that impossible hope in front of us. It’s just cruel.
M: Er, yeah, don’t expect any progress in this story. But let’s get going. Time is wasting.
Tempest: Hey, after the MiST, does anyone want to help me with my math homework?
Dominick: I’ll help you. I have a GED, after all.
Tempest: Okay, we’re doing a section on trig functions.
Dominick: Uh, maybe I’ll help you next time.


(The MiSTers trudge into the MiSTing theatre and are quite delighted to find cartons of their favorite ice cream with spoons on top waiting for them.)

Kalinda: (Holding up her ice cream.) Dude, mint chocolate chip. This is awesome!
Jarred: Bubblegum ice cream, simply the best!

(The MiSTers take their seats and start in on their ice cream.)

M: (From the control room.) Is everyone ready?
MiSTers: (Still eating their ice cream.) Brain freeze!
M: (From the control room.) Here we go!

>Blood lust (the sequel to only you)
>by NINJA GIRL ***

M: (From the control room.) Also, the author has changed her screen name about a million times since I started tracking this story. All of these Quizazz writings are basically anonymous.

>1. the beginning
>Hey as most of you know my name is Binx and my life has had lots of twists and turns

Deangelo: None of which follow any kind of logic, but let’s not let that get in the way of a poorly-constructed story.

>but that was nothing compared to what your about to hear….

Jarred: That sounds like a threat…

>It’s been two years and Blake and i are still as happy as ever.

Kalinda: (Binx.) Except for that time when I accidently washed his black and white checked socks with his new red Avenge Sevenfold t-shirt.

>Blake: hey babe, what up?
>Binx: oh nothing just job hunting…..-_-

Gwen: Yes, good luck with that. The American job market is difficult enough and that’s for actual adults with marketable skills.

>Blake: really, well my bro could probably get you a job at the pet shelter…?

Deangelo: Ribbon is working at a pet shelter?
Melanie: Most jobs for unskilled workers at shelters are unpaid. How is this going to help Binx?

>Binx: nah, no hand outs….

Dominick: Good luck getting a position without anyone’s help in this job market.

>We were walking down the street, i had my nose stuck in a newspaper looking for help wanted adds but that just wasn’t working. Dx

Tempest: (Binx.) I was so distracted that I didn’t notice the newspaper box on the corner of the street and when I crashed into it Blake didn’t stop laughing for fifteen minutes.

>Binx: Huh!
>Blake: it’s OK Cutie I’m absitively posilutely sure you’ll find a job! n.n

Melanie: If she’s as diligent at a job as she was with school in the last story, she’s never going to find gainful employment for more than a few days.

>I giggled, he always knew what to say when i was down like those two words made me laugh all the time,

Jarred: What made her laugh?
Deangelo: “Absitively posilutely”?
Jarred: Really? It’s not that funny.

>but i preferred when he just said, i love you…..
>suddenly my phone went off, it was my mama…

Kalinda: (Binx’s mother.) Binx? Sweetheart, I was doing your laundry today and I found the box for a pregnancy test hidden in your hamper. Is there something you want to tell me?

>Phone convo
>Binx: hezzo?

Gwen: (Binx’s mother.) Hello? Binx, darling? I can’t understand you. Try speaking English, please.

>Mom: oh! hi sweety! how’s the job hunting going?
>Binx: Horrible, all the jobs in the adds are to boring or the positions have already been filled….

Dominick: Because adults never have to work boring jobs just to put food on the table. Noooo, even in a difficult economy, everyone holds out for their exact dream job and refuses to work anywhere else!

>Mom: well i called for two reasons 1. to remind you that you have self protection lessons today at 5 because they rescheduled

Tempest: Self protection? Like self-defense?

>and 2 i think i found the perfect job for you! n.n

Deangelo: Unfortunately for her mother, Binx doesn’t accept handouts.

>Over the summer I’d gotten attacked by some random stranger

Kalinda: He had been trying to steal her iPod.

>so then Blake insisted that i either take self protection lessons or was never ever going to leave my side not for anything….

Melanie: Not even for bathroom breaks?

>Binx: OK, and really where????XD
>Mom: Well actually i was talking to Jordan and he said that he had just gotten a dad with his father,

Jarred: He got a dad… with his father?
Dominick: Uhhhh, at least he didn’t get a dad with his mother?

>well apparently the FBI needs a new secretary…. what do you say??

M: (From the control room.) Everyone remember what position is available here. Secretary. Remember it: secretary.
Deangelo: Is that going to become seriously relevant in the next few chapters?
M: (From the control room.) Oh yes.

>Binx: wait before i start dancing around me who would be interviewing me???O_o
>Mom: well actually Jordan would he said you can go down to his house right now if you want!

Gwen: I wonder when she goes in for her polygraph and DNA tests.

>I jumped all around dancing all over the place. i hung up the phone, gave Blake a kiss and hurried over to Jordan’s.

Kalinda: Who is Jordan exactly? Did I miss something?
Melanie: I don’t remember him as one of the collection of emo kids from the last story.

>OH! By the way i met Jordan that same summer that Blake and i hooked up, he and i have been the best of buddies ever since,

Tempest: So that tells us nothing.

>but my mom thinks he has a crush on me but i doubt that and besides i love Blake

Deangelo: I wonder what happened to her last emo true love, Alistair.
M: (From the control room.) Don’t worry, he’s in this story.

>At Jordan’s
>i was at Jordan’s about ten minutes later, i knocked on the door and Mrs. Waggner answered the door.

Gwen: For some reason I don’t picture FBI employees as living with their parents.
Jarred: I think Jordan is just an intern or something.
Gwen: I still don’t picture FBI employees living with their parents. Not to mention, if he has such a minor position at the FBI, then why is he in charge of interviewing and hiring qualified applicants?

>Mrs. Waggner: Oh it’s you….-_- come in….

Dominick: I can totally tell from that little annoyed face that Mrs. Waggner doesn’t like Binx at all. The emoticon really brought a whole new understanding to the story.

>Mrs. Waggners smile quickly disappeared the second she saw me. She’d never really liked me ever since Jordan and I’d become friends

Kalinda: But Binx is such an upstanding little emo girl. Cutter’s marks and all!

>she’d despised me, i think it was because before Jordan met me he was a goody two shoes and now he was living life like a normal teen.

Tempest: I challenge her use of the word “normal”.

>i walked into the house and noticed that Jordan wasn’t downstairs so figured he had to be upstairs.

Deangelo: There are only so many options in a two-story house.

>i walked up the squeaky old stairs until i reached the hallway. Jordan’s room was at the far end to the left, i gently knocked and the door flung open.

Gwen: Jordan then struck her down, using a new karate chop he had just learned in his FBI training. Binx was forever paralyzed from the neck down.

>Jordan took one glance at me and jumped into my arms. i fell to the floor laughing he was still on top of me

Melanie: (-_o) That’s a little intimate for someone who is just a friend.

>so i pushed him off.
>Jordan: Hey binxalicious!!!!

Kalinda: There’s one nickname that Gwen didn’t cover in the last MiST.

>His awful nickname for me XD!!

Jarred: Binx is a pretty awful name to begin with. He’s only working with what he was given.

>Binx: Hey there Jordi n.n! My mom said you have a job offer for me?
>Jordan: oh ya… i almost forgot XD

Dominick: (Jordan.) So yeah, we totally need a secretary. And they, like, need to, like, file things, you know? And answer the phones sometimes. So, do you know how to, like, type or something?

>Jordan was adorable in his own little ways but he was only my friend and that’s all we would ever be.

Tempest: Come on, don’t rule people out of the potential sex-up category. I mean, anything can happen. And in the right setting, it always does.
Jarred: But Blake is her one true emo love, remember?
Tempest: So was Alistair for a little while.
Jarred: Oh yeah…

>He had messy black hair that hung in front of his eyes, he also had his lip pierced and in away it made him seem sexy,

Melanie: You know, when I think of someone as a friend, I usually don’t then start talking about how sexy they are. Maybe it’s me.

>he had a tattoo on his right forearm of three stars, it was the only tattoo he wanted.

Deangelo: Which is wonderful, seeing as tattoos are so incredibly popular with high-ranking FBI agents.

>He was my best friend in a way kind of like a brother speaking of which my mom and dad adopted another child

MiSTers: (O_O) ……. Why?

>his name is Aidden and he is 17 so a year younger then me.

Kalinda: I don’t get it. Why would they adopt another kid, let alone one that old? I mean, clearly they didn’t do a great job with their first child.
M: (From the control room.) Don’t worry. Aiden never appears in the story and he isn’t mentioned again.

>Jordan: OK then lets get down to business
>Binx: alrighties lols

Dominick: Jordan takes off his pants. Binx is horrified.

>Jordan: i basically only have to ask you these three questions kks?

Deangelo: Three questions? That’s it? What kind of job interview is this?
Tempest: Yeah, because the FBI would totally let someone be around and handle sensitive documents after asking them just three questions.
Jarred: I wonder if they ask them outright if they’re a terrorist.

>have you ever had any previous jobs?
>Binx: Just one as a dog groomer lols

Melanie: Well, that’s going to be relevant.

>Jordan: hehe… do you have any computer skills or organizational skills?

Kalinda: (Binx.) But why would I need those?

>Binx: yes I’m great with computers and you know how organized i am Jordi..

Dominick: Uh yeah, because if you can organize your sock drawer then you can be a secretary for the freaking FBI.

>Jordan: Ok and finally because this is such a dangerous job, do you know how to protect yourself if so do you know how to fire a gun?

Deangelo: …..But she’s applying to be a secretary. Are paper cuts really that dangerous?

>Binx: Yes I’m taking self protection classes and no i don’t know how to fire a gun but if it’s required to carry one perhaps you could teach me Jordi….:D

Melanie: Yeah, Jordan could spend some long, long hours at the shooting range with her. Showing her how to hold the gun, showing her how to aim and fire, and taking her out of victory milkshakes when she gets the hang of it. Oh wait, that’s right, they’re only friends.

>Jordan: Ok you officially work for the FBI

MiSTers: (Face palm.) …….
Tempest: That was a seriously easy job interview. And to think that people write books about how to successfully interview.

>tehe welcome oh and by the way since your hired you are also officially my partner,

Gwen: I thought she was supposed to be a secretary.
M: (From the control room.) See, this is why I told you to remember the original job offer. She goes from being a secretary to being Jordan’s partner, although at this point it hasn’t been stated what Jordan actually does, and her position charges again, later in the story.
Gwen: Well, we all know how consistent the average emo love story writer is…

>oh and do you know any science?

