English major woes

english-majorThere are stereotypes that go along with any hobby, lifestyle, or field of study. No matter what you like or do, people have their own preconceived notions about you just based on that fact alone. Sometimes these ideas have been formed from personal experience. Other times it’s just what’s in pop culture. But regardless, it’s annoying.

When someone knows that I studied English in college, I often get asked if I’ve read a certain book. If I say no, as there are billions of books in the world, and even with my extensive library, I hadn’t read every single book ever published, they tell me that I must not be a real English major. As a real English student would have read every book that has ever been penned.

Another thing I hear is that the people I just told what I’ve studied will now have to be careful about their grammar whenever they talk to me. I’m a pretty relaxed person and I’ve already gone over why I’m not a Grammar Nazi, but seriously. I studied English. I’m not an obnoxious bitch.

Lastly, I often get criticized for typos or mistakes when writing or speaking. As if having a degree in English means that I have to be completely infallible when it comes to language. I often have trouble talking and cognitive problems and brain fog. So stumbling over words, stringing together run-on sentences and other silly things is something that I do regularly. It doesn’t mean that I’m a terrible English major or that I’m not intelligent. I just don’t speak good sometimes.

When it comes to writing, I do so much of it, I’m bound to make mistakes here and there. Particularly on Facebook, particularly when I’m typing on my phone. The average internet user types hundreds of words every single day. They can’t be expected to have 100% accuracy, no matter what they studied in college. My average might be a little higher than normal due to my blogging, but still. The more words I write, the most chance I have of making a mistake.

When it comes down to it, everyone faces stereotypes about themselves, based on what they do. Sometimes I just wish that people would stop filling in so much about your personality and just get to know you before doing and saying some of the ridiculous shit that they do and say. Stereotypes are a shortcut to getting to know people and there should never be a shortcut to that.