Justin Bieber wants to be taken seriously


justin-bieber-bbma_milestone_650Justin Bieber was booed at the Billboard Music Awards while he was whining to be taken seriously. But why don’t people take him seriously? He doesn’t look like a douchebag, act like a douchebag and sing like a douchebag. Oh wait…

Sorry Justin, but you’re a pop singer and no one ever takes pop singers seriously. Ever. It just doesn’t happen. Ask any person anywhere to name a serious artist and if they’re not a simpering 13-year-old girl, they’re not going to name a pop singer. It’s strange, because pop music means popular music, as in what the majority of people listen to. Yet, for entertaining the masses and selling millions of albums, they’re still dismissed as teenagers who use auto-tune to sing other people’s songs.

When you’re in the fantastic world of pop music for the short time that you’re hot, you just have to get over the fact that no one really takes you seriously and get on with what you’re doing. Pop music puts money in the bank, but it doesn’t deliver critical acclaim or an ounce of serious artistry. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pop music, but it is what it is and it can’t be anything else.

Not to mention, one sure fire way not to get anyone to take you seriously is to whine that people aren’t taking you seriously. It also doesn’t help if you mention that you’re 19 years old. There’s nothing serious about being 19. Let alone 19 and have legions of screaming pre-teen fans and more cars than one human being needs in their lifetime.

Justin, just relax and do what you do. Whatever that is, I’m not entirely sure. Just accept that you’re not the type of artist who will be taken seriously and just go home at night and relax in your mansion’s hot tub while blowing your nose on hundred dollar bills. No one can have everything and when a teenage pop star looks around at everything he does have, it seems silly to want anything more.