Kalinda: (Binx.) Is that the stuff with the test tubes and the beakers?

>Binx: Um well because I’m like way advanced in science they had to give me a college course of forensic anthropology, does that count?

Deangelo: I would like to commend the author for actually spelling “forensic anthropology” right. Two multi-syllable words spelled correctly back-to-back. Nicely done, author, nicely done.

>Jordan: Yes and i was just asking because well since you’re my partner you will also be working in the field with me occasionally,

Melanie: So Jordan is a field agent? I’m pretty sure to become an FBI field agent you need more than a three question interview.
Dominick: Yeah, there’s probably more to it.

>AS my forensic anthropologist tehe, but you’ll mainly work as a secretary, ya know paper work and all that lols

Kalinda: You know, you could watch Criminal Minds and come away with a better understanding of the FBI than this author has. I mean, seriously. That doesn’t even require research.

>Binx: shweet! XD thanx so much Jodi but i gotta go and meet with Blake before five…*muah*

Gwen: Not to sound like a pensioner or anything, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to kiss male friends who you believe may be interested in you.

>I kissed him on the cheek

Tempest: She only kissed him on the cheek, Gwen. It’s not like they were swapping spit.
Gwen: Still. She’s in a relationship with someone else and it’s not appropriate.
Tempest: If you’re a prude.
Gwen: No, think about it; did she kiss any of her other friends in the last story?
Tempest: Well, not that I remember.
Gwen: Exactly.

>and hurried out the door it was about three so i had two hours with Blake.
>At The Park

Dominick: A dinosaur attacks! Millions die and the park becomes a mass grave for all those unfortunates who were murdered that day.

>i met Blake at the park he had a picnic all set up since i was going to miss dinner. He saw me and stood up, i tackled him to the ground showering him with kisses.

Dominick: The dinosaur attack was a lot more interesting.

>Blake: there you are babe, your mom called and said you got the job congrats!!!

Kalinda: Why would Binx’s mother call Blake? Are they BBFs or something? That’s just weird.
Jarred: I think that’s sweet. He’s so well liked by the family that Binx’s mom feels comfortable enough to call him and chat.
Kalinda: I wouldn’t want my mom talking to my boyfriend. She would start telling him all kinds of stuff that he doesn’t need to know!

>He rolled over so he was now on top of me, pulling his usual stunts he began kissing my neck trailing down to my collar bone then my shoulder,

Melanie: He was about to put his hand up her shirt when he looked over and realized there was a mother and her two young children playing nearby.

>i was wearing a corset and skinnies.

Deangelo: I don’t see what that has to do with anything, but thanks for the description.

>Binx: why must you always do this to me…
>Blake: do what?

Tempest: (Binx.) Sex me up daily and nightly and ever so rightly!

>he whispered into the hollow my neck slightly nibbling in that same spot, a small moan escaped my lips and he bit harder making me gasp.

Melanie: Suddenly she started bleeding and their cute foreplay had, once again, turned violent.

>He pulled up immeadiatly to look at me.
>Binx: sorry….

Jarred: He just bit her, what is she apologizing for?

>I could feel myself turning bright red,

Gwen: I wonder if this is enough to send her into a prolonged coma.

>i covered my face with my hands and he pried them away and gently kissed me.
>Blake: You are just so adorable sometimes that i just can’t resist myself so that was my fault and i’m sorry. n.n

Deangelo: He can’t…. resist himself?
Kalinda: Uh, I think it’s supposed to be “restrain” not “resist”.

>I smiled and pecked him on the nose. then my alarm stared to go off on my phone.

Tempest: Time to take her birth control pill!

>It was already time to get ready for self protection. I kissed Blake and hurried off to my self protection class.

Jarred: Does the story follow the self-protection class? I’m dying to know what self-protecting moves Binx is taught.
M: (From the control room.) Unfortunately, Jarred, the self-protection class is never mentioned again.
Jarred: Awwww, I wanted to learn how to protect myself.
Melanie: I can teach you that.

>message for all who read this chapter

Deangelo: Unless this is a most sincere apology, I am not interested.

>OK thanx for the comments i will put up the new chapter but before i do please give me an honest answer

Gwen: Your writing is lacking quality and the incessant emoticons are annoying.
Dominick: Not to mention that every time I read “kks” I lose a piece of my soul.

>would you rather binx be with blake jordan or alistair and be honest thanx let me know!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalinda: Personally, I don’t really care.
Melanie: I thought Blake was her one true emo love and they could never been torn apart.
Dominick: I don’t know. I mean, Jordan has a nickname for her. Blake doesn’t. Clearly, Jordan is the superior boyfriend.

>i love you guys<3

Gwen: If you loved us, you’d write properly.

>oh ya and this story is dedicated to my best friend Jessica lutz tehe

Tempest: Sucks to be Jessica. I mean, the poor chick finally gets something dedicated to her and it’s this pile of crap.

>2. to lose a life

Jarred: Oh no, is someone going to die?
Deangelo: If it shortens the story, this could work in our favor.

>It was now officially Saturday and i was so excited! It was my first day on the job and i thought it was going to be great but i was so wrong.

Kalinda: First a file gave her a paper cut. Then she forgot the ABC song and had to go find someone to jog her memory before she could continue her work.

>i got there and all i did was sort papers till lunch that is.

Melanie: (Binx.) That’s when I found out it was Taco Saturday and everyone gathered for tacos in the lobby.

>I was sitting there eating my french fries and drinking a chocolate milkshake of course, when Jordi came in and attacked me.

Dominick: (Binx.) He punched me in the face, then body slammed me to the floor before kicking me in the ribs. I was screaming for help the entire time.

>Jordan: Hey there Binxalicious!!!!!

Dominick: ….Or not.
Kalinda: You’re clearly not familiar with the other definition of “attack”. Which is to happily greet someone. It’s in the dictionary.
Dominick: It is?
M: (From the control room.) Actually, the Urban Dictionary has this definition: “Humorously, in Japan ‘attack’ means to approach someone of the opposite gender.”
Gwen: Yes, but in the previous story Binx also “attacked” Sora, who is of the same gender.
M: (From the control room.) I gave you a definition, I didn’t say it totally made sense.

>Binx: Oh gosh, it’s Jordi runaway!!!!
>He made a grr face then sat down next to me stealing a handful of french fries.

Dominick: A “grr face”?
Jarred: Yeah, that’s when you’re like “grrrr”. And then she’s like “meow”.
Dominick: …..Are you a furry?
Jarred: What’s a furry?
Dominick: Never mind…

>Binx: HEY!!!!>.< >He seemed so happy today and of course i questioned him on how his day went

Kalinda: (Jordan.) Well, first I caught a serial killer by breaking an ALMOST unbreakable cipher. Then I went to the shooting range to blow off some steam and broke all of the range’s records in one afternoon. Now I’m going to do some paperwork.

>if he’s seen action and like always the answer was no, usually i would ask him this when he got home but unfortunately i worked with him now.

Melanie: Unfortunately? I thought she liked this guy. You know, as a friend.

>After work
>It was finally time to go home, i was so hungry and i really missed Blake.

Tempest: (Binx.) I hadn’t seen Blake in 8 whole hours! I didn’t know what to do without being in constant contact with him!

>i grabbed my bag and went off looking for Jordan when i noticed I’d missed a file that must of fallen on the floor whilst i was reorganizing the files.

Melanie: Very efficient, Binx.

>I picked it up and something fell out. It was a picture of a sixteen year old boy,

Kalinda: (Binx.) He looked like the lead singer of the new emo band I had been listening to on my iPod while I was filing papers. His music made me feel alive. Made me feel real.

>his throat was slit open wide the blood staining down the front of his shirt turning it deep red almost black.

Jarred: Well, there simply isn’t anything funny about that.
Deangelo: No, but there is a tinge of ridiculousness that such an inept writer is tackling a serious topic like murder.

>his eyes were wide open, a purple tint lingered beneath his chocolate brown eyes. i felt a tear role down my cheek,

Melanie: Okay, maybe I’m just heartless, but is she really crying because someone she didn’t even know died? Millions of people die every day, some of them in particularly gory fashions. But there’s no reason to cry about it.
Jarred: Maybe she was just frightened because he was all bloody? Besides, emo doesn’t mean “aware of life’s cruelty and accepting of that reality.”

>the case had been marked suicide but there was no evidence in this boys life that he was unhappy.

Gwen: Which she knew how? Good lord, she’s supposed to file the folders, not read all of them.
Dominick: Not to mention, that if I was a cop and I walked in on a scene with a young boy who had had his throat cut, but had no history of depression or suicidal tendencies, I wouldn’t leap to the conclusion that he had killed himself. It seems pretty obvious that he was murdered.
Deangelo: Yes, and far more intelligent people work for the FBI.
Dominick: Exactly…. Hey, wait a minute.

>Blake: Boo!!!
>i gasped in horror as Blake appeared behind me.

Kalinda: (Binx.) But then I realized that his face has always looked like that.

>The file flew from my hands scattering across the floor, i knelt down and tried to get the file reorganized.

Melanie: Even though it was far too late for that and now that everything was out of order she would have to stuff the file back into cabinet and hope that no one ever needed it again.

>Blake knelt down and tried to help but when i sniffled he looked up immediately seeing the tears on my face.

Jarred: And this surprised him?

>Blake: Baby what’s wrong!?!?!?

Tempest: (Binx.) Blake, I have so many…. FEELINGS!!!!

>Binx: nothing it’s just this case …. i read part of it and this boy did not commit suicide but that’s what the case was marked as…..*sniffle*

Deangelo: Of course, only the 18-year-old secretary can see that. All of the experienced professionals just can’t figure it out.

>He leaned over and pulled me into his warm, loving arms holding me close and whispering to me that everything would be OK.

Kalinda: (Binx.) But people die! How can everything be alright if people die! It’s just not fair!

>Jordan: Binxalicious!!!!!!! are you all right???????

Gwen: For the love of Zeus. No, she’s not alright! Someone she didn’t know died in a gory way. How can anyone be alright when someone they have never come into contact with has passed on like that?

