My misplaced optimism was misplaced

Ck63XfeThis blog was written on October 29, 2013.

Called the doctor’s office this morning to check on the status of my insurance claim. Apparently I was turned down by a nurse and now Dr. Gilbert has to talk to another doctor at the insurance company to see if he can convince them that I really do need a breast reduction. I knew something like this would happen. Hence, why I wanted to get it started so early. But their reasons for denying me the claim are total bullshit.

Reason 1 was my weight. I knew that they would take one look at my weight and decide that I just needed to drop a few more pounds. I purposely gave the doctor’s office permission to contact Dr. Clark, my weight loss surgery doctor, to show that I had lost over 90 lbs by then and my breasts had remained the same goddamn size.

At this point I’m down at least 15 more pounds and guess what? My boobs are still as big as ever! To get to my goal weight I only need to lose about 20-30 more pounds. If all of that doesn’t come straight out of my boobs, they are not going to shrink to an acceptable size.

Update: I just measured myself. Like literally, just did it. I am no longer a 40F. I am now a 36H. What. The. Fuck.

Just how big are my boobs going to need to get before the insurance company will recognize that I just might need them reduced? At this rate I’ll be carrying them in a wheelbarrow and the insurance company will have to decide whether or not I actually need a reduction or if I just want a free boob job. I really don’t believe how big my breasts are now.

But now I am more determined than ever to get a reduction. Having 40F breasts was bad enough, but 36H? Oh hell no! My boobs are going to get back from 36D and I don’t care what I have to do to get there. I can jump through hoops, I can lose more weight, I can do whatever it takes to stop living in pain and discomfort due to my breasts.

Anthem, I’m coming for your ass.