Fat girls in yoga pants

frabz-that-fat-girl-has-yoga-pants-on-f3e157A few months ago a Facebook friend posted a status saying that the CEO of Lululemon’s comments on fat women wearing yoga pants were really just what we were all thinking. Namely, that fat women shouldn’t be wearing yoga pants to begin with. I was the first commenter on the thread and quickly informed him that I am fat and wearing yoga pants at that very minute. If someone else doesn’t like it, it’s not my problem.

The OP posted back informing me that I’m not fat. At the time, I weighed about 225 lbs. No one in the world would consider me thin unless they were comparing my weight to that of a horse. But this is just a common excuse made by fat shamers when they have been called out. When fat women are suddenly not nameless, faceless, easily shamed, anonymous people it’s all too easy to declare that the real person who just confronted them actually isn’t one of them. It’s an effort to turn the person standing up for fat people onto their side and against the fat people.

Another person, one that I didn’t know, posted on the thread and said that the problem isn’t fat girls wearing yoga pants, the problem is fat girls wearing yoga pants that are too small for them. Then the problem isn’t fat people, it’s ill-fitting clothing. But the truth of the matter is that fat people are not the only people who wear clothes that don’t fit them. Neither do they deserve to be shamed for it if they do. If a thin person escapes all criticism for wearing clothes that are too tight, then why should someone who is fat not be extended the same courtesy?sexistjustin

Also, if a fat person does wear clothes that are too small, it might be because larger clothes are difficult to find and the article of clothing they are wearing might be the difference between wearing something that doesn’t fit and having nothing to wear. If clothing lines were more accommodating to overweight women, maybe this wouldn’t be a problem at all. But they’re not and it is.

Before I unfollowed the post, another poster go on to inform everyone that fat people just eat too much McDonald’s and that’s why their asses are so huge. Because that’s sadly how most of the population view fat people; lazy, unintelligent, indulgent, and lacking in self-control. Being thin has more to do with your genetics than with your personal attributes. Some people are thin and will always be thin no matter how glutenous or lazy they are. Other people will always be fat no matter how conscientious and dedicated they are.

The problem of fat shaming is definitely not going anywhere. Being obese remains a taboo that everyone freely discriminates against fully knowing that the majority of the population is ignorant enough to agree with them. Clearly, attitudes towards fat people aren’t going to change overnight. But with some compassion and a little bit of understanding, maybe there will come a day when fat girls wearing yoga pants will not even be noticed as anything even note worthy.

As for the Facebook friend who originally posted that statement, I unfriended him a few weeks ago after he posted a sadistic rape joke.

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