You should never hit a girl*


*Correction: you should never hit anyone, save for extreme cases of self-defense.

It annoys me when people say that if women want to be equal then women shouldn’t consider themselves to be above being struck. I find this idea ludicrous for a number of reasons. First off, it’s a false equivalency. Second, most people encouraging men not to hit women are fighting to stop domestic violence, not keep women in a privileged place. But mostly, no one deserved to be hit no matter what gender they are.

A man hitting a woman is different than a woman hitting a man. It’s simple biology. Men usually are physically bigger than women, have more muscle mass and more upper body strength. They are also conditioned to be physical through aggressive play and contact sports. Meanwhile, women are conditioned to play with barbie dolls and do sports like volleyball that require little, if any, physical contact. When a man strikes a woman, the women will most often come off worse than if that same woman hit the man.

Yes, there are exceptions, but those are just that; exceptions. The saying “pick on someone your own size” is because exerting physical strength over someone smaller than yourself is not something that should be encouraged or practiced. Not to mention that if equality is being able to be smacked around by any man who feels the need to do so, then fuck equality. I don’t want it. No one should handle disagreements with violence.

A lot of memes and posters relating to domestic violence are criticized by people who want to claim that women want to be so “privileged” that they can never be hit. It’s not a privilege to not be beaten. No one with any sense will say that ending domestic beatings that put people in the hospital and sometimes in the grave are making women more important and special than men.

Most of all, the idea that not being beaten or smacked around is some kind of special provision that only women get is insane. If someone is attacking you, it is not okay and they need to stop. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, no one deserves to be hit in their daily lives. Being physically abused is not some kind of rite of passage that all human beings have to go through. It’s called assault and it’s illegal. Anyone who harms a fellow human being when not defending themselves should be punished to the full extent of the law.

It worries me that some people believe the societal unacceptability of hitting women is some kind of advantage that women have over men. No one deserves to be beaten. Men, women, children, it doesn’t matter. Don’t go around hitting people and don’t think that others who go around hitting people are in any way correct or have a right to. They don’t. Violence is not the way to solve problems and people who use it whenever they want to are not going to be able to fit into society.

So don’t hit girls. Don’t hit boys. Don’t hit anyone.