Mama’s Little Girl – Gossiping

Angel_Faith_005Gossiping is something that young women are supposed to live for. Whether the gossip is about celebrities, friends, enemies, strangers, or anyone else. Girls are encouraged to gossip about everyone and excused when the gossip leads to darker things. Because they’re girls, that’s just what they do. Right? Right?! But gossip, especially during the childhood years doesn’t help anyone and often ends up hurting everyone, even people who weren’t involved in the situation to begin with.

There’s a saying that there’s a grain of truth in the start of every rumor, but this is neither true nor helpful. In a rumor, there’s no way to know what, if anything is true. If there is something true at the root, is it completely true or only true if you look at it from a certain way? Also, the idea that if someone starts a rumor about someone else that SOME part of it has to hold weight is just a dangerous thing to believe. Gossip can start based on nothing at all.

Sometimes it just takes an angry person to create a rumor, sometimes it takes boredom, other times it’s just down to cruelty. No rumor should be thought of as anything other than words that have left someone’s mouth. The truth, no matter what it is, is undoubted simpler and probably a lot less interesting.

As interesting as we women find gossiping and stories about people, we need to realize that 1. we are not immune to gossip. Whenever you’re gossiping as someone, just think, right now, someone could be gossiping about you. If you think that it’s unfair when someone spreads untrue words about you, you have to respect other people as well. 2. Gossip can misinform us about people and places. We form opinions based on things that we hear. Sometimes we hear a rumor about a person and decide not to get to know them solely based on information that might not be true.

There’s a saying that there are two sides to every story. But most of the time there’s even more than that. Everyone needs to realize that what we hear from someone is not always going to be the exact truth, even if the person saying it thinks that it is. Also, so often we get not only information, but how to interpret it from the speaker. A completely innocent action can be explained in hideous ways.

When it comes down to it, a huge chunk of bullying is gossip and rumors. When people have an eagerness to spread gossip, whether it’s true or not, whether it’s kind or not, whether it’s logical or not, the person at the receiving end often ends up with more than just words swirling around. A rumor can change peoples’ behavior towards them and lead to horrible treatment and detrimental effects on that person’s health and well being.

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