>Jordi ran over to me, almost as if he was more worried then Blake..??O_O
>Binx: I’m okay Jordi i promise you’s tehe….n.n

Dominick: (Binx.) I was all upset because a guy I never met died, but I’m okay now. I mean, c’est la vie, right?

>i got up off the floor and put the file in it’s rightful place. Blake laced his fingers through mine and pulled me away before i could say bai to Jordi.

MiSTers: Bai, Jordan!

>Blake didn’t like Jordi one bit he kept thinking that he was going to steal me away but he was wrong, no one could every take me away from Blake<3

Melanie: Didn’t Alistair do that in the last story?

>At home
>We finally made it home and i was so happy to finally get food into my tummies

Dominick: She has more than one stomach? Is she a cow?
Kalinda: Yeah, I’d call her a heifer.

>tehe…. Blake picked me up and threw me onto couch and ran to the kitchen.
>Blake: Don’t come in I’m making you something before i have to leave tomorrow….

Tempest: (Blake.) And you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to make it either! I mean, wow, it was so hard finding room for the battery pack.

>I just sat and waited, i felt like i was going to cry again.

Melanie: Uh, why?
Dominick: You know, I don’t think we should be focusing on when she cries, but let’s think about all of the time she doesn’t cry. I mean, it’s been more than ten minutes since she was crying over some random stranger.

>Blake was going to be leaving for a couple weeks to go record his big debut album with some hit producer or whatever

Deangelo: Since when was Blake in a band?
Gwen: Since the author mentioned it. Also, wouldn’t Binx be a little more excited that Blake is going off to make the emo music that she will eventually use as the soundtrack to her life?

>but i really didn’t want him to leave and he refused to take me with him….TT^TT

Tempest: Can’t get down with three open-minded groupies in a Burger King bathroom with your girlfriend in tow. Seriously, Binx.

>eventually i decided to lie down and rest because today had been a really long day. i drifted into a deep sleep.

Jarred: Please don’t tell me there’s going to be a dream sequence.
Kalinda: Why do you think that?
Jarred: Just a bad feeling I got.

>The dream

Jarred: Oh, sugar cookies.

>I was in what looked like a teenage boys room, the walls were red and covered in poster s from all the latest rock and roll bands.

Dominick: On the dresser were fifteen bottles of different hair styling products.

>I walked around the room, everything was covered in a layer of dust. Then all of a sudden the dust on my fingertips turned to blood

Melanie: And then the faces of all those she’s wronged float up at her, shrieking her name.

>and i looked down to find the boy from that file I’d dropped earlier, he was convulsing on the floor i knelt beside him and tried to stop the bleeding,

Gwen: (Face palm.) Bleeding and convulsing are not the same thing.

>but there was just to much blood.
>Boy: H-H-Help m-m-me pl-pl-ease……..

Deangelo: Binx takes a moment to cry before trying to find a phone to call 911.

>his words were being cut off by the blood that threatened to drown him.
>Back to Reality

Kalinda: We can’t really go back to something that we were never even close to in the first place.

>Blake: Binx…. Baby wake up i made you something special

Tempest: That was a quick dream.

>I got up off the couch and walked to the kitchen the table was covered in a bright red table cloth

Gwen: The bright red table cloth reminded her of the blood in her dream. She started to cry.

>and atop the cloth sat two plates with my fave food ever…..Garlic chicken!!! Beside the plate sat a bowl of what looked to be egg drop soup another of my many faves.

Jarred: Well, that’s sweet of him to cook for her.
Dominick: Oh yeah, he wants a little something something.
Jarred: What? Why do you say that?
Dominick: Teenage boys don’t cook for teenage girls unless they’re trying to score some brownie points. Also, he’s leaving soon. Maybe he wants something to remember her by.

>Binx: It’s so beautiful Blake….
>We both sat down, the candle light illuminating his beautiful icy blue eyes.

M: (From the control room.) Note that here she says he has icy blue eyes.
MiSTers: Noted!

>We sat and ate while i explained my dream,

Melanie: (Binx.) And then there was this huge puddle of blood and the kid was all bug-eyed and choking. It was horrible! I mean, he started convulsing like he was rabid and I was like, holy crap!
Deangelo: What lovely dinner conversation.

>after dinner we went to bed and

Tempest: (Binx.) I laid him like a professional lays tile flooring.
Gwen: ….. How does that make sense?
Tempest: Just think about it.
Gwen: Uh, yes. I’ll do that.

>again the dream aimlessly flowed into my mind as i slept, but this time it was different, the room was Sandy’s and she everything seemed fine,

Gwen: It’s difficult for a something to be the same thing yet completely different.

>that is until i stepped backwards, a sharp blade of glass cutting deep into my foot.

Jarred: A blade of glass? Like a blade of grass?

>I looked over to the window, the glass had been shattered into millions of pieces.

Kalinda: And then she turned around and there was a home invading serial killer standing right behind her!

>As i looked around the room suddenly became dark in color and once again the boy appeared but this was different he was standing and pointing to the bathroom.

Dominick: (Boy.) I just took the biggest poop ever. You have to see it.

>I followed his orders and went to the bathroom where i found the most gut wrenching horror I’d ever seen.

Dominick: Why are girls never excited about really big poops? I mean, come on, it can be impressive!

>Sandy was hanging from the shower rod a rope tied around her neck, but that wasn’t the gut wrenching horror i spoke of….

Gwen: No, of course not. I mean, that image is entirely pleasant.

>her insides had been strung from every possible ledge, the once clear white walls were now stained red….

Jarred: The walls were clear? How were the walls clear?
Tempest: Maybe she’s talking about the shower door?

>i moved closer the tears burning my at my eyes. Sandy’s eyes flashed open!!!

Melanie: Well, that was interesting. And by interesting, I mean totally relevant to the plot and definitely going to move along the story. And by that, I mean none of those things.

>3. the first of many
>The sun broke through the windows,

Kalinda: It then stole her TV and left silently.

>rainbows coloring the walls. I rolled over onto empty space, my eyes shot open. Blake was gone, would he leave without telling me?

Dominick: Dude, bring on the groupies and the hot, easy tail!
Deangelo: Did Blake just sleep over? Is Binx’s mother really that at ease with her unmarried teenage daughter sharing a bed with her boyfriend?

>No!! i threw the covers off and raced downstairs i searched every where but he was nowhere to be found,

Jarred: She should check behind the fridge. Sometimes things fall back there and you would never think of looking there.

>that’s when i noticed a piece of paper hanging on the fridge. i ripped it off, it was in Blake’s elegant handwriting.

Deangelo: Yes, he probably draws hearts above his “I”s as well.

>I had to leave earlier then planned…

Tempest: (Blake’s note.) Those groupies won’t have sex with themselves, after all. Well, I mean, they would if I asked them to. Hey wait, I should ask them that.

>I’m terribly sorry that i did not get to say goodbye the way I’d planned but i would like you to do something for me…

Melanie: (Blake’s note.) My laundry needs to be dry cleaned and pressed. You know how I like my boxers folded. Also, my room is a little messy. Could you clean it up while I’m gone?

>go upstairs and open your top drawer, there you will find another note….

Kalinda: And that note will lead you to the location of the hidden treasure!

>i set the note down and hurried back upstairs, i reached for the drawer when my phone started going off, it was Jordi.
>Jordan: Hello???

Dominick: I thought “hello” was spelled with two “z”s.

>Binx: Hey Jordi!! whats up?
>Jordan: Well sorry to say this isn’t a friendly call….

Gwen: (Jordan.) It’s not going to be friendly at all, you mini-brained piece of fluff.

>we need you down at Maggie’s Motel, like now kks see you soon…..

Tempest: He wants her to go to a motel with him? Wow, he’s moving quickly. They haven’t even been out on a date yet.

>He hung up before i could ask questions i guess Blake’s note would have to wait till later.

Melanie: Eh, it was just a poem he took hours out of his busy schedule to write about how he felt about her and their relationship. It’s not that important.

>i got dressed putting on my black dress pants, my fave navy blue jacket to go with the black and white tank top, and my only pair of dress shoes.

Deangelo: So if this call is job related then she’s going to some kind of crime scene. So why is she paying so much attention to Binx’s outfit?
Kalinda: Because the author doesn’t understand the difference between plot and meaningless details about clothing.

>When i was finished i put my hair up grabbed my car keys and hurried to the location.

Jarred: Only to discover that it wasn’t a crime scene, it was actually a surprise birthday party for Binx. Since her birthday was six months away, it was quite a surprise.

>At Maggie’s Motel
>Jordan: Binxalicious!! I-I-I mean Mrs. Clearwater you made it just in time….

Gwen: Mrs? When did Binx get married?
Melanie: When did she get married and decide to keep her own name?
Deangelo: I find it depressingly sad that the author reached sixteen years of age without knowing that an unmarried woman is referred to as Miss or Ms not Mrs.

>I looked around at all the people gathered by the crime scene, most of them wearing a fake mask of worry, but in truth none of these people were worried they just wanted to get in on the action.

Kalinda: Yeah, the trained professionals are really concerned with how they look to other people. They’re not at all worried about, you know, actually doing their job.

>People like that disgusted me, this was not exciting this was terrible, a place of sadness not a place of joy!!

Deangelo: Yes, they should all sit around and sob for the loss of this person that they didn’t even know before getting on with their jobs.
Gwen: I’m starting to get the feeling that emos aren’t suited to working in fields that deal with death. Or, well, anything else.

>Binx: So what do you need me for Jordi?
>Jordan: Well just take a look for yourself..

Melanie: (Jordan.) This motel room is just full of papers that need to be filed! Get to it, secretary!

>Jordi led me up the stairs till we reached a room on the top floor, the forensics team was already there but my guess is Jordi wanted me to exam the body.

MiSTers: Why?
Dominick: She took one college-level course on forensic anthropology and the FBI wants her to examine bodies? What?

>I lifted one of the many caution signs and headed into the room. There on the bed laid the body of a teenage girl,

Jarred: And she knows it’s a teenage girl because she’s such a good forensic anthropologist.

>the flesh was practically falling from the bones, the blood spatter on the wall had dried and was now a deep crimson.

Melanie: Uh, the body has reached such an advanced stage of decomposition yet they just now found it? Does no one in a three block radius of the motel have a sense of smell? Corpses stink. Really, really, really badly.

>i walked closer, putting my gloves on in the process. I looked back at Jordi, his left hand was in his back pocket while his right hand made circles on his right temple.

