Torrid, get your act together!

b10b4437c7d43778b52ff772cd28349a4a60efaaI love to shop at Torrid. Their clothes are cute, young, fun, flirty and they fit me. I can find a nice dress at their store, I can stock up on Hello Kitty t-shirts, I can find shoes that are wide enough to fit me, I can buy lingerie, swimsuits, and Halloween costumes. Oh no, wait. I can’t find speciality items like swimsuits, bras and Halloween costumes there anymore.

I bought several Torrid bras a few months ago and was determined to continue doing so. Then my cup size got out of control and their bra cups stop at DDD. So I can’t buy their bras anymore. This year I was in the market for a new bathing suit. I found an adorable bottom that I loved and couldn’t find a top. The stores had maybe four options and sold out entirely too quickly. I ended up shopping at regular stores and having a horrible time finding anything and turning to other plus size clothes stores for different options. None of them were very successful.

Then Halloween came around. The previous year Torrid’s Halloween costumes were nothing but corsets and tutu skirts. As much as I like slutty Halloween costumes, I didn’t want to be arrested for prostitution as soon as I left the house. This year I was super excited when I got onto the Torrid website and saw that they had costumes; regular, cute, plus-sized Halloween costumes available. I saw a ladybug dress that I loved and decided that I would try for that one.

About a week before Halloween I went into my local Torrid store to try on my new costume and discovered that the store didn’t have costumes, they were online exclusive. Not only that, but the costumes were already sold out. I was crushed. The website hadn’t stated anywhere that the costumes were only online. I had wanted to go into the store and try them on due to my changing sizes and my oversized boobs. But now the costumes were gone.

I ended up going to a regular costume store, spending entirely too much money, and my costume started to fall apart the first time I wore it. Meanwhile, I will be recycling my old Torrid costumes next year if they have nothing new to offer. I love their costumes, I couldn’t believe that they made them online only and then sold out so quickly.

Clearly, there is a market for speciality items for larger women. Another speciality item that would be awesome to find would be sports wear. Over 60% of women identify as plus sized in this country and Torrid is one of the few companies that openly markets to them. Pick up the slack that all the other stories are leaving and add in the speciality clothes that all women need.

We big girls want clothes for going out, clothes for working out, clothes for hanging out, clothes for swimming, clothes for lounging, and everything in between. Give us a decent selection of clothes that fit and last and watch profits rise. Plus-sized women have to struggle to find clothes that fit, market to the people who are already here and in need of products.