Fuck, I love swearing

fuckGoddamn, does it feel good to swear. Personally, I love swearing and think that there are better things to get offended about out there in the world. I was recently put on probation from a scrapbooking Facebook group because used the word “damn” in a post to compliment a girl who had gone all out on a paper haunted house. I thought it was pretty petty to get upset over seeing a common word on Facebook, but I was told that if I swear again, I’ll be kicked off the group.

Granted, this group is for moms and grandmas and other people who papercraft, who are no where near the same demographic that I am, but still. Children are starving to death and being beaten to death by caretakers and someone has the energy to get offended that I wrote a word? It’s just a word! It only has as much power as you give it.

As someone who has a degree in the English language, read more books than I care to admit, and written entirely too many words for someone to remain sane, I don’t feel that I should have to limit my vocabulary at all just because some people don’t see the exquisite beauty in the word “fuck”. It can mean so many things. It rolls right off of your tongue. The word is powerful and versatile. What’s not to love about it?

Other swear words are brilliant too. I love the word “cunt”. Many people have a problem with this word because they view it as derogatory, but I don’t. I see no reason to. Also, the English use it a lot more than Americans, some of which I’ve heard claim that the “c” word is the worst swear word that there is. So I’m a little more familiar with it in different contexts.

There’s also the undeniable fact that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like swearing, which just makes want to do it even more. Censorship, outright telling someone what they can and can’t say, is bullshit. Just because someone else doesn’t like certain words doesn’t mean that those words are bad or that everyone has to live their life according to what one person deems appropriate.

But truly, peppering language with swearing just keeps things interesting. Sometimes there’s no way to express what you need to express without using a well-placed “fuck” or “damn”. If you find out that your favorite drag queen is playing a show nearby and you’re free that night a “Gee golly!” just won’t cut it.

So swear a little. Change your vocabulary a bit. And be offended about truly offensive stuff, like genocide, oppression, and bigotry. Don’t reserve offense for an innocent word that you find inappropriate in all uses.