Tarot cards are awesome!

tarotcardsSo I had my tarot cards read for the first time. I have to say, it made me a believer! A believer in the fact that tarot cards use your own brain’s working to create enough of an illusion that random cards are speaking to you about your specific life. Seriously. I got sucked in.

The event itself was held through my Meetup group Southeastern Virginia Skeptics. The Amazing Rand Dee Bunque read our cards and gave us all an insider’s look into how the cards work and why, even after they’ve been thoroughly debunked, people still believe in them. I got two readings, a shorter one and a longer one, and both were absolutely spot on. How did this happen? How could a tarot card reading have been accurate when even I know that it’s bunk?

The answer is really simple: the mind is wonderful thing. For my first reading, Rand Dee told me to think of a yes or no question. I wasn’t supposed to tell her what it was, just to think about it. So I did. I thought about whether or not I would find a job soon. Then I shuffled the cards, cut the deck with my left hand, and all of that hoopla, and Rand Dee laid out three cards.

She then interpreted them for me and the reading was very accurate. She said that I was lacking confidence in this area and my hesitancy was holding me back. If I could trust my inner strength and rely on myself, I could succeed. This was so right on! After being unemployed and working terrible jobs for so many years, my already low self-esteem is circling the drain in this area of my life. I needed to have more confidence, more passion for my work, more gumption.

So how did Rand Dee know so much about my life and a question that she had never even heard? She didn’t. The answers she gave were so vague and could be applied to so many people that, of course, I found meaning in it. Lots of people have confidence problems and relying on your inner strength is a pretty basic thing to say. But the fact that I already had a question in my mind meant that I interpreted everything she said in relation to my question. My brain was doing all of the leg work.

My second reading was even more awesome. I got the longer reading that examined your current situation, your near future, far future, near past, far past, etc. Lots of different cards, lots of opportunities to get hits. And guess what? My longer reading was dead on too! tarot2

The card that represented me was a Queen of Cups. Mostly because she had a kitty. The card that covered my representation was the death card, which doesn’t mean death, it means change. This meant that I was going through a lot of change in my life right and now. And I am!

My far past card showed pain and sorrow and I, like a many other people, have had bad experiences in my past that have changed and molded who I am today. The card representing my friends was the Magician. Why? Because my friends, even though they’re skeptics and freethinkers, are magical to me!

Meanwhile, my near future card showed some missed opportunities, but plenty more to be had. I need to seize the chances that are left and stop thinking about the chances that I didn’t take. Again, fits me perfectly. I do tend to look back with regret a lot. My far future card was the best card in the deck. It was the happiness and abundance card.

Who the hell wouldn’t want to get that card in their reading?! No one, that’s who! I left the reading thinking that my future was bright, I just had to overcome some of my fears and regrets and I could achieve anything! Best tarot card reading ever!

I truly do understand how people get sucked into these readings. They’re fun, first of all. They sound like they’re tailored to you and your individual experiences, even though they can apply to a great deal of people. The person doing the reading was confident in their skills which made them seem even more legitimate to me. Also, there was a fair dose of telling me what I wanted to hear. I wanted hope and I got it. I want to hear about change and new things and happiness in my future and I got it.

So while it’s easy to dismiss tarot cards as nonsense, and they are, the fact is that they’re fun, they’re interesting and the spiel sounds damn good. As much as we want to blame the victims of this kind of bunk, it’s really the perpetrators that we need to be upset with. People who tell others that they have magical powers, that they can really see the future, that for only $100 they can fix their problems through the spirits, etc. The human brain was designed for this kind of ridiculousness. We need to hold the correct people accountable.