The first time I tested my Psychic Abilities

developing-psychic-abilities4So I recently downloaded a copy of Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS for free. Thank you, BookBubs! I’ve been able to download tons of horrible books for free lately. But anyway, I started reading the book and decided to try one of the psychic exercise to hone the natural psychic abilities that author Jennifer O’Neill says that everyone has.

I followed the instructions on her first recommended psychic exercise and found that I have amazing psychic powers! It’s true. I was blown away.

How you do the exercise is so simple that anyone can duplicate it. All you have to do is get someone to walk around and pick out random objects from around the house, without letting you see what they picked. Then they get placed into bags or boxes that are completely opaque. You are supposed to then do the meditation exercise and after your spiritual body is focused, you go down the line of bags or boxes and write down any thoughts, feelings, ideas, colors, numbers or objects that pop into mind. Afterwards, you go through the items and see if anything you wrote down matches up.

Simple, right? But what’s even better is how she tells you to interprets the results:

Don’t see how you were wrong, see how you can make the connection! In other words, if you wrote down yellow, and it’s a pair of dark sunglasses, yellow makes sense as it represents the sun. If you wrote down something relating to the outdoors and the object was a sneaker, it makes sense also because you put on sneakers to go outside.

I can’t really lose! So off I went. Sharon helped me out by hiding two objects in one bowl with a lid and one object in a drawer. I then did the meditation and then took notes of everything that popped into my head. Here’s how it went:

Psychic thoughts about the box on left:

-Brown twine/Stick

Items actually in box on left:

-A wrapped peppermint candy
-A cork

It might seem like I was way off, but really. I was so dead on that it’s rather scary. First off, the peppermint was red and white and I guessed the color red. Right on! Also, those candies are really popular around Christmas, which is in December, which is the 12th month of the year. Also, there is usually snow around Christmas and holly is a plant associated with Christmas. That plant has red berries. The brown twine/stick was obviously in reference to the cork. Also, it was a wine cork and a lot of wine is from France and toile is French! I’m a psychic genius.

But then I looked in the box on the right and my psychic powers really became pronounced.

Psychic thoughts about the box on the right:

-Dark blue
-Milky Way

Actual item in the box on the right:

A butterfly necklace.

I know what you’re thinking. I guessed “butter” and the pendant was a “butterfly”! Pure psychic talent, right? The celestial things were all because butterflies fly through the sky! Amazing, isn’t it! Afterwards, I felt very hungry for pizza. I guess that using my psychic abilities was very draining and I needed something to eat in order to recoup my strength.

Coming back to reality, it’s quite clear that none of this is evidence of any real psychic power. I did the meditation and wrote down whatever came to mind. I never had a clear vision of anything in either box. The only way I could make a connect was to draw it myself with a very broad stroke. Also, when I thought about “butter”, I was thinking about the food. It had nothing to do with a butterfly.

A lot of “psychic” tips given to police are never specific enough to lead them to a killer or put them on the right path. Only after the mystery is solved through real police work do psychics pop up and proclaim that they knew the entire time. Why, I said I saw the number 64 and the killer’s house number was 6450! The number 64 by itself, with no context, wasn’t enough to send police to the killer’s door. It could only be matched up after the murderer had already been caught. Hardly ground breaking.

Also, the more liberal you are with your interpretations, the more accurate you’re bound to be. Believers are quick to make connections themselves. I once saw a psychic reading where the psychic informed her sitter that he knew a man named Mike. Uh, who doesn’t know someone named Mike? I have 4 guys named Mike on my Facebook friends list alone. But the believer piped up that his friend was named Mike and the psychic must have honed in on the close relationship.

Some might argue that I was a skeptic going in, so of course, I wasn’t going to be able to harness my unknown psychic ability. But the fact is that things work regardless of whether or not you think they’re going to. You can be skeptical of Calamine lotion, but the lotion doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. It will still stop you from scratching your poison ivy. You can believe that antibiotics will do nothing and they will still work. A proven ability shouldn’t rely on my belief in it.

Besides, O’Neill was quite clear that everyone has psychic abilities, so I should have them too, even though I’m skeptical of psychics and psychic powers. There are plenty of other exercises that she recommends and lots of lame-sounding meditations. I can’t wait to try them all and report back on them!

One that I will not be trying is the Past Life Recall exercise. You’re supposed to sit with a friend and do the meditation, then ask each other questions about your past life. I would just make something up. I mean, come on. I have a very active imagination and I know enough about history to be dangerous. I can’t do accents though. That might work against me if I decide that I was a poor Irish immigrant woman on the Titanic.

As always, my views will change in exchange for evidence. Actual evidence. Scientific evidence.

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