8 signs he’s a keeper!

0301-1-black-by-vera-wang-mens-wearhouse-suit-rental-wedding-suits-groom_weA post for feminine women.

Okay girls, let’s get serious. We all need to get married and become a loving wife and mother to fulfill our wildest dreams and deepest ambitions. But in a world plagued by feminists and other people who believe in gender equality, it can be hard find the right man for you. Here is a quick and easy way to test your current mate and see if he’s husband material or if you need to dress up and go out to the bar again to find another one.

Here are all of the ways to tell, in no particular order. They’re all important for finding and marrying your perfect husband/master.

1. Make sure he comes from good stock

This was my grandmother’s way of saying “does he have a good family background?” When he takes you to meet your family (make sure you wait until at least the third date, men tend to not like it if you ask to meet their parents anytime before that) watch how the family interacts. Are they loving? Are they playful? Are they nice to each other but don’t get too involved in your personal business?

Needless to say, if your man’s parents are divorced, then simply move on. A man that comes from a broken home will be so damaged and scarred from that experience that nothing, not even your all-consuming love, will save him. If his dad is a proper man and talks about sports, manly hobbies, such as fishing, and working on cars, you know you’re on the right path!

Make sure his mom is a proper woman and has performed all of the appropriate duties that a wife should. In your mind, critique her cooking, her housekeeping and her manners. You don’t want to have to be stepping into the shoes of Martha Stewart, but she should have instilled in her son the expectations that his future wife will provide home-cooked meals and tend to his house and children.

2. Good relationship with his mom

Be careful, this can be a tricky one. If he’s too close to his mom, you will inevitably find that he’s a pansy. Sometimes, an overbearing mother can even turn her son gay with her obsessive affection and intrusion into his normal, male development. If he refers to his mom while making decisions, treats her with more respect than a woman should be treated with, or allows her to join in on men’s conversations, then run for the hills! Your beloved is a nancy boy.

Your future husband needs to be kind to his mother, because she is a delicate woman who needs to be reassured in this scary world that we live in. He needs to talk to her in soothing tones, using small words so that she can understand him fully. Make sure that he is honest with her about her cooking and housekeeping skills. He needs to be man enough to tell his mother when she has fallen short of her wifely duties!

3. He’s had more than 10 vaginas

Any man who hasn’t slept with more than 10 women is not a man that you want to marry. Future husband material must be virile, strong and desirable. No real man has scored with less than 10 sluts, especially in a day and age where sluts are so prevalent and easy. If he’s had 8 or 9 vaginas, don’t think that that will have to do. A man needs to score! If he is over 30, then add 5 more women for every 5 years that he’s over 30.

If a man has less than 10 vaginas under his belt, then keep moving. Not racking up those bedpost notches is a red flag, screaming that he isn’t man enough to bed a woman. It also might be an indication that he’s gay.

4. He has children

If you want undeniable proof that your man is fertile and capable, then look at what he has already produced! You don’t want to make the mistake of marrying someone who might not be able to give you the babies that you so desperately want. Think of the humiliation and embarrassment you would face if you found out that your husband was impotent or infertile. You would never be able to find happiness or fulfillment with this man.

Now, if he does have children, make sure that he is only distantly friendly with them and the slut who gave birth to them is kept at a distance. When you have your own kids, you won’t want your precious babies mixing with some whore’s bad decisions. He’s provided the sperm that made those kids, that’s all he owed to that girl. He needs to devote his total resources to you and your children.

5. He’s never been married

You don’t want to get a second-hand man. You need your man to be fresh and ready to commit to you completely. If a man is divorced, that is a clear sign that he is doing something wrong. Couldn’t he please his ex in bed? Couldn’t he provide her a nice house? Couldn’t he make enough to get a vacation home?

No matter what your future intended tries to tell you about his ex, don’t listen, just run. He failed as a man in one of the most important matters in life. He might give you excuses that he was young or inexperienced or made a mistake, but real men never make mistakes! And if they do, they don’t admit to them. He is just trying to salvage his ego because he knows that being divorced means that he is a not a real man and doesn’t deserve to wear the pants in any future relationships.

6. He leads you

You don’t want a man to ask you about every tiny decision that you need to make. You don’t want him to do something as unmanly as seeking approval from his wife for something that he should be in charge of from the beginning. You need a man to take charge, do what needs to be done and take care of business. He is crafting your future happiness with his actions and you should be the feminine girl that you are and allow him to take the reins.

Keep in mind that he needs to do this for all aspects of his life. In the bedroom, in the boardroom, in the dining room. He needs to take charge and remain in charge at all times. Beware of men who are “emotional” or “in touch with their feelings”. These cute phrases are just code for a man who doesn’t know what it means to be a man! He is the head of the household and needs to act like it. You need to respect his position and offer support.

7. He’s critical of your appearance

No man who has a fat wife is ever genuinely smiling. His strained expression is just a labor of social obligation that he feels he must uphold. Deep inside, he is a self-loathing shell of a man who has lost control in his marriage and has no idea how to regain it. You are an extension of your husband. When people see you, they think of him. So you must be always dressed appropriately, makeup done, hair right, perfect shoes, etc.

Nothing will bring shame to a man more than having another man mention that his once beautiful bride has gained some wrinkles, gained some weight or lost her figure. When it comes to pleasing your man with your appearance, there is nothing too drastic. If he says that your hair looks dull, go buy a new conditioner. If he says that your breasts are sagging, purchase a new bra now, and schedule a consultation for a breast lift. If he decides that he hates the tattoo you got when you were 18, then schedule an appointment to get it removed. He is providing you with so much, it’s the least you can do to keep him happy.

A man might say that he loves you for you or he doesn’t care what you look like. These are submissive males who don’t understand what it is to be a man. A real man knows that he deserves an attractive mate and demands that she maintain her beauty throughout their relationship. As long as he supports you and shelters you and cares for your children, you need to be the beautiful woman on his arm that he can show off at parties.

8. He is strong and healthy

Nothing is worse than when I see a close friend talking about her fiance’s long-term illness. Although he’s doing fine now, at any time he could experience debilitating sickness or be out of work. There is nothing manly about a man who is bound to a bed. You need someone who will go the extra mile and work hard, without needing a break.

If he can’t manage this kind of toughness while he’s young, then just think how bad it will be when he gets older! He is the head of the household and an illness or accident can turn him into the wife who stays at home, while you are the husband who has to go out and support the family. Think of how horrible that would be! Never commit your life to a man who you know has a long-term illness or has a history of accidents. If you need to, forge a patient confidentiality agreement and go through his medical records. It might seem a bit drastic now, but you will be thanking yourself when you see that he has a family history of diabetes and heart attacks before age 40.

You know your role and you are willing to be the loving housewife and submissive bedmate that he craves, so you have to make sure that he is the strong, healthy man that can be the breadwinner your entire family can depend on for the rest of your lives. He needs to wear the pants, not a hospital gown or a bathrobe. If he complains that he feels ill or has a cold more than twice a year, move on. A real man can handle sickness without whining about it to his wife.

Now you know how to find your perfect mate. I wish you all good luck and a quick courtship!