Jarred: While his left foot made clockwise circles on the floor as his right foot flexed to touch the back of his right calf.

>Jordan: So can you tell me how long she’s been dead for?

Kalinda: Yeah, because one college course in forensic anthropology can totally prepare a person for examining a real body and making an accurate determination of when they died.

>Binx: I would say a week maybe less…. It would seem that whoever did this must of known her..

Deangelo: Really? I mean, really?

>Jordan: Why do you say that??O_o
>Binx: Because look here, this mark on the back of her skull indicates hesitation, whoever did this is walking around with a guilty conscience

Gwen: Hesitation doesn’t automatically equal guilt. If a person is making their first kill they could be unaware of the actual mechanics of death and be taken aback by how much blood the body produces or the difficulty of actually ending someone’s life.
Dominick: It can also depend on the murder weapon. If the murderer is using a tool they’re not familiar with, it make take them a few seconds to get oriented with the object and use it with lethal force.

>Chief Morgan: Dr. Clearwater…

Jarred: Wait a minute, Dr. Clearwater? When did Binx become a doctor?
Tempest: The single college course she took?
M: (From the control room.) Basically. A commenter asked the author how Binx suddenly became a doctor without even possessing a bachelor’s degree and the author responded that all forensic anthropologists are doctors, so if someone calls you a forensic anthropologist you are, henceforth, a doctor.
Melanie: So in this author’s world you can just take a college course and bam! Everyone calls you doctor?
M: (From the control room.) Pretty much. When the commenter pressed her that in order to be called doctor you need to have earned a doctoral degree, she said that she really wasn’t sure.
Jarred: You’d think after someone pointed out to her that you need to have more education before everyone calls you doctor, she could have at least Googled it.
Dominick: Come on, Jarred. That would have taken at least twenty seconds to Google. I mean, how is she supposed to write this wonderful fiction AND fact check like that? It’s just asking too much.

>I’m Chief Morgan, i would like to say thank you for your evaluation but i would just like to know if you will need anything specific…?

Gwen: (Binx.) First I will need a very specific blend of chocolate and coffee before continuing. Then I will need to take the body back to the lab where I can fully examine the BFT on the occipital.

>Binx: I will need to examine the body further, in a lab area please…

Tempest: She has a lab now? Good lord, watching a few episodes of CSI doesn’t qualify you to be a forensic anthropologist.
Melanie: But she took that college course too.
Tempest: You can take a college course in anatomy, but that doesn’t mean you can find a clitoris on a real girl.
Melanie: Touché.

>Chief Morgan: Of course, Agent Waggner please escort Dr. Clearwater to the lab immediately
>Jordan: Of course!

MiSTers: Of course!

>Back at the lab

Deangelo: Binx mistakes sulfuric acid for her beaker of drinking water and only realizes it when it’s far too late.

>We reached the lab area where i began the process of removing the flesh from the bone. Afterward i began working on identifying the body.

Melanie: (Binx.) Well, we know she has a skeleton. Clearly, she can’t be that difficult to find.

>Binx: Jordi!! I know who this is…

MiSTers: (O_O) …….
Gwen: How? The girl’s flesh was falling off of her bones, how in the world would you be able to positively identify someone in that advanced state of decomposition?
Jarred: Can I throw out the words “dental records”?
Tempest: Why? The author sure hasn’t.

>Jordan: Well who is it??
>Binx: Her name is Rachel Jacobs, Jordi she went to our school last year….*sniffle*

Dominick: Wow, imagine how this girl must have usually looked if Binx can still recognize her when her skin is falling off.

>4. my dream boy
>We’d finally figured out who she was and i was devastated,

Kalinda: I know! People in the world keep dying! How dare they? Don’t they know how sensitive Binx is and how hard it is for her to lose people that she’s not close to?

>my mind flashing back to the day i met Rachel. She’d been the checkout girl who was “checking out” Alistair.

Tempest: Oh really?
Deangelo: Yes, but Binx and Alistair went to that McDonald’s on their lunch break. If Rachel was a high school student then why was she at work in the middle of a school day?
Jarred: Maybe she worked through lunch?
Deangelo: High school students normally have a half hour long lunch break. Why would someone hire a high school girl to work for a half hour in the middle of the day? Not to mention, once you consider travel times to and from her place of employment she might have had an entire five to ten minutes of actual work before she would have to leave to go back to school.

>She was beautiful and had only stayed at our school for that year after that she switched schools.

Dominick: I have to say though, who would have ever thought that such a minor character would get killed off? I mean, that’s worse than a red shirt.

>Jordan: Really???? I don’t remember her at all…..*sad panda*

Melanie: Yeah, sad panda is an excellent way to describe his situation. Glad to see that the untimely death of a young woman who had not yet begun to live her life is being taken so seriously.

>Jordi looked to the ground, he may not have known her but that’s what made him feel so bad.

Gwen: Yes, shame on him. He should remember all inconsequential people just in case they randomly turn up dead years later.

>I lifted his chin and gave him a smile, he gave me a fake but that just wouldn’t do so i kissed him on the cheek hoping to get a real smile.

Kalinda: You might have to kiss him on the lips for that, Binx. Maybe show him a boob or two. That would perk him right up.

>What i got though was a real cherry XD,

Tempest: Oh honey, you only get one of those.

>his face reddened with embarassment.
>Jordan: Binxalicious!!!!!

Dominick: (Jordan.) Please excuse me, I need to go change my pants.

>He made a gir face at me and at first i didn’t quite understand but then i remembered him saying he didn’t like it when i did things out of the blue.

Jarred: But if he’s not in her head then he can’t really predict anything that she does. So wouldn’t all of her actions be out of the blue to him?

>Binx: Hehe… sorry… Can i kiss you on the cheek? there is that better???

MiSTers: What?
Kalinda: So she kissed him on the cheek, that upset him, so she offered to kiss him on the cheek again to make it better?

>Jordan: OK and yes that is much better…

Melanie: Maybe he wanted her to ask before kissing him?
Dominick: Like he’s some kind of princess with boundary issues that needs to be given written warning with three week’s notice if you want to hold her hand during a date?

>i pecked him once more on the cheek and he seemed back to his normal self.

Jarred: Which was bad enough.

>i looked at my clock only to realize just how long it had really taken me to analyze the body!!!

Kalinda: Time flies when you have no idea what you’re doing.

>Binx: Oh my gosh!! Jordi could you walk me to my car i have to hurry home like now!!
>Jordan: Why??O_o

Tempest: (Binx.) There’s a new episode of Jersey Shore on tonight!

>Binx: I promised my mom i would be home for dinner!!!

Tempest: (-_-;;;;) Jersey Shore was a better excuse.

>I grabbed my bags and Jordi’s hand and pulled him to my car. When we got to my beauty i hugged him goodbye and got in.

Jarred: Her beauty?
Deangelo: Did she drive her neon green, Nightmare Before Christmas Lamborghini?

>At Home
>I managed to make it home just in time for dinner, my mom was so happy the joy practically overwhelming the house.

Melanie: Wow, talk about low standards. Her kid comes home for dinner and she’s glowing? Way to set the bar, mom.

>Binx: Mom I’m sorry if i was a little late but i had some important stuff to take care of….

Dominick: (Binx.) There were, like, these dead people, and like, stuff. And I was, like, wow, someone totally knew this chick before they, like, bashed her brains in. Totally. You know?

>My mom smiled and told me not to worry like she always did.

Jarred: (Binx.) Then she took me out to get my face pierced again! It was a good night for everyone!

>We finished eating dinner when i realized that i had forgotten something but i couldn’t quite figure out what i was forgetting.

Kalinda: By the way, what happened to her dad? I mean, one minutes he’s handing out Lambos, the next he’s disappeared.
Gwen: I’m still disappointed that we never get to see Binx’s adopted brother. Why even mention him at all if he has no impact on the plot or story whatsoever?

>I put my plate in the sink and kissed my mom night, as i walked up the stairs i felt a presence almost as if someone was there with me, but when i turned no one was there.

Dominick: Except the serial killer that followed her from the motel! Revenge kill!

>i hurried to my room a little frightened by this slight presence, it just didn’t feel right to me.

Jarred: Call the Ghostbusters?

>when i got to my room i jumped on my bed and turned off the lights, i was just so tired. My phone started going off again, i opened it to find that my alarm had never gone off.

Kalinda: It didn’t go off? But it’s going off now?

>i turned it off revealing a picture of Blake, i felt the tears pricking at my eyes.

Tempest: He is boning so many groupies right now.

>Blake had posed for this picture the day he’d promised that no matter what he would always be with me.

Melanie: I love how seriously the author treats things that 16-year-olds say. It’s so cute, yet deluded.

>eventually i decided that i couldn’t sleep,

Jarred: At least she gave it her best try.

>i got up turned the light on and began rummaging through my closet looking for the shirt that he’d left here the night before he’d left.

Dominick: It smelled of genuine man stank.

>i finally found after what felt like hours of searching,

Kalinda: Hours?
Deangelo: Teenagers have such a short time to base their experiences off of, mere seconds can seem like hours.

>it was a icy blue with his band logo on it(Bloody Nightmare). i Put it on and grabbed the stuffed wolf he’d gotten me for valentines day.

Deangelo: The wolf has originally been picking off the neighborhood cats one by one, but Blake had trapped it and killed it, then had it taxidermied for his one true love.

>I laid down and cuddled into the big stuffed wolf holding it close to my beating heart, i turned off the lights and fell into a lifeless dream.

Melanie: Lifeless? Like nothing is living in her dream? Wow, that sounds a little boring.
Jarred: (O_O!) What if it’s about zombies?! Zombies aren’t living!
Dominick: Psht! Like this story is cool enough to include a section on zombies. Yeah right.

>The dream
>I was back in that same room again

Gwen: Uh, which room was this?
Tempest: The one from her previous dream? The dead boy’s room?

>but this time it was bright and alive in some way, i walked out and traced my fingers along the walls of the house. It had the same landscaping as my own home so it was nothing new.

Deangelo: Landscaping?
Kalinda: Floor plan?
Jarred: Help me.

>But then i turned the corner instead of a staircase there was and old wooden door the kind you’d expect to find a prison or torture chamber behind.

Melanie: It had a big sign on it that read “torture chamber or prison” and everything.

>I walked over and reached out to open it but then i heard a whisper.

