Lose 100 lbs by doing nothing! No, seriously


So apparently Honey Boo Boo’s mother, June Shannon, has claimed to have shifted 115 lbs as a result of… being “more active”. No diet, no formal exercise, no surgeries, or pills, just being more active. Forgive me if I raise a skeptical eyebrow. Unless she went from being completely sedentary to being an Olympic track runner, I fail to see how just being more active caused her to lose all of that weight.

I remember when it came out that Star Jones had done more than Pilates and watching her portions to lose her massive amounts of weight. Years before I had ever thought that I would get a bariatric surgery myself, I wondered why she didn’t just say that to begin with. Who cares if she had weight loss surgery? For someone who made such a massive deal out of their wedding and lifestyle, she now wanted to claim that she needed privacy?

I would have respected her much more if she had just been honest about what she did and provided a starting point for discussions on weight loss surgery and options for women who are facing serious health problems as a result of their weight. Instead, she hid it like it’s something to be ashamed of and lied about how she achieved such amazing results. She undoubtedly making countless women feel like failures when their portion-controlled diets and Pilates couldn’t yield the same results.

But getting back to Mama June. For some reason I doubt that simply being more active caused this tremendous weight loss. If losing weight was this easy then everyone would be a size 2. Weight loss isn’t a magical thing that happens when you’re sleeping. I don’t know when it will happen, but I fully expect the truth to come out in a few years. Whether she had gastric surgery or did something else to lose all of this weight, simply being more active isn’t enough to achieve those results.

Maybe she’s waiting for a magazine deal before she spills the beans and hasn’t found the highest bidder yet. Maybe she IS telling the truth and she has some kind of flesh eating bacteria that is slowly eating her inside out. No one knows, but for someone who has any kind of celebrity status to step up and say that they had weight loss surgery would be refreshing. We’re not dim. We know you don’t lose weight by eating shit like this and not exercising.