Random Thoughts VIII

Random-ThoughtsI could understand having Stephen Dorff be a spokesperson for Blu e-cigs. He’s handsome, he has a good speaking voice and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. But then they decided to get Indigo Adult, anti-vaxxer, and all around menace to public health, Jenny McCarthy to do it and I just don’t understand why. Why would anyone want to associate their company with someone who has murdered children and continues to erode away at logic and critical thinking?

Tim’s random thought: Is it possible to have sex with a zombie? If so, can girl zombies get pregnant?

When we got back from Hawaii my dad received a survey that the tourism board wanted us to fill out. He asked me to look over it and make sure that he got all of the highlights and events down. I complied and filled out a few sections with things that we did and what we enjoyed doing. Then, on the back, it asked about negatives that we experienced during our trip. This including being treated rudely by locals, having a purse or wallet stolen or seeing homeless people. I was a little taken aback. Seeing homeless people is the problem here? Not the fact that there are people who don’t have homes and have to sleep outside in the elements?

Horror movies are a lot like chick flicks for me. You know exactly what’s going to happen and you just spend your time watching the same bullshit unfold only to have it result in the same, completely unrealistic ending. But at least in horror movies, there are sometimes explosions.

Victim blaming is never okay. As much as we want to think that the person who got hurt could have been more careful or prepared themselves more, the truth is that any of us could be victims at anytime. And none of us would appreciate someone telling us that we should have used our psychic powers to anticipate getting into trouble at one exact moment.

If I ever join a biker gang, my street-tough nickname is going to be Hell Kitty. Like Hello Kitty, but with slightly more edge.

A white person recently posted on a comment thread about how we can solve racial inequality in the US. We all just have to stop talking about race. Because then all of the problems will just disappear! Amazing! Good thing white people are so smart that they can come up with this stuff.

I posted a funny picture on Godswill a few months ago, poking fun at gender inequality. Right away a guy commented saying that, oh sure, women want to to be equal, but they still want a man to pay for dinner! Someone else popped up to announce that we had found the MRA. But seriously, women still experience a wage gap across all racial groups. So men have more money to pay for dinner WITH. Also, if you expect a girl to show up looking great, dressed nicely, makeup and hair done, smelling like perfume, looking like she would be a healthy mate that can produce healthy children, then you better be ready to show that you can provide for her and future children. Evolutionary biology, bitch.

After as many jobs as I’ve applied for, I’m becoming entirely too acquainted with something I like to call silent rejection. I will put in an application. I will fill out everything and follow all instructions. Then I will hear nothing. Not a confirmation, not an update on processing, nothing. When I send e-mails or call, if I manage to find a number of e-mail address, no one has ever heard of me, no one knows anything, no one has any information. But they don’t recommend that I fill out another application. I never hear that I have been rejected for a position. They just don’t answer at all.

Speaking of following instructions, I find it weird sometimes that people just can’t seem to manage to do simple things. When I was working at Fort Pickett for the National Guard training exercises, they made the dress code very clear; long sleeves and long pants. The day I got the job, I went out with my mom to a thrift store and picked up some long-sleeved shirts as I have very little clothing that fits right now and nothing long sleeved (I layer). When I came into work, they kept stressing the dress code and people kept showing up in shorts, sheer tank tops, jeans with massive rips across the legs, wife beaters and so on. Even on the final day, people were still showing up dressed inappropriately. I have no idea why they thought that the dress code somehow didn’t apply to them.

Watching the film Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh. It amazes me that as late as 1995, someone would still set a movie in New Orleans and make all of the principle protagonists/victims white.

When we were coming back from Australia, we had to do all of the customs stuff again. The girl checking us in asked where our final destination, AKA home, was. My dad told her Virginia in the United States. She then asked us what state that was in. It’s not just Americans that are fuzzy on geography.