Puppy love: Loki and Waffles

Here are my adorable puppies and the stories of how I met them. I hope everyone will consider getting a shelter dog when they want a new pet. There are so many animals who need good homes, don’t buy into the corrupt pet store business that uses Puppy Mills to supply their dogs.

First is Loki Bear Brown. He is a German Shepherd/Labrador mix. He was adopted from a private rescue in North Carolina in 2006. Loki actually picked Tim out. He was looking at Loki and his littermates and Loki kept coming back to Tim and demanding to be picked up. His mom, who was helping him pick out a new puppy, said that little Loki Bear was the right puppy for Tim.

I met Loki in 2010, when Tim and I started dating. I had always been a little uncomfortable around big dogs, because a lot of them don’t realize quite how large they are. But Loki was so sweet and gentle. I absolutely fell in love with his adorable floppy ears and smiling face. He’s the oldest of our pack of mutts now and he is still a wonderful dog.

Dog Waffles Sasha Brown was the first dog we got together. We decided to go to Animal Control in Smithfield to look at the dogs and see if maybe we wanted to get one. I was busy looking at the cats when one of the employees lead Tim right to Waffles’ cage. Apparently the shelter was a kill shelter and it was her last day before she was going to be put down. The employees told us that she was a very loving dog, but so far no one had really wanted her. We immediately fell in love with her sweet face and big brown eyes. Besides, we couldn’t let her be put down.

Little known fact; we already had the name Waffles picked out before we even met her. When I was MiSTing the abysmal emo love story, Only You, I came across this interesting line “Alistair: Oh ya that’s my dog waffles!” From then on, I knew that I had to get a dog and name it Dog Waffles. For short, though, we just call her Waffles.

We had Waffles for almost a year when we found out that she wasn’t the German shepherd mix that Animal Control had said that she was. She was actually a Belgian Malinois, a Belgian shepherd. So that means that she’s a Belgian Waffle! Life has a funny way of working out, sometimes.

So the next time you want to get a new pet, check out your local shelters first and see what kind of dogs are available. You can save an animal’s life and get a great companion in the process. If everyone goes to shelters for animals, pet stores will eventually go out of business and the horrendous Puppy Mills will be shut down.

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