Someone please help Amanda Bynes

I didn’t really want to write about Amanda Bynes. I put her name on my mega list of ideas for articles and a few days later deleted it, thinking that it was a ridiculous idea and the entire thing would have blown over by now. But it didn’t. Bynes’ behavior has only gotten worse and now, she’s been detained for a mental health evaluation following personal property damage to an elderly woman’s home.

At this point, I can only hope that someone will get her the help that she clearly needs. It’s depressing to see someone so out of control and everyone around her just watches as she gets worse and worse. Bynes has been estranged from her parents, whom she accused of stealing her money. Family is usually the first string in a support group, but hers have made it clear that they’re not interested in helping her. As for any of her friends, business contacts, etc, where the fuck are they? Bynes’ own lawyer claimed that she was doing just fine.

I don’t know what his definition of “fine” is, but unless it’s getting into trouble with the law, multiple times, acting erratic in public, tweeting like a trainwreck and getting held on psych watches, she’s not fine. While the media has been able to create a timeline of her downward spiral, no one close to her seems to be providing the support that someone going through an episode needs.

Yeah, I get it; we like trainwrecks. When Britney Spears was crashing hard everyone placed bets on when she would be found dead in a hotel room surrounded by hookers and cocaine. Her father finally stepped up before that happened and took control of her life and career. But Bynes’ parents don’t seem to be interested in helping their daughter and even her uncle has done nothing but helplessly speak out about how she needs help. Why doesn’t he just help her?!

The sad thing is that millions of people deal with mental health issues everyday. But when it happens to a celebrity, it’s considered entertainment. We’re expected to sit back and laugh at silly Amanda Bynes and her latest hijinks, when the fact of the matter is that she is sick and she needs help.

At this point, no one in the media knows if she has a mental illness or a personality disorder or any kind of psychological diagnosis. But I don’t think they care. They’re getting hits on websites and selling magazines featuring amusing writeups and suggestions that she takes her meds. Someone needs to be in her corner for once. She clearly needs help not more people taking photos of her.

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  1. […] A much fun as some people think it is to watch a celebrity make a fool of themselves on TV, exploiting someone who is clearly having some kind of problem is not amusing at all. If someone is too intoxicated to give an interview, no one should sit them down in front of a camera and start asking them questions. But it seems like so few celebrities have people around them who are actually concerned with their well being at all. We all know Amanda Bynes is lacking in this area. […]

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