Michelle Whitedove VS. reality

DSC_3598Michelle Whitedove is a little known self-proclaimed psychic medium whose main claim to fame is winning America’s Psychic Challenge in 2007. I watched the entire series while I was writing about Jackie Barrett and all I can say for Whitedove was her wishy-washy light and love approach was just as annoying as Jackie Barrett’s darkness and evil approach.

One of my main contentions with her is her claim of Christianity. The Christian Bible specifically forbids people from visiting mediums or necromancers and calls to murder anyone who claims to have connections to the spirit world. So going by her own twisted ridiculous belief system, she is committing blasphemy and should be murdered. However, many Christians seem to be blissfully unaware of these biblical passages. Not surprising as Christians seem to be the least likely people to read their own holy book.

But really, just how accurate is Michelle Whitedove? I could spend ages compiling proof that she has no more accurate at predicting the future than I am. However, I will pick apart her 2008 celebrity predictions for the purpose of this blog. I will go through all of her claims and score her based on how she actually did. Since the predictions are things have will have happened in 2008 and the blog was written on January 23, 2008, anything from January 23rd through December 31st, 2008 counts.

I’m not going address anything that is completely unverifiable. For example, “[Christina Aguilera] was a songstress in a previous life.” Previous lives have never been proven to exist. So there’s no way to scientifically verify if she has had any previous lives, let alone what her occupations or hobbies were. Also, “they are in love”. No one really knows that besides the two people in the relationship and due to the fact that even if they say they are in love, etc, they might not be telling the truth.

Whitedove claims on her own website to have “a 98% accuracy rate with her readings“. That’s quite an impressive accuracy rating. This should be interesting. Let’s get started.

[ws_table id=”4″]

Her final stats are:

15 true

22 false

3 unverifiable/already known

This would mean that her accuracy for this series of predictions is 37%. A far cry from 98%. It’s even a far cry from random chance. But even if she had predicted these things with more accuracy, what about all of the stuff she didn’t mention? She didn’t bother naming any winners or breakout stars in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Or the deaths of celebrities such as Bernie Mac, George Carlin or Golden Girl, Estelle Getty. She didn’t mention the Bling Ring, who started burgling stars’ houses in October 2008 or the sudden notoriety of Casey Anthony, who was accused of murdering her daughter at the end of the year. Of course, the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge has still gone suspiciously unanswered.

The fact that Michelle Whitedove went back to her blog to post updates about how she was accurate while ignoring her copious misses isn’t anything new to “psychic mediums”, who rely on their audience to look at all of the hits and gush about how accurate they are, while anything that didn’t turn out is shoved towards the back. Her comments about Britney Spears in particular just show how she is just guessing.

By the end of 2007, Spears had had such a difficult year that even her most die-hard fans were awaiting news that she had overdosed in a hotel room. But Spears did the unexpected by completely turning her life around in 2008, by regaining custody of her children, winning 3 awards at the MTV Music Video awards and releasing a hit album in December. Whitedove’s “predictions” are just educated guesses based on Spears’ past behavior and not anything else.

Maybe one day we will discover how to tap into an area of human ability that we don’t currently have. But until then, the people who claim to have it all seem to be suspiciously lacking when put to the test. Psychic powers, just like any human abilities, can be tested. But somehow no one ever seems to pass.

One thought on “Michelle Whitedove VS. reality

  1. psychics can really see very clear in present, in the past and can orient in unknown places, buildings, they even can find oil wells under the ground, but to foresee future is extremely difficult. Even Jesus said, that the time of future events is known only to the Father,even not to the son.. Therefore we shouldn’t expect psychics to foresee future and psychics shouldn’t try to do it. Michel, for example saw gold prices 2800$ per ounce in 2012, today it is 1100$. Miserable are those who believed her.

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