Reflections on turning 28

Mummies Behind the Scenes at the National Museum of Natural HistorySo I’ve known for the past 27 years that there will come a day when I will be 28. While this thought has been disturbing, I’ve had a rather long time to get used to it. But the truth of the fact that I have aged another year truly struck me about a month before the actual date. Looking back over this year, it hasn’t exactly been the most productive of my life, but it has had highlights.

I had the gastric sleeve surgery just before I turned 27, so physically the 85 lb weight loss has changed a lot in my life. I’ve also moved in the last year and had all kinds of different experiences based on geography. I’ve been active with the skeptic group and kept in touch with my friends. And I’ve seen a lot more drag shows than ever before in this year. Yes, so far, 2013 has been the year of the drag queen.

But when I think about all of the experiences I’ve had and all of the ways that I’ve changed, I’m glad that I’m a year older and wiser and have a year’s more experience. Being young is great, but when you’re young you’re also inexperienced and pretty silly. The only way to change that is to live more and get… older. Youth really is wasted on the young.

Now as I move into my late 20s, I’m sure things can only improve. Maybe I’ll get a job this year, har har, maybe my English degree might actually come in handy, hopefully I’ll continue to meet drag queens, lose more weight, and do fun stuff with my friends. I can only work towards making 28 my best year yet and hope that I have a little bit of luck thrown in there too.

Update: I wrote those previous paragraphs a few days before my birthday. Now it’s the morning of my birthday and I hate it. I’m old, I’m supposed to have my shit together at this age and look! No shit even slightly together! I hit 60K words on my novel last night. Which still isn’t the longest thing I’ve ever written, but it will be one more thing that no one ever reads. Happy birthday to me. I hate you all.