Dominick: (Whispering.) Rosebud….

>The guy in her dreams: Binx…

Gwen: M? Did you seriously just write “The guy in her dreams”?
M: (From the control room.) I didn’t come up with that. That’s what the legend for the color coded text read. I’m just staying true to the original story.
Gwen: (Face palm.) Oh, it hurts.

>It was a male voice coming from behind me, i turned like earlier but nothing was there.

Tempest: (Binx.) That’s when I realized that the voice telling me to kill and kill again had been in my head the entire time.

>when i faced the door again it was open, i peeked inside but there was no light to illuminate the room. Being brave i pushed forward and wondered in.

Dominick: I’m starting to think that this doesn’t really have anything to do with the plot.
Deangelo: Did the last dream?
Dominick: No, but I had hope.

>The guy in her dreams: Binx…

Kalinda: (The guy in her dreams.) Your shoelace is untied.

>There it was again but it was much different this time, closer almost as if the person was right there in front of me, i reached out as him to touch someone but found it only to be air.

Gwen: Alright, we get it, nothing’s there. Can we move on? How many more confirmations that nothing is physically there with her do we need?

>The guy in her dreams: Binx open your eyes….

Jarred: (The guy in her dreams.) And tell me how you like my new haircut.

>It was then that i realized I’d closed my eyes in fear of seeing something that would scar me for life. I opened my eyes, the room was beautiful!!

Gwen: You know, we should stop MiSTing this.
Melanie: What?
Gwen: This dream sequence. It has no impact on the plot and there’s really no point in us paying any attention to it at all.
Melanie: I know we keep talking about the plot of this story, but really, the actual plot isn’t exactly a winner either. It’s not like the plot is so wonderful and amazing and the dream sequences are just annoying asides.
Gwen: True. But I’m just getting tired of reading irrelevant dream sequences. It’s not like these stories need any more padding. They’re nothing but padding!

>It was a master bedroom flower petals showered the room with a fragrince of tiger lilies and strangely raspberries. I looked around the room but there was no one in site.

Deangelo: There was no one in sight either.

>The guy in her dreams: binx

Kalinda: (Binx.) What?! What do you want? Stop calling my name, you creeper!

>It was louder this time, suddenly i felt warm fingers running along my neck, his fingers left my neck making there way to my tummy. i felt chills running up my spine.

Melanie: Then she turned around and there was nothing there! Dum, dum, dum!

>His breath warm on my neck, i felt his velvety soft lips brush against my ear.

Tempest: Wow, her boyfriend is gone for one night and she’s already having sex dreams about someone else? Nice.
Jarred: Maybe she needs some coffee. That keeps you faithful, you know.

>The guy in her dreams: Binx please, don’t leave me…. i love you ….. don’t go….
>i turned to face a beautifully amazing boy,

Gwen: He was holding a very large knife…

>his eyes were a soft chocolatey brown, his lips a pale pink, he had black hair that was in a way floofy.

Deangelo: “Floofy”? Really?
Kalinda: Well, it’s not like she’s very respectful of the rest of the English language, why not just make up words?

>The guy in her dreams: Binx I’ve waited for you so long…. and now i finally have you….

Tempest: Why do I get the feeling he’s going to be very disappointed?

>He whispered leaning in, i closed my eyes wanting to feel his lips against mine, wanting to feel their warmth.

Kalinda: Unfortunately for her, he kissed like a German Sheppard.

>Then i awoke……thoughts ran through my mind but there was only one thing that mattered, who was he….??????

Melanie: Uh, someone in her dream? He wasn’t real or anything.

>5. Blake!!!
>I woke the next morning to my alarm clock ringing, i picked it up and threw it at the wall.

Deangelo: Well, that’s healthy.
Dominick: Not for the alarm clock.

>I may have just woken up but I’d also just finally gotten to bed as well.

Jarred: How was she dreaming if she just got to sleep?
Kalinda: Well, if we’re going the Inception route, then hours in a dream could be minutes.
M: (From the control room.) But this story was published before Inception came out.
Kalinda: Well, then. Never mind.

>I got up and walked to the mirror, my hair was all over the place. I leaned in closer looking at the lavender that circled beneath my eyes.

Melanie: Lavender? Most people get black circles under their eyes from lack of sleep, but Binx gets adorable lavender circles. Cute.

>Mom: Binx dear?
>My mom asked as she peeked into my room, she seemed quieter then usual but that was OK.

Deangelo: She’s seen her for two seconds! How is she able to ascertain that she’s being “quieter than usual”?

>Binx: Ya mom..?
>Mom: I was just coming to let you know that Jordan is coming over at 2:00pm …

Dominick: (Mom.) He said that you’ll need to wear a leather bikini into work today. I’m not sure why though. Oh, and he said that you can wear a fur bikini if you don’t have a leather one.

>I ran over to my alarm clock which I’d thrown and it read out 1:30pm, my eyes went wide in terror. How could i have not realized how late it was?????O_O

Kalinda: Really? So let’s recap. To get a job as a secretary slash field agent slash forensic anthropologist with the FBI, you only have to do a three question interview, you need one college-level course in forensic anthropology, and your day starts at 2pm. After the MiST is over, I’m applying to work with the FBI.

>I dropped my clock and ran over to my dresser i ripped open the bottom drawer and grabbed my fave black panties with blood spatter and the matching bra,

Gwen: Her wardrobe has turned rather ironic given her chosen career field.

>then i ran to my bathroom and slammed the door.I undressed and climbed into the shower hurrying to wash my hair and body.

Jarred: But nothing could wash off the shame of having a sex dream about someone other than her one true emo love.

>After i was done i straightened my hair(it was one of those fancy ones XD),

Tempest: Uh, yeah. Her hair was certainly a fancy one.

>did my make up, and teased my hair in the back. then i opened my bathroom door to find Jordan sitting on my bed.

Dominick: Uh… So according to the story she is totally naked, but has her hair done. This is going to be awkward.

>He looked over at me, blushing slightly, he smiled the most wicked smile I’d ever seen in my life. I screamed and ran back into the bathroom.

Melanie: But it was too late. Jordan had already seen all of the goods and posted about the entire incident on Facebook. Blake broke up with Binx immediately.

>Binx: Jordan i thought you were gonna be here at 2!!!!
>Jordan: Uhhhh it is 2??? XD

Deangelo: Maybe she should have spent more time dressing and less time on her hair.

>Binx: Oh!! Well turn around and close your eyes got it!!!!!Dx
>Jordan: Fine

Tempest: Whatever. He’s already uploaded the cell phone photos to his Twitter anyway.

>I opened the door just a crack so i could make sure he’d listened to me and he had, i sneaked out of the bathroom and ran to the closet,

Melanie: She opened it just in time to let Blake out.
Dominick: (Blake.) Thank God! I was suffocating in there!

>when i had what i needed i hurried back into the bathroom.
>Binx: You can open your eyes now kks!!!!

Gwen: Binx then realized that she forgot to put on pants.

>I had grabbed my fave pair of purple skinnies and my brand new never shout never shirt that my dad had gotten me as a surprise.

Deangelo: Well that’s an appropriate outfit to wear to your job at the FBI.

>I walked out, fully dressed this time TT-TT, i walked over to hug Jordi.
>Binx: Peekaboo!!!!

Jarred: Why is she playing Peek-a-boo with him? The concept doesn’t really work on someone his age.

>I yelled as i jumped on him instead. We both rolled around laughing and tickling each other till he finally stopped. He was on top of me when he all of a sudden grew really serious,

Gwen: Well, that’s an appropriate way to behave around a friend. You know, him lying on top of you. Nothing intimate about that.

>then his phone rang. He groaned in agravation, getting up he pulled his phone from his pocket and placed it to his ear.

Melanie: (Jordan.) Domino’s pizza. (Pause.) No, this isn’t Jordan Waggner. (Pause.) Yeah, you have the wrong number. Bye! (To Binx.) Well, time for more tickling!

>Phone convo
>Jordan: Hella?

Dominick: (Jordan.) If you’re feeling hella good, then let’s just keep on dancing.

>Chief Morgan: Agent Waggner?
>Jordan: Oh um sorry Chief Morgan… What’s the problem?

Kalinda: (Chief Morgan.) My boxers! They keep riding up!

>Chief Morgan: We’ve found another body… male and still alive.

Tempest: Uh, you really shouldn’t refer to him as a body if he’s still alive.

>Jordan: What! really????
>Chief Morgan: Yes really…

Deangelo: No, Chief Morgan was just kidding around. There’s no body at all. Really!

>Jordan: OK! Binx and i will be down there as soon as possible to interview him… Where are you at?

Melanie: (Chief Morgan.) Well, I’m at Long John Silver’s. Do you want anything?

>Chief Morgan: The hospital, you can interview him but he’s not gonna last long… Maybe a week at the least….

Gwen: I’m waiting with baited breath for the hard-hitting medical explanation for exactly what happened to him.

>Jordan: OK we’re on our way now, bai!

Jarred: I’d totally tell my boss “bai”. That’s completely appropriate.

>I looked up at Jordi kind of puzzled, he helped me up and said he would explain on the way there, he grabbed his car keys and we got in the car.

Tempest: Is she going to the hospital dressed in skinnies and a Never Shout Never t-shirt?
Dominick: That poor bastard is going to die knowing that the fate of his case is in the hands of an emo. Brilliant.

>Binx: OK explain please??
>Jordan: We have a live victim…

Tempest: Go ahead and call him a body again. Come on, that’s in no way insulting.

>Binx: That’s great

Kalinda: (Binx.) Unless, like, his entrails are hanging out. I mean, that would be bad.

>Jordan: But….
>Binx: But what??? O_o

Kalinda: (Binx.) Could something possibly be wrong with this situation?

>Jordan: He isn’t going to last very long, chief said he might last a week at the least…..*sad panda*

MiSTers: Sad panda? (Face palm.)

>Binx: OH
>I immeadiately felt my heart sink, why was it that we finally had a break and we still weren’t able to get one that could really help us….!

Deangelo: The man is still alive. Oh, I’m sorry, the body is still alive. He could have some kind of details about his attacker.
Melanie: Maybe he lashed out at the killer and got some of his skin cells under his fingernails or something.

>I watched out the window until we pulled into the hospital parking lot. i hopped out of the car immeadiately and ran to the counter, Jordi right behind me.

