Random Thoughts Wafflelopter

New pics 002In the last week I’ve used the term “belief” on Godswill a few times. Every time I’ve done it, someone has rushed to “correct” me. Atheists can have beliefs. The word itself isn’t indicative of faith and it has nothing to do with a higher power. I’d even venture that an atheist can have “faith” in something too. But let’s not get too radical here.

I’m beginning to think that I’m taking my Barbie reviews entirely too seriously. Someone makes a silly throwaway joke and I immediately think, THIS IS DOING IRREPARABLE HARM TO LITTLE GIRLS! I might need to relax a bit. Just a bit.

I recently downloaded Scrivener, on Tim’s recommendation, and found that I really like it. I’m using it to organize my children’s entertainment reviews through it. Now I’m able to take notes and write the articles directly from my notes. It’s so much easier than writing everything by hand and trying to write using my computer and notebook at the same time. I have to write in HTML, but that’s not a big deal. Overall, I’m very pleased.

I talked to a girl tonight who was slurring her words, barely able to form a coherent sentence and couldn’t keep her train of thoughts together. She was accusing me of being a militant atheist because I reposted a meme on Facebook, then used the term “gay” to mean silly and ridiculous (she later claimed that I took it out of context). I asked her if she was drinking or on medication and she told me that she had Lupus. Lupus makes you an asshole that can’t talk properly? I know the disease was never covered on House MD, but I’m pretty sure that Lupus doesn’t make you incoherent.

Weird news alert. A man in China committed suicide via a 7-story fall after his girlfriend refused to stop shoe shopping. No one should be forced to shop against their will. Stop the insanity today by not forcing people to go shopping with you when they don’t want to.

I was planning on writing a scathing article on cultural appropriation and insensitive stereotyping of Arab women about the Bratz’s movie, Genie Magic. But as I started researching it turns out that the genie character isn’t even Arab. She’s Russian. WTF, Bratz?

I had a really good thought that I wanted to write down, but I got a phone call and by the time I got off the phone, I completely forgot what it was. It was really good too. Damn it…

People keep giving me their phone numbers and wanting me to call them. No, you weirdo. You’re on Facebook, you need to talk to me on there.

I thought about trying to make a list of places that I want to visit, but if I’m really honest, it would be easier to make a list a places that I DON’T want to visit. Here’s the list:

-Anywhere where women are oppressed and I wouldn’t be free to explore and look around on my own.
-Anywhere where there is political upheaval and it’s dangerous for visitors.

That’s it. I’ll go anywhere else in the world.

I will now review the various Kernel Season’s popcorn flavorings that I have tried so far:

Butter: A+: Delicious flavoring, perfect on popcorn.
Caramel: C: It’s made with real sugar so it’s sweet and I prefer salty popcorn. But overall, not bad.
White Cheddar: A: Love this flavor. It’s excellent for buttered popcorn.
Ranch: F: This just tasted super weird on popcorn. I’ve been using it when I make pizza instead. It’s much better on pizza.
Bacon Cheddar: F-: Gross, gross, gross. I sniffed the powder after I got the safety packaging off and it smelled kind of weird. I took a little bit of popcorn from my bowl and tested it. It was awful. I dumped the rest of the popcorn I had flavored and made the rest white cheddar. I don’t know what to use this on. It doesn’t taste like cheddar or bacon. It just tastes like wrong.