Women only means women only


It annoys me that some men don’t understand the idea of a women only area of a forum. After I had started having back problems and narrowed the reason down to my boobs, I posted on a gastric sleeve forum asking women who have had breast reductions to tell me about getting the surgery after the sleeve and their experiences.

Several women responded with valuable information about how their insurance processed their claims, the things they needed to do to get insurance to cover their reductions, what they felt like after the operation and when they knew that they had to get their breasts reduced. After all of these helpful posts, a man pops in and says that he needs to see photos of everyone’s breasts in order to see if they need reductions. Some of the women commended him on making such a funny joke, but I was far from amused.

I didn’t create that thread to talk about breasts as sexual objects that are unfortunately attached to a woman. I was trying to get help for something that was causing me pain and impairing my life. I didn’t need anyone to pop onto the thread and remind me that my health is irrelevant when the discussion is about boobies.

It really doesn’t even make sense that this male poster was there, adding nothing to the conversation. The section of the forum that I posted in was specially for women. There was a separate men’s section on the forum which I have never even been into. Why? Because I’m not a man and I know I have nothing to contribute when talking about men’s health issues.

At this point, I don’t even know if I want to post in that section of the forum anymore. If I ask a question about menstruation after getting the sleeve will a man pop in and post, “Periods?! Icky!” or talk about how he needs to see photos of my bleeding vagina to help? What’s the point in having a women’s only section of the forum if men are allowed to make insulting, sexual jokes about topics that are serious and non-sexual?

Guys, you can be helpful, you can be insightful, you can be wonderful, but when I want to talk about breast reduction, there is an awesome chance that you have no experience whatsoever, so you need to be quiet if you can’t add anything to the conversation. If you really just want to see pictures of boobs, then there is a world of free porn out on the internet to discover. Don’t bother women asking health questions because you want to leer at titties.