Reason Rally 2012 Scrapbooking!

So I’m up to March in my 2012 scrapbook and considering how little I’ve cropped in the past few months, being a year behind isn’t bad! Anyway, on March 24, 2012 I attended the Reason Rally on the National Mall in Washington DC, with 20,000 other non-believers. We had an amazing time and I met my co-organizer, Aiden and his wife, Jean, there too. It was so much fun! I can’t wait until the next one. Next time, I will check the freaking weather report before leaving and make sure I’m appropriately dressed.

I picked up a ton of atheist and skeptic swag from the vendor’s tent. I barely used half of it on my layouts. I got stickers and newsletters and pamphlets and lots of other items. I’m still working on the rest of the pages for our DC trip. Here are some of the layouts I did for the Rally.

I pulled the Reason Rally logo from a Christian
website that was trashing the Rally.
Thanks, assholes!

First two pages. I used my mini-hand punch to show community among the atheists
and non-believers that were there. Also, we found Waldo!
Left page is signs and people that we saw at the Rally. I loved the guy who dressed up as Jesus
riding a dinosaur. Right page is the some of the speakers that we saw, including James Randi, Nate Phelps,
Adam Savage, Richard Dawkins, and Tim Minchin.
Protesters page. “Godless America” and “Flim-Flam!” are both bumper stickers.
I used my mini key punch because we hold the keys to freedom. These protesters are
trapped in a mental cage of their own making.
Here I used puzzle pieces because everyone who was protesting us has the pieces they need to
figure things out for themselves, they just need to put them together.
Final pages.
Here are a few crowd shots that I took. I wanted it to look a little messy as the Rally was rather chaotic and
busy. Middle is the vendor’s tent.
The picture in the middle here was taken the day before the Rally, when there was no one on the National Mall. I wanted to show just how big the area was that we filled up with heathens. The “Atheism” and “skepticism” are part of brochures that the Center for Inquiry handed out.

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