I call shenanigans on Samantha Brick


Samantha Brick is a British journalist who rose to internet infamy when she wrote an article entitled ‘There Are Downsides to Being this Pretty’ Why Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful. After that, she continued writing for the Daily Mail, garnering thousands of hits and just as many comments, and even went on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012. She didn’t last very long. Brick was evicted the first time she was nominated. Must be lots of jealous women out there who hate her.

By now, Brick’s internet fame is waning, so she does what she did before; wrote a self-absorbed article about herself, making sure to hit several push button issues. The article, titled Joan Collins is right. Any woman who wants to remain beautiful (like me!) needs to diet every day, caused controversy after she labeled being fat as a sign of failure, talked about how she loves feeling her stomach growl, and mentions how all of her past boyfriends have doubled as weight coaches. She brags that her current husband tells her constantly that if she gains weight, he’ll divorce her. Now that’s love for you!

Reading through the article was like reading through a pro-anorexic manifesto. It’s so distorted and obsessive that no healthy person could possibly think these things. By the time I got through the first paragraph I felt like I was supposed to be laughing along. She eats less than 1,000 calories? Hilarious! She passed out from not eating once? Comedy! For years she lived off of mints for breakfast and lunch? Encore!

It’s not worth getting upset over Samantha Brick because it’s quite clear that she is either a woman with an undiagnosed eating disorder, or someone who loves to be talked about so much that she’ll do anything to get back in the press. Even if it means people calling her a cunt. I first became aware of this article on a feminist Facebook group who called her out for her fat shaming, but she doesn’t need to be told what she’s doing, she already knows it.

But let’s keep feeding her need for attention. As her brief, undeserved celebrity fades she’ll probably wrote more and more misogynistic bullshit, trying to get a rise out of everyone. Whether she’s actually so shallow that she believes that being thin is the most important thing in life or she craves attention so badly that she’s willing to go to these measures to get it, she shouldn’t get our scorn or our outrage. She doesn’t deserve it. She deserves quiet pity as we move on with our lives and she contemplates the calories in steamed mushrooms.