Say no to counterfeit dresses

counterfeits-3You don’t have to tell me that weddings are crazy expensive and it’s enough to cause a sane person to go a little bonkers. While there are some good places to cut costs, like not hiring fire breathers or wearing six dresses at a 5-hour event, but one way that brides have found, is by ordering your wedding dress from an online company offering beautiful bridal gowns at insane prices. But instead of receiving a beautiful, expertly-tailored wedding gown, brides receive dresses that they wouldn’t wear to Wal-Mart and no way to get their money back.

It’s no secret that wedding dresses are pricey. Dresses featured on the show Say Yes to the Dress start at $1,200 and the most expensive one I’ve seen was $27,000. So yes, purchasing a wedding gown, a dress that you will wear exactly once, is no small price. One flip through a bridal magazine will introduce you to hundreds of gowns, the vast majority of them probably out of your price range. So brides take their dress searches online.

Companies like Light in the Box, out of China, and other foreign sellers set up accounts on places like eBay, Etsy, and get themselves listed in bridal gown search results, all offering the same beautiful dress you just saw on a website for $1ok for prices that can go as low as $50. These companies will even use promotional photos of the actual gown that designers are selling, then send you an interior copy that sometimes just resembles the actual dress.

Other times the dresses are the wrong color. They are poorly made. Sometimes very poorly made. They are made from inferior quality materials. And that’s just the beginning. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your money back for the items and a lot of the times they try to give a partial refund or charge restocking fees or just don’t bother to email you back.

Another problem with this is that the designers are having their dresses duplicated without getting compensation for the original design. This amounts to theft. It’s one thing to take a photo of a dress you like into a seamstress and tell her what you like about the dress, how you want to alter it, and making your own creation from an idea that you got out of a magazine, but this takes the exact design and sometimes even uses the designer’s copyrighted photographs, and gives no credit to the person who worked hard to design the dress.

But don’t despair, brides who can’t afford to buy a dress you’ll wear once for what could be a down payment on a car. It’s possible to have the dress of your dreams and not break the bank. In addition to bridal stores like David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo, who sell high-quality dresses that are still affordable, there are sites where you can buy pre-owned gowns at hugely discounted prices. Some of them haven’t even been worn. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses, Once Wed, Wore it Once and BravoBride all sell used designer dresses for much cheaper than you could ever find a store.

So don’t buy a knock off gown. It’s not worth it to go through so much and put up money for something that is going to be inferior quality and not appropriate for your wedding day. Go with a pre-owned dress or something a little bit more affordable to begin with. When planning a wedding, there are so many things that you will need to spend money on. Don’t try to outsmart the world by getting one of these stolen designs made. Your day is going to be beautiful and your dress needs to be authentic and stunning too.