Your gastric sleeve doesn’t care about your vacation

dadsnoosa 010

<—– I ate some of that and lived to regret it.

Okay, so I’m on vacation. The first real vacation I’ve had since my surgery last year. We went to Hawaii for 4 days and now we’re in Australia. We’ve been walking and exercising far more than I’m used to, but we’ve also been eating a lot more carbs and foods that are not on my diet.

At first I figured, why the hell not? I’m on vacation, damn it! I need to have a little fun and eat some stuff that isn’t good for me.

And I’m walking and doing so much that it won’t possibly make me gain any weight. While I’m pretty sure that I’ve actually lost weight (my jeans that fit perfectly when I left are now loose), the other day I had the worse instance of dumping syndrome that I have ever had.

We went to a seafood restaurant and ordered the seafood for two platter, for 4 people. Here is an exact breakdown of what I ate:

2 fresh shrimp (that still had heads on, yuck! Dad had to remove those for me.)
1 piece of fried shrimp
2 fried scallops
1/2 piece of fried fish
Forkful of fresh crabmeat

Afterwards, I felt so ill that I was certain if I put any other item of food into my body that I would puke. I was dizzy, I was nauseous, I started sweating and I was certain that I was going to die. Didn’t my gastric sleeve know that I was on vacation and that I was allowed to eat all of this shit?! What the hell, body?

Once I had recovered from the dumping syndrome I vowed never to eat another carb in my entire life. No more sweets, no more fried food, no more bread, nothing. No matter where I am or what I think I can do, my stomach does not have a vacation switch that I can flip so I can eat bad shit and not have any consequences.

So please, if you’re going on vacation with your gastric sleeve, do not think that just because you’re on vacation that your stomach is too. It’s not and it will hurt if you eat bad things. So don’t do it.