jumping-through-hoopsNB: Today is October 18th, 2013. I write all of my blogs in advance so this might be published after I learn more, but this is where I am today.

I called Dr. Gilbert’s office today to check on the status of my insurance and find out whether or not they’re going to cover the breast reduction. They told me that they haven’t heard anything back yet, but they’re very confident that insurance will cover it and won’t require me to jump through more hoops.

She said that they were able to put together my paper trail to submit. So they have documentation of different dates that I went to my regular doctor for back pain. They also have information from Dr. Clark, who performed my gastric sleeve, that I have lost a significant amount of weight and my breasts are not getting any smaller. A popular thing to do is require women to lose weight before they’re approved for a reduction. I’ve lost almost 100 lbs and my breasts barely lost anything. So clearly, losing more weight isn’t going to help.

When I went to Dr. Gilbert, he took photos of my breasts, the indentations on my shoulders from my bra straps, and asked me some questions about my life. I have trouble finding clothes. I get heat rash under my boobs in the summer and have to put deodorant underneath the girls to keep them dry. I am in pain trying to accomplish everyday tasks.

I know that insurance can be difficult sometimes, so I was prepared to write a letter, see other doctors, do physical therapy, whatever it took to prove that I need this operation. I’m very relieved to hear that it might not require all of that for them to realize that I am in need of a breast reduction. When I went to the doctor’s originally, no one really cared about my theory that my breasts were causing the problems and everyone was eager to throw pills at me and suggest that I get an x-ray in case my spine was out of alignment.

For now I just have to wait and see what insurance says. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get them to cover my operation. But I’m hopeful that I’ve already provided enough proof for them to realize that yes, I need a breast reduction. Keeping my fingers crossed until insurance answers them back. Right now, the operation is still set for December 20th.