Jarred: (Hospital receptionist.) I’m sorry, we don’t treat emos here. You’ll need to go to our psych ward in the other building.

>Jordan: Hello, I’m agent Waggner and this is Binx Clearwater we are with the FBI
>Other: Say no more, room 13 right down the hall there…

Deangelo: Other?
M: (From the control room.) Again, that’s what the legend for the color coded text read. I’m simply staying true to the original text.

>We speed walked until we reached room 13 i was the first one in the room at first i was to busy talking to Jordi about the case to realize who it was,

Tempest: She knows who this person is too? What are the odds of that?
Gwen: Hmmm, people Binx knew are dropping like flies.
Dominick: What if…. Binx is the killer!
Jarred: I doubt that. I mean, she was still asleep when this guy was getting attacked.
Dominick: Wait, wait, stay with me here. Remember all of those weird dreams Binx has been having? What if they weren’t really dreams, but they were hallucinations and Binx was actually murdering people during them?
Deangelo: It would make for an interesting plot twist.
Melanie: I doubt the author would actually come up with something like that on her own. Next!

>but when i looked at the young boy laying in the bed i knew exactly who it was. I could feel the pain as my heart broke into millions of little pieces.

Tempest: Binx realized that it was her mailman who had faithfully brought her all of those Hot Topic flyers.

>Binx: B-B-B-Blake????O_O

Dominick: Well, okay, maybe Binx isn’t the killer. She would never harm her one true emo love.
Gwen: Is this the author’s way of breaking up the characters? Their bond is so powerful that nothing could tear them asunder, save for the sweet release of death?
Jarred: Wow. That’s a little dramatic.
Melanie: Now this is more on the author’s level.

>I ran over to his side, he was a sleep, then what Jordi had said earlier flashed back into my mind…” He isn’t going to last very long, chief said he might last a week at the least…”

Deangelo: What kind of injuries could he have sustained that would kill him within a week?
Dominick: That girl was killed with blunt force trauma to the head. Maybe the killer didn’t hit Blake hard enough.
Deangelo: Surely even non-lethal trauma would have done some damage to his brain or even put him into one of those lovely comas that emo love story writers are so fond of.
Melanie: What if he was stabbed in the torso and they can’t repair all of the damage to his organs?
Deangelo: Perhaps. It would be nice if the author filled in some of these blanks, but let’s not get demanding.

>I felt a tear escape my eye, how could this happen to Blake??? He was my life, my soul, he’d brought me back from the dead, he was my salvation…. He couldn’t leave me now.

Dominick: Hey wait, what if the attacker is killing people FOR Binx? I mean, the check out girl pissed her off all those years ago, so the killer got rid of her. Now the killer picked off Blake, leaving her single and ready to mingle after a decent mourning period.
Jarred: I don’t know. I mean, that Rachel girl was such a minor character. No one would even know about that incident except for her, Alistair, and the girl.
Dominick: Maybe Alistair is the killer!
Kalinda: Dominick, why are you trying to see conspiracy theories in everything?
Dominick: I’m trying to make the story more interesting! So sue me.

>i felt a hand on my shoulder i looked up to see Jordi standing behind me, his eyes were glassy, it was obvious that he wanted to cry for the life of his friend,

Gwen: I thought they weren’t friends. The author said that Blake hated Jordan because he felt Jordan was encroaching on his relationship with Binx.
Tempest: In other words; he was moving in on his girl.

>or perhaps he just saw how much pain had hit me when i walked into the room. Then there was a faint whisper, it was blake.

Dominick: (Blake.) Binx, my bedpan… it’s full….

>Blake: Binx….
>I looked down into his chocolaty brown eyes,

M: (From the control room.) Ah ha! Earlier in the story the author said he had icy blue eyes, now his eyes are suddenly chocolaty brown!
Kalinda: Not to mention he’s like the third person to have chocolaty brown eyes.
Jarred: Who else had chocolaty brown eyes?
Kalinda: The boy that died, the boy in her dreams, and now Blake. That’s three.
Tempest: At least his eyes weren’t sapphire.

>his smile that came next was ravishing, those beautiful brown eyes began to feel with tears and i felt my heart breaking even more.

Gwen: I feel my heart filling with despair.
Jarred: Don’t feel bad about Blake, Gwen. He’s just fictional, after all.
Gwen: Uh… Yes…

>Binx: hey baby…

Kalinda: (Binx.) You look so… not totally dead yet.

>my voice shook and cracked with every word that left my lips. He lifted his hand to his face and removed the oxygen mask.

Melanie: (Binx.) Don’t worry, baby. It will all be okay. I mean, it’s Memorial day next week, maybe we can… oh wait, you’ll have snuffed it by then. Never mind.

>Binx: Sweety you shouldn’t do that….
>Blake: don’t
>He whispered as i tried to put the mask back in its place.

Tempest: It’s really great how the author is giving us such a detailed and imagery-laden description of Blake appearance and his condition. I totally understand what has happened to him and how it has impacted him. Everything is just so flawlessly depicted.

>Blake: could you please give me and my love a moment if you please.

M: (From the control room.) You know, sometimes I make mistakes like that when I’m writing. But as soon as I read over it I realize what I did and fix it. It makes me think that this girl didn’t bother to even glance over her work before she posted it.

>he asked looking at Jordi and the nurse, Jordi smiled and kissed my forehead.

Deangelo: (Jordan.) Go and say good-bye, honey. Then, pretty yourself up and let’s go out for dinner. No sense in wasting time.

>Jordan: If you need help with anything if needs extreme medical care to survive just tell me and i promise i’ll do what ever it takes to keep him alive for you…

Kalinda: So what is Jordan going to do exactly? He’s not a doctor and no one has even offered the slightest explanation for what happened to Blake, so it’s not like he can actually help.

>His voice shook with every word, the tears that threatened to escape made their way down his cheeks dropping to the floor.

Jarred: But they didn’t threaten, they did escape. (Sigh.) It makes me wonder how someone could have that sentence in their head and not realize how weird it sounded and then put it onto paper and still not see anything wrong with it.

>I hugged him and told him thanx before he left. I turned to Blake who had tears racing down his cheeks faster then the tide crushing against the mountains in a storm.

Gwen: Mountains?
Deangelo: Cliffs?

>Binx: Baby please don’t cry…..
>Blake: How can you say that, I’m dying!!!!!

Dominick: Yeah, it’s his death and he’ll cry if he wants to.
Others: (O_o) Uh….
Dominick: What?!

>His words felt like a slap in the face, i rubbed my cheek feeling the sting of his words.

Tempest: Huh? He didn’t literarily slap her? Why would she physically react to something metaphorical?

>I turned away trying not to break down.
>Blake: Binx… Please don’t look away… I’m sorry…

Kalinda: His whole untimely death has made him so irritable.

>Binx: You don’t have to be sorry…..

Melanie: (Binx.) By the way, can I have your CDs after you’re gone?

>I suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist, they felt weak and fragile as if they were trying with all their might just to do this one small action. I turned around in his arms and pulled him closer crying into his chest.

Deangelo: The act of laying my head upon his concave chest caused his ribs to break and puncture his heart.
Kalinda: I’m getting the feeling you kind of want to see him dead, Big D.
Deangelo: If it shortens the story, I’m all for it.

>Blake: shh..it’s alright…shh… i promise no matter what.. i will never leave your side…. even if I’m not here in person i will be with you… i will find a way…..

Dominick: (Blake.) Even if you move on and start dating someone else; I will always be there watching you and judging your every move. Always remember that.

>i felt a tear fall into my hair and i knew that he was in just as much pain as i was.

Jarred: Uh, he’s the one that’s dying. I think he’s in a little more pain.
Kalinda: But she has to live with the fact that he’s dying. Isn’t that worse?
Jarred: No. She’s not going to be dead in a week!

>I just couldn’t stand the thought of life without my beloved blake. He was everything to me and so much more.
>Binx: Blake you should lay down…

Tempest: When did he stand up?
Melanie: When he… er….
Gwen: The author didn’t write that he stood up, but it was heavily implied in the very subtle undercurrent of the writing.
Tempest: Of course, how could I miss it?

>I helped him over to the bed and sat down with him, curling into his side i let my tears escape one by one…
>Jordan: Is everything OK??

MiSTers: (O_O!) Ahhh!
Jarred: Did he just teleport into the story?
Deangelo: Furthermore, I’m going to venture out on a limb here and assume that everything is not okay.

>Blake: Actually Jordan could you please do something for me….
>Jordan: sure

Dominick: (Blake.) Punch yourself in the face, you stuck up girlfriend stealer.

>Blake: could you go to Binx’s house and go in her top drawer there you will find something could you please bring it to me??
>Jordan: sure no problem….

Melanie: (Blake.) By the way, it’s not her underwear.
Kalinda: (Jordan.) Damn.

>Jordi gave him a shy smile and walked out, i curled back into Blake’s side but he pulled me up so he could whisper sweet nothings to me, pretty soon i drifted to sleep.

MiSTers: Noooooooo!!
Jarred: Not another dream sequence!
Tempest: For the love of God, I can’t handle another one!
Gwen: Have mercy on us!

>The dream

MiSTers: Damn it!!!!!

>I woke up i was still in the hospital laying next to Blake, i looked up to find that it wasn’t Blake but he boy from before. I jumped up.

Deangelo: The dead boy?
Tempest: I think she means the guy from her dreams.

>Binx: Who are you??? and where’s Blake???

Jarred: In a better place?

>I screamed at him, he got up moving closer with every step until he was right there in front of me. He brought his hand to my cheek and gently caressed it with his thumb.

Gwen: Perhaps we’ll finally get some kind of explanation of who or what he is exactly.
M: (From the control room.) Don’t hold your breath.

>Dream Boy: You can call me Angel if you would like..? and Blake is in the human world…

Deangelo: Aren’t they both human? How can they be in a non-human world if they’re still both human?

>Binx: Wait if Blake’s in the human world then where are we???

Jarred: In the land of gumdrops!

>Angels lips turned up into a devilish smirk and i couldn’t help but think it was cute, i shook my head and gave him a serious look.

Melanie: (Binx.) Seriously now. I’m going to be very cross with you if you don’t return me to my physical plane.

>Dream Boy: Huh….. we are in the dream world and only i can bring you here binx so… that’s everything you wanted to know…

Gwen: So whenever we dream, we’re being taken to a dream world by an emo teenager? Interesting.
Kalinda: Maybe it’s just Binx that has the emo escort.

