Chris Brown was raped

Chris BrownWe all know from previous blogs that I’m not exactly a fan of Chris Brown. The only song of his that I can name is the song No Air and that’s only because Jordin Sparks also sang on it and I like her. I knew very little about him before the domestic violence charges and that didn’t exactly change afterwards. But now, while giving an interview to a magazine to promote his new album, Chris Brown has inadvertently opened up a discussion on rape culture that he had no idea even existed.

During the interview Chris state that rural Virginia is like another world. Which seems a bit of an odd thing to blame it on. Anyway, he claims that he lost his virginity at age 8 to a girl who was 14 or 15 and stated that porn prepared him for sex. While Chris thinks that he’s bragging about going all the way at such a young age and with an older girl and being so mature and manly at 8 years old that he was ready for sex, he’s actually detailing a very painful and pervasive part of rape culture.

He was raped, no question about it, but he doesn’t even believe that he was. Males always want to have sex, right? Therefore what man is ever going to turn down sex, no matter what age they are? Men are incapable of saying no because they are always saying yes, no matter the time, place or person, right?

Wrong. All of it is wrong. A male child is still a child. He can still be taken advantage of by someone older, who know should better, and he can be raped. Just like Chris Brown was. No high schooler should be having sexual intercourse with a 3rd grader, no matter what gender either party is. Chris was no in any kind of mental or emotional state to make decisions regarding his sexuality at that age and the girl in question should have known better.

But she probably didn’t. She had probably been told her entire life that having sex with a boy is the best thing that you can do for him. She probably thought that she was making him a man or giving him the greatest night of his life or fulfilling his wildest dreams. When men are talked about in such stark sexual terms of always wanting sex and not having the ability to decline due to their own primal instincts that desire spreading their DNA over everything else.

This is a facet of rape culture that the mainstream has yet to pick up on. Most people complain that rape culture seems to mean that women are being raped and that men are evil rapists, but rape culture means that rape, no matter the gender of the victim and perpetrator, is being enabled, excused, and allowed. This is exactly what happened to Chris Brown. His rape was turned into a rite of passage, a path to manhood, anything other than the ugly fact that he was taken advantage of sexually when he was not able to consent to sex.

I had hoped that there would be more backlash against this idea that Chris Brown was a lucky boy who got lucky before his peers, but a lot of articles regarding this issue mentioned the fact that he stated innocent had sex at 8 years old, then went on to talk about how he thinks he’s just like Prince and how everyone can relate to his new album. But this is rape culture. These articles make the sex sound completely consensual and not in any way wrong or violating.

But if, say, Nikki Minaj, had stated that she had had sex at age 8 with a someone almost double her age, I’m sure the outcry would be international. No one would imagine that a sweet little girl who isn’t even a decade old would possibly have the ability to consent to sex with someone who was a teenager. But rape is not defined as a male-on-female crime. The sooner everyone realizes this, the better off the world will be.

This confession adds another layer to Chris Brown’s character and the story of what made him who he is today. While he was a perpetrator of violence in the past, it’s clear that in some ways he was also a victim. He witnessed domestic violence as a child and then went on to complete the circle and become an abuser himself. At this point, Chris needs help.

The fact that he bragged about how he was raped as such a young age and hasn’t even grasped the truth of what happened to him, just goes to show how the culture of male consent is dangerous to young men everywhere. Society in general needs to realize that men can be victims of sexual abuse and there need to be resources and programs to help them as well. Culture should also support these men who come forward with stories like this and help them to come to terms with what happened to them and educate the public on why a boy, no matter his hormones, cannot consent to sex when he is that young.

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