Bacon, ham, egg and cheese breakfast pizza

IMG_0927I decided to try a scramble egg pizza. It was so tasty! I will definitely be making this again. No doubt about it.  It’s breakfast food, but it’s still good and cheesy and feels naughty while still being high in protein and relatively low in carbs.

I got the idea for the recipe from here. But I changed just about everything to make it.


4 eggs, scrambled
1 pre-made whole wheat pizza crust
1 lb of Mexican cheese (blend of mozzarella and cheddar will do)
6 strips of bacon
5 oz of ham
3 tablespoons olive oil


Pre-heat the oven to whatever temperature the pizza crust requires. Cook your meats and scramble the eggs. Make sure the meats are cooked, but not overcooked. Pour the oil over the pizza crust and spread it around using the back of a spoon to cover the crust.

Put the cheese on first. Form a bowl in the middle of the pizza from the cheese to make sure that the eggs don’t run over the edges and make a mess. Add the meats on top of the cheese, keep the bowl shape. Pour the eggs, starting in the middle of the bowl, the move to the outer edge. Make sure that the cheese is thick enough in the ends to prevent spillage.

Bake the pizza for as long as the crust recommends. Before you remove it from the oven, make sure that the eggs are set and firm. Cut immediately and serve. Enjoy!

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