>Suddenly the walls began to ooze blood, Angel and i looked around puzzled.

Dominick: It’s Freddy! Freddy’s coming!
Melanie: Dude, that would totally be the best ending to this story ever.

>Obviously he wasn’t doing this, i mean if he was he would of said something.

Deangelo: Of course, everything else in this story makes so much sense, why wouldn’t this?

>Then i felt a sharp pain in my ribs i looked down to see a claw reaching up through my rib cage.
>Binx: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tempest: Uh, is she giving birth to a chest-busta alien?
Dominick: Now THAT would be the best ending to this story ever.

>All right everyone i know that you all wanted Alistair and binx together but even though blake is dying binx will not be with Alistair.

Jarred: Well, thanks for not building any suspense or interest in the story. Just come out and tell me what’s going to happen before I read the rest.

>And i know some of you are upset that Blake is dying now but the only way to break binx and blake apart would be to kill one or the other.

Gwen: Oh wow, so she is actually killing a character in order to break up the couple. That’s just…. sad.

>See Blake and Binx are supposed to have the relationship i feel i have with my true love

Deangelo: Even when I was a teenager, I wasn’t this naïve.
Tempest: You were probably jaded before you hit puberty.
Deangelo: Life did lose a certain spark when I first started school.

>and hence forth i did not want binx to be with Alistair…… So please try to understand that there is a reason as to why i did not want alistair to be her lover ok
>thanx you 😦

Dominick: Dude, Alistair is the killer. He’s got to be. Just wait.

>6. My favorite nightmare

Tempest: Oh great, more dream! We haven’t had enough long-ass dream sequences in this silly story.

>Angel’s POV
>Her screams rang throughout the room, filling my heart with terror and a slight sense of worry.

Melanie: Right. Why be concerned when you can be slightly worried?

>I looked down to her rib cage seeing the horror that had caused her dreaded screams.

Deangelo: (Angel.) Then I realized that I had to be a man, step up and help take care of the alien baby that was bursting through her rib cage.

>I used all my will power to change the setting that we were in but it was no use.

Jarred: So Angel can affect the world around him by using his will power? What is he exactly? Some kind of spirit?
M: (From the control room.) One of the commenters on the story asked the author what Angel was and the explanation the author gave was completely ridiculous. I can’t seem to locate it, but believe me, it was nonsense. Ironically enough, she finished the post by adding “If that makes sense”.

>We suddenly began falling, the floor vanishing from beneath our feet almost like someone had wished it away.

Dominick: Maybe there are, like, rival dream people and they play pranks on each other and this whole thing is someone fucking with Angel.

>As we fell into the dark abyss that had appeared before us i got the feeling that someone was with us, someone that whose heart was fueled by hatred and hatred alone.

Gwen: That must be a very complex feeling indeed.

>I began searching the darkness for something that i hadn’t noticed before but nothing seemed to stand out, all except for the darkness that is. That was it he was here!!!

MiSTers: Who?!
Deangelo: There is a difference between building suspense and confusing your reader.
Kalinda: This author has definitely not figured it out yet.

>He was somewhere in the surrounding darkness, but how would i get him to show his self?? Then i felt something grab my arm,

Melanie: It was Binx’s chest-busta alien baby. There was more than a slight resemblance.

>their clutch was tight but loose at the same time.

Gwen: That makes total sense but is completely illogical at the same time.

>I looked down to the bloody hand that grasped my arm, it was Binx.
>Binx: Angel….. Save me…..

Tempest: Yeah, because he’s been really helpful so far.

>Her eyes closed and she began falling faster, my eyes grew wide in terror. I watched as she fell farther into the dark abyss that seemed to be never ending.

Deangelo: That was, until she hit the bottom of the pit so hard her remains were liquefied.

>Another hand reached out and grasped at my arm, followed by another reaching out for my other arm. i looked to both sides of my body.

Gwen: At the same time.

>On my left side there was a young blond girl her gracious blue eyes pleading.
>Rachel: Please save her…..

Jarred: Uh, I thought it was just a dream. You can’t actually die in a dream.
Dominick: Not unless Freddy’s there.

>She cried out, then i looked to my right side. There was a younger teenage boy with dark black hair, the ends almost a faded crimson red.

Melanie: Wait, wait, wait, so these are the dead people, right? So is Angel also dead and he exists only in the dream world?

>It looked as if his whole body had began to fade in color, his eyes stared at me in a dull manor. But as i stared deeper into his soul i saw the lively colorful version of him, what he would’ve looked like before his death.

Kalinda: Isn’t Technicolor amazing?

>He reached up to my shoulder, a tear falling from his deep gray eyes before he whispered to me.

Gwen: (Dead boy.) From the angle Binx is falling at, I can totally see up her skirt.

>Alex: please save her… before her soul is lost….
>Angel: but how…?

Deangelo: That’s a very good question.
Jarred: How can her soul be lost in a dream?
Melanie: Maybe the evil darkness thing is going to steal her soul?
Dominick: But what is the evil darkness thing and how can he even do that? And if he does then what happens to Binx’s physical body? Basically what I’m trying to say is; how the hell does any of this make sense?!

>Alex: What do you do when your scared of the dark??

Jarred: Hide under the covers with a big glass of chocolate milk and some cookies.

>Angel: O_o ??
>Alex: You turn on the light…..

Tempest: Uh yeah, because there are plenty of light switches on hand when you’re falling into the abyss.

>The figures faded from my sides and i finally realized what he meant, the only way to defeat the dark was to shine some light on the situation.

Gwen: But of course. It all makes sense now.

>I looked around trying to figure out a plan, then it hit me. I used my powers once more but this time they worked, creating a panel in the once surrounding darkness i pushed off shooting me downward until i reached binx.

Melanie: A panel?
Dominick: He should have kept his arms at his sides and his feet together and rocketed straight to her. I saw that on Mythbusters.

>i grabbed hold of her, holding her tight i brought forward one of my happiest memories. Light began to shine in through the darkness, we were no longer falling.

Kalinda: So he just thinks a happy thought and the situation is all better again? That’s what we need to protect ourselves from the darkness? Happy thoughts?

>Now as we stood in my once beloved bedroom, i laid binx on my old bed. I changed the setting to her room before her eyes could open.

Deangelo: I would ask how exactly this boy knows what her bedroom looks like, but it really doesn’t matter.

>I couldn’t let her know who i was, if she knew she would never look at me the same way again especially now that she new my secret.

Melanie: Knew his secret? What secret? He’s a dead emo boy that has magical powers and resides in the dream world. What kind of secret could he possibly have?

>Binx’s POV
>I woke up once more, i was in the hospital. I shot up from the bed and made sure i was all in one piece, and to my surprise i was.

Tempest: Uh, it’s not like she lost limbs in the dream world. What is she worried about?

>I looked over to Blake who was fast asleep, his lips curved up into a smile as he whispered my name. I smiled but on the inside i was crying,

Deangelo: Because we all know how productive that is.

>i still couldn’t help but think of the situation i was in. But at least i had one thing figured out, i knew who my dream boy was.

Gwen: (Face palm.) So in order words, you still don’t know, none of this makes any sense, and nothing was actually resolved. Great!

>7. Be mine?

MiSTers: (Singing.) It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

>Its been 4 days since that awful nightmare and since Blake’s tragic news. I haven’t left his side since that day, not even once.

Dominick: Did she start making use of the hospital’s lovely and comfortable bed pans?

>Blake had asked the doctors that he have the day to go out and see the world one last time before he had to go, they’d agreed with this idea.

Deangelo: Then the doctors looked at his chart and told him he wasn’t going anywhere.

>I helped Blake from his bed and helped him get dressed, he wore his midnight blue hoodie and my fave bright green skinnies.

Jarred: The power of the emo wardrobe rejuvenated him and Blake was suddenly all better!

>I hadn’t had the time to change but Blake said that he and Jordan would meet me at the park, I’d refused to let him leave without someone there.

Melanie: She didn’t change in 4 days? Girlfriend must be pretty ripe by now.

>Binx: Mom?
>Mom: Yes sweety pie?

Gwen: (Binx.) I’m going to let Blake impregnate me so after he dies I will always have a piece of him with me at all times. Do you mind raising the kid for me so I can still have a life and take care of him or her whenever it’s convenient for me?
Jarred: Wow, I really don’t want to even think about Binx reproducing.

>She said walking in as Blake and Jordan walked out.
>Binx: Blake said he gave you something for me to wear to the park, is that true?

Deangelo: Really? Blake got off his death bed to go shopping for his girlfriend?
Kalinda: Well, he is a dedicated boyfriend.

>She looked to the floor and then pulled a box out of her tote bag to give to me.
>Mom: He said that it was the last thing that he really wanted to do for you…..

Tempest: Only a teenage girl would think it appropriate for someone to give her clothes as a final present before they died.

>a tear escaped my mothers eye, over the years of Blake and i dating she’d grown quite attached to him claiming to people that he was practically her son in law,

Dominick: Yeah, he’s like the son she never had. Oh wait, she has a son. He just has no part in the story!

>so in a way i understood how she could be upset.

Melanie: Wow, I know teenagers are self-centered, but barely being able to understand why her mom would be upset that someone she considers her son-in-law is going to die?
M: (From the control room.) It gets worse.

>But her pain was nothing compared to mine what so ever.

M: (From the control room.) And there you go.
Jarred: Well, I mean, she IS emo. No one could ever understand her pain and torment. It’s just too much for the average human being to fathom.

>Binx: Thank you mom…

Kalinda: (Binx.) And stop looking so sad. I’M the one in pain! ME! MY boyfriend is dying. Stop trying to take the attention away from me!

>I hugged her and kissed her cheek before taking the box from her hands. I walked to the bathroom around the corner,

Tempest: Binx pauses for a second and quickly calls Blake, ensuring that he hasn’t kicked the bucket yet.

>i opened the door and locked it to make sure that no pervert would try creeping in.

Dominick: Is this a constant fear that she has?

>i set the box down and opened it wide, inside was a beautiful white knee length gown, it was plain white and strapless.

Deangelo: Plain white? No blood spatter? No band logos? Nothing?
Kalinda: Nope, a plain dress.
Deangelo: Well, this is just preposterous!

>In a way it reminded me of the dress my grandma had worn to her weddings but she’d had heels and lace sleeves attached.

