Star’s pasta pizza of epicness!

IMG_0795I have discovered a new level of pizza awesomeness! I call it pasta pizza! It’s carby, it’s delicious, and you need to take your carb blockers well before consuming it. Read on to find out how to make one of of your own. Enjoy!


1 pre-made whole wheat pizza crust
1 lb of mozzarella cheese
1/2 package of whole wheat pasta
1 can of alfredo sauce
10 strips of bacon
1/4 lb of ham, chopped
3 tbs olive oil
4 tbs ranch dressing mix
3 tbs ranch dressing


Cook the pasta. You want to make sure to use a small noodle, like elbow macaroni or angel hair, broken up into smaller pieces. Cook until al dente and drain, set aside. Cook meats. Heat bacon and ham until thoroughly cooked. Set aside. Mix alfredo sauce with pasta and stir well.IMG_0796

Preheat oven to cook pizza. On the pizza crust, spread out the olive oil, then the ranch dressing. Sprinkle the ranch mix on top. Add the pasta to the middle of the pizza and smooth out to the edges. Add ham and bacon on top of the pasta. Place the cheese on top of that. Add any spices desired for extra flavor.

Heat in the oven for as long as recommended or until cheese is melted and a little brown on top. Cut and serve immediately. Slices are thick and very filling.