If you’ve been raped, try to get murdered, too

An Indian demonstrator-1508932I recently read Katie Piper’s memoir Beautiful. The book is the heartbreaking true story of a young woman who got into a relationship with an abusive man, Daniel Lynch, who raped her, beat her, bullied her, intimidated her, and when she finally got away from him, he paid someone to douse her face in sulfuric acid, forever disfiguring her. Katie went to court to convict him of all of his various crimes. She had to go through the trauma of being in the same room as the man who brutalized her and arranged for her face to be ruined. She had to describe her violation and the pain that she suffered at his hands.  And then, the jury convicted Lynch of everything but the rape.

I was flabbergasted. These people believed that he had savagely beaten her and threatened to kill her family if she went to the police, paid another young man to throw acid on her, something that could have ended her life, but refused to believe that he raped her? No way! Sure, he was a monster, but he couldn’t have been a rapist. Right?

Katie bravely refused to settle for anything but total justice. She went back to court and went through the horrible process all over again. This time, the jury convicted Lynch of all charges, including the rape. But why did she have to go to court again to get people to believe that this man raped her?

It got me thinking. How do you get someone to believe that you were raped? Well, you have to get murdered too.

I’ve never once heard of someone doubt that a woman was raped after she had been murdered. Never. Being a true crime fan, I’ve read a lot of cases with serial killers and other dangerous people. I’ve never once heard someone say that a murder victim should have worn a longer skirt, not had a drink, not have flirted with someone, not have led someone on to believe that they wanted to be murdered. A person who rapes someone is just a person. Someone who rapes AND murders someone is a bad person.

So girls, if someone rapes you and you’re scared about coming forward to have people blame you, not believe you, trivialize your experience, etc, just ask your rapist to murder you as well. Then no one will have any doubt that you were raped. No one will question your alcohol intake or your relationship with the rapist or your body language or your clothing or your previous sex partners. It’s really a fool-proof plan.

Now granted, it might be easier if people just stopped treating every women who reports a rape as a suspect and not a victim, but we have to work within the society that we live in, right? The statistics on women who report false rapes are so overblown that it’s no wonder people doubt a woman who has come forward stating that she was raped. Why work towards education and understanding when the easy solution is to just get murdered so no one will doubt your story?

I’m sure one day, people will realize what a flawless idea this is. It might become a problem when a huge chunk of the female population dies, but at least there will be no question that they were raped. Also, this will prevent people from being falsely accused of rape as any person who was raped is dead, then anyone still alive can’t falsely accuse someone of rape. Flawless. I’ll accept my Nobel Peace Prize at my earliest convenience.