Jarred: She had her shoes attached to her dress? That must have made it very difficult to walk.

>i picked up the dress and draped it over my arm, there was something else in the box?

Kalinda: Uh, why are you asking us?

>It was a purple velvet choker that you had to tie and beside it sat a perfectly neat little letter.

Tempest: Unfortunately for Blake, it was actually a draft of the break up letter he had been trying to write to Binx. Blake’s last few days were incredibly awkward.

>Letter: from all your best friends
>-Sora- I know we haven’t been the best of friends but i still care about you love you always binx. ❤

Melanie: Yeah, the whole 6 hours that they dated were the happiest hours of Sora’s entire life.

>-Bou- hey binx times have been difficult but we will so be there for you no matter what…:)

Kalinda: (Binx.) Wait, who was he again?

>-Sandra- hey girlie i know we haven’t hung in awhile but i am so sorry for everything that has happened and i love you

Dominick: Yeah, when you’re expressing your condolences for the death of a friend’s boyfriend you don’t need to bring up how distant you’ve become.

>-Ribbon- hey there little sister i know things are hard and i feel your pain, but my brother was always down,

Tempest: Down with the homies, G.

>you changed that and all i want is to say thanx love you sis n.n

Melanie: (Ribbon.) P.S. I call dibs on his CDs.

>-Velvet- Hey Girl! I’m so sorry for what has happened Blake is like a little brother to me and i know how much he meant to you but no matter what he will always be there,

Gwen: (Velvet.) Just in, like, spirit or something.

>he wanted me to tell you that you get his letter tomorrow…. love you binxy ❤

Melanie: (Velvet.) P.S. While he was writing it he asked me how to spell the word “episiotomy”. I’m not sure why.

>I finished reading the letter as a tear fell from my cheeks, my friends were so great for being here, but the master mind behind this all was Blake.

Deangelo: I must commend Blake for being so proactive. I mean, the man gets off his death bed to go clothes shopping and rounds up all of Binx’s former friends to write her a letter to give to her.
Jarred: But to be fair, she IS the one who’s in all of the pain in this situation.

>He was trying to make me happy even though i was falling apart at the seems.

Kalinda: Yeah, I bet he feels horrible that his death is cramping her style.

>I put the note down and put on the dress and choker, when i walked out my mom and Velvet were standing there. Their jaws dropped to the floor.
>Velvet: I’ve never seen someone so beautiful in my whole life….*tears*

Jarred: Clearly, she has never seen Cheryl Cole.

>Mom: She’s right sweety you look amazing…

Tempest: (Mom.) By the way sweetie, have you been putting on a little weight? I’m not criticizing, I’m just concerned about the dress.

>My mom said as she walked over handing me another box, i opened to find the finishing touches to my outfit.

Gwen: Razor blade, box of tissues, poetry journal.

>They were my grandmas wedding shoes, snowy white and strappy just the way she liked her shoes back them.

Jarred: In the 1940s?

>But what made these shoes special were the millions of purple diamonds that clung to the straps, and yes the diamonds are real.

MiSTers: Uh huh.
Deangelo: We shouldn’t really be surprised though. I mean, the girl gets a brand new Lamborghini for her first car, why wouldn’t she get diamond encrusted shoes?

>My grandpa had bought them for my grandma when they had started dating.

Tempest: And that was when Grandma started putting out.

>I slid them on and Velvet and my mom did my make and hair and we headed off.
>At the Park

Dominick: A crowd of mourners go to pay their last respects to the victims of the dinosaur attacks. 5-4-11. Never forget.

>When i got to the park i couldn’t see a thing do to the blindfold over my eyes.

Jarred: Really?
Tempest: I don’t care how good natured someone is, I don’t think any teenager would go through all of that trouble to orchestrate something for someone else when they’re dying.

>i think we were finally at the park, i got out of the car and velvet guided me to what seemed to be the middle of all this chaos. She removed the blindfold, i gasped in

Melanie: Shock and horror.

>amazement and dismay.

Gwen: Dismay?

>The park was covered in lit candles, the smell of vanilla filling the air around me, my fave. I looked around at all the faces until i found the one i wanted, Blake stood in the middle of our small group of friends

Kalinda: He brought their friends? What kind of date is this?
Gwen: Maybe that’s what she’s dismayed about.

>holding a small bouquet of white rose, the edges tinted to a crimson red.
>Blake: Love…..

Dominick: Suddenly Binx heard music. She turned to observe a string quartet playing a medley of emo hits. Just as she was about to approach the group, a pair of suit-clad gentlemen rolled out a red carpet for her to walk upon. In the background a team of trained dancers began to perform a highly-choreographed routine. Meanwhile —
Melanie: Okay, we get the point.
Dominick: Seriously though. The dude is about to croak and he still manages to set up a date that most guys in perfect health could never coordinate on their own. It’s just not fair.

>He stepped forward making his way over to me, he stopped just a few steps away and i closed the distance walking closer. His smile grew when he looked down to my outfit.

Melanie: (Blake.) I can totally see down your dress, honey.

>Blake: I knew that dress would look amazing with those shoes and that choker…. You look more beautiful then every star shining above us right now.

Jarred: Blake really isn’t much of a guy, is he?
Dominick: What was your first hint?
Jarred: I know I’m a pretty sensitive guy myself —
Kalinda: True.
Jarred: — but even I can’t pick out an outfit for a girl. I mean, girl clothes are just so complicated and weird. How is anyone with even an ounce of testosterone coursing through their veins supposed to comprehend it?

>He was so sweet and i couldn’t help but smile, i loved him and i didn’t want him to leave me but there was no way to save him.

Kalinda: Really, it says more about the author than the character. The writer has created this completely unrealistic fantasy and every guy she meets is in no way going to ever be able to match up to these ideals. By the time she’s 25 her standards for a guy will be down to bathes regularly and doesn’t wipe his nose on her purse strap.
Dominick: (^_^) Now those are the kind of standards that I can live up to.

>But all of a sudden he got down on one knee and pulled out a small red velvet box.

Deangelo: He proposing? Why? He’s going to be dead in a few days.
Gwen: He wants to die a married man?
Deangelo: That’s a lot of paperwork to go through for three days of wedded bliss.
Melanie: The guy is dying and you’re worried about paperwork?
Deangelo: Just making an observation.

>Blake: Binx, I’ve loved you since the day we met and when you chose Alistair i thought that i wouldn’t be able to live and i was right i almost killed myself….

Jarred: You know it’s a great marriage proposal when he brings up the fact that she chose another guy over him AND that he attempted suicide because of it.

>But you saved me, you put the broken pieces of my heart back into place.

Kalinda: Which is totally not a co-dependent thing to say at all!

>Binx i know that i won’t be around for very long but i love you and i will always be with you in spirit and heart and i want this one last favor before i go…..

Tempest: (Blake.) I want to have sex with you while jumping out of an airplane. We’ll both be naked, save only for parachutes.

>Will you be the final chapter in my life???
>I fell to my knees and started to cry, how could he say all those things?

Jarred: Yeah, bringing up Alistair and his suicide attempt was really weird. I wouldn’t say yes to that proposal.

>How could he break my heart even more then what it already was…..? Finally i brought my face from my hands and looked into his eyes.

Melanie: (Binx.) By the way, do you want to bring up that time we were wrestling on your bed and I accidentally smashed your penis with my knee and you said that I did it on purpose and I totally didn’t?

>Binx: No, i won’t be the final chapter in your life…..
>He frowned and i could see the tears forming in his eyes, i lifted his chin to look at me.

Dominick: (Binx.) By the way, your penis curved sharply right BEFORE I kneed you.

>Binx: I won’t be the final chapter of your life because this story isn’t over….. but i will be your happily never ending…..

MiSTers: Wha……
Deangelo: What does that even mean?
Tempest: It’s like…. It just…. Uh… I have no clue.

>He smiled and placed his lips to mine, this kiss was my salvation the only thing that would keep me alive in the end.

Jarred: So now Binx can never die because her terminally ill boyfriend kissed her.
Kalinda: Fiancé.
Jarred: Oh yeah.

>I was not going to let him go even if it took everything i had in me.

Gwen: Why do these people keep talking like they can ward death off with sheer will power?! It doesn’t work that like! If someone is going to die, then they’re going to die whether you like it or not!

>I’m sorry it’s so short but i wanted to split it into parts 🙂

M: (From the control room.) Well, that’s all of the story I’m going to torture you with this time.
MiSTers: Yay!
Deangelo: I pray dinner will be served when we get back to the conference room?
M: (From the control room.) But of course. Come on, kids, let’s eat! (M exits the control room.)
Jarred: Hey, has anyone ever wondered how M manages to set up all of the food while she’s in the control room?
Kalinda: No, I never thought about that.
Melanie: Maybe the satellite has staff that we don’t know about that do all of the cooking and set up.
Gwen: That has to be it, M doesn’t cook or have the time to prepare meals for eight people.
Tempest: M is totally holding out on us.
Dominick: No way, we need to investigate this.


(The MiSTers enter the conference room to find a BBQ buffet spread set out for them. Rosie is sitting on her cat bed chewing on a piece of BBQ beef. M is sitting at the conference table enjoying the smooth taste of a Cherry Dr Pepper.)

Jarred: So M, about all of this food that’s always set up and waiting for us after the MiSTs?
M: What about it?
Dominick: Where exactly would you say that it comes from?
M: Well, on the end is chicken, that comes from…. a chicken. Then there’s some BBQ beef, that comes from a cow. Also, there’s some pork, which —
Melanie: Yeah, we figured out that much. Where does it come from, as in who prepares it and sets it out? Because you’re always in the control room, so you can’t be doing it all yourself.
Deangelo: Also, if you cooked for us every day we might not be alive right now.
M: (Chuckling.) Thanks, D. But I don’t prepare and set out the food, the elves do.
Kalinda: House elves?
M: No, regular elves. I hire them to come in, cook, set up, and clean up.
Tempest: What do you pay them in? Gold coins?
M: Actually, they work for their room and board.
Gwen: So why haven’t we ever seen any?
M: They’re very discreet. Seriously, they’re like little ninjas.
Deangelo: Interesting.
Dominick: Interesting nothing. Let’s eat!
Jarred: I want to meet the elves. Maybe we can be friends.
Tempest: I wonder if they’re tall, blonde and leggy like Legolas. Oooo….

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