Why heathens love drag queens

eva_baldoria_drag_queenSo it’s no secret on my Meetup group that us skeptics love drag queens. I regularly post drag shows in the area that I attend and always get lots of different people to come to shows with me. There’s something about drag that really appeals to atheists, agnostics and other non-believers. For ages I’ve wondered what it was and I still don’t have definite answers, but here are some of my ideas…

3. Drag is fucking amazing

Any man who can put on heels, a dress and enough makeup to clean out a Mary Kay starter kit is my personal hero. Being a drag queen is more than just shaving facial hair and using duct tape. It’s about transforming into a different person and becoming a different version of yourself.

There’s so much that goes into drag, how can you not have respect for the artists who practices it? Whether it’s genderfuck drag, female illusion, or something totally new, doing any kind of drag demands respect for the effort and difficulty that goes into it.

2. Drag Queens face discrimination too

As much as RuPaul’s Drag Race brought the art of drag into the mainstream sphere, the truth remains that Drag Queens, like the entire LGBTQIA community, are not exactly accepted and tolerated by everyone in the US. We non-believers have all felt what it’s like to be discriminated against and rejected by the majority. It’s not the same kind of discrimination and it’s not about the same thing, but put a drag queen and an atheist in the same room with a right-wing Christian and there will be a quick atheist-drag queen alliance formed.

1. We can

It’s very clear in the Christian Bible that men wearing women’s clothing or vice versa is an abomination. So going to a show featuring this on parade is hardly a Christian activity. Also, a lot of drag queens are gay men and we all know what the Bible says about that. This doesn’t even get into genderfuck drag, transgender people doing drag or any of the other things that happen in the drag community that the Bible wouldn’t approve of either.

So when it comes down to it, we have no reason not to watch drag. Our religious beliefs don’t preclude us from enjoying some men dressed as beautiful women. Our personal philosophies don’t have anything against drag. So why wouldn’t we support our local drag queens?