Bratz Super Babyz: A Novelization, Chapter 4

hqdefault (14)NB: This is a novelization of the film, Bratz Super Babyz. The dialogue is taken verbatim from the movie. The rest are things that I added in, in an attempt to explain some of the stranger parts of the film. To read all parts of this novelization, click here.

Chapter 4

Jade directed herself upstairs with her new-found power of flight. Still shaky as to how it worked, she entered the bedroom going entirely too fast and crashed into Cloe, who was floating herself. The two girls tumbled in midair and Cloe screamed. Her shriek was so piercing that it shattered a drinking glass that Yasmin had on her nightstand. Sasha slammed the door closed in order to keep Gran from hearing them.

“Cloe!” Sasha scolded, in annoyance. “Your voice breaks things.”

Cloe, still hovering about the ground, looked at her friends in confusion. “Guys, why are we flying?” She asked.

Yasmin and Sasha just then started to float above the floor as well. The four girls looked at each other in shock. “Sasha, we can fly too!” Yasmin declared.

“I’m super sticky,” Jade offered.

“Sasha is super smart,” Yasmin informed her friends.

“But she’s always been that way,” Cloe pointed out, hovering just a few feet off of the floor.

“No, I mean, now she really knows everything,” Yasmin emphasized.

“Yasmin’s super speedy,” Sasha told the other Bratz.

“And I’m a super cry baby?” Cloe asked. “Not fair,” she sighed. She was never going to shake her Drama Mama title at this rate.

“Wow, this is real,” Jade said, realizing that she wasn’t actually asleep at all. “Are we like… like, Super Babyz?” She asked her friends.

Before anyone can answer, they heard Gran calling them from downstairs. “Girls, what are you up to?”

The girls quickly stopped their flying and sat down on the floor in a circle. When Gran opened the door, they were all sitting, looking like they were just innocently chatting. “Hello Gran,” the girls chorused.

“Girls, you left your crayons and coloring books all over the floor,” Gran scolded. “Didn’t we talk about picking up after ourselves?”

“We’ll get right on it, Gran,” Sasha promised.

Gran nodded at her adopted children and left. The Bratz all sighed as Gran closed the door.

“Don’t tell,” Sasha told her friends. “It’s our secret.”

The girls nodded, solemnly. They knew that they couldn’t trust an adult with their secret. After all, adults were mostly useless. They couldn’t know about the Bratz Super Babyz. Toddlers were much more prepared to handle the effects of their super powers.

All of the girls put their hands in. “We are all real Super Babyz!” They shouted in unison. They started to pull away, but found that they were all bound by Jade’s orange goo.

“Yuck, Jade! You’re sticky,” Cloe stated the obvious.

“Sorry,” Jade said, sheepishly.


In the living room, the girls were laying on the floor, watching the newest episode of Super Buds. None of the girls wanted to admit that the show was less exciting after meeting their heroes. Every time they saw one of them on TV, they couldn’t help but think of their less than enthusiastic greeting from the team.

Gran entered and observed the girls for a second. There seemed to be something different about them. Their hair was down now, instead of up in their regular ponytails and pig tails, but that was the only notable change that she could point out. She told herself that her girls were find and shook off her thoughts.

On the television, the Super Buds were working to save a town from being washed away by a burst dam. “Help, Explodo Girl! I need you sto start an avalanche to repair the dam!” Mr. Stretchtastic ordered his subordinate.

“I’m on it, Mr. Stretchtastic,” the young woman responded.

Gran walked over to her chair and looked around at her knitting bag. “Where in the world of knitting is my green yarn?” She asked herself. Gran bit her lower lip. She shouldn’t have said that out loud. The girls had enough to worry about with their grief and the loss of their parents, they didn’t need to know that their guardian was becoming senile.

Yasmin spied the green yard underneath the dresser, across the room. She raced over to grab it and flew back to Gran’s chair, depositing the yarn while Gran was rooting through her yarn bag. Gran looked up, feeling a rush of air against her face that shifted her fly-away hairs.

She spied the yarn. “Oh, there it is,” she said. Not wanting to worry the girls by letting them know that she hadn’t seen something that was on her chair the entire time. Gran walked back to her knitting drawer to find her thinnest needles.

The girls giggled to themselves that they had helped their adopted mother without her realizing it. Just then, Sasha looked up and realized that Jade was floating above the floor. “Kool Kat!” Sasha hissed at the toddler.

“What?” Jade asked, wondering why her friends suddenly seemed so far away.

“Back to earth, pronto!” She whispered.

“Oh! Whoops!” Jade said, flying back down to the floor. She was still getting a handle on this entire flying thing.

Gran retrieved her needles and sat back down on her chair, oblivious that one of her charges had just been floating above the floor.

The Super Bud’s announcer declared, “Tune in tomorrow and find out how Johnny Speedomter saves the day when giant pterodactyls try and take over Jolly Town!”

The girls looked at each other in excitement. “Cool, I love dinosaurs,” Jade said.

“Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs,” Sasha corrected. “They’re pterosaurs. A common misconception.”

“Ah, good to know,” Jade said, not bothering to point out to Sasha how annoying she had become after she had gained all of this knowledge. Which was even more annoying than usual.

“I bet we could help Johnny save Jolly Town now that we have-” Yasmin started.

Sasha quickly shushed her.

The girls looked up at Gran, trying to see if she knew that Yasmin had almost said. They waved their their guardian. Gran cluelessly waved back.

Yasmin turned to her friends and completed her sentence, whispering, “Super powers.”

“Why don’t we?” Cloe suggested.

“Why don’t we what?” Sasha asked.

“Help,” Cloe said. “We should act like real Super Babyz.”

Before the girls could tell her not to talk so loudly, Cloe yawned. Gran didn’t look up from her knitting. Cloe yawned again, louder this time. Gran still didn’t make any indication that she had heard her adopted daughter.

Cloe hopped onto Gran’s chair. “Gran, can we take our nap early?” She asked, sweetly.

Gran looked up from her knitting and saw the girls were all laying on the floor, in sweet repose. “Why, butter my parsnips,” she remarked. The girls had never been so tired at this time before. Gran figured that their day at Adventure Universe had simply been too much for them to handle and agreed to take the girls upstairs to bed.

The gray-haired guardian took her charges upstairs and opened the bedroom door for the sleepy girls. They obediently toddled into the room and got into bed. They settled down and snuggled into the blankets. Gran gently closed the door behind her as she left, looking forward to a nap for herself.

As soon as they heard the door close and Gran’s footsteps fade into silence, the four Bratz jumped out of bed and ran to the door. They cracked it open and looked out, seeing Gran settle into her recliner and lean her head back; the international napping position.

The girls exchanged glances. They were free to try out their new powers!


The girls flew through the sky. Although they were still shaky and learning about their new-found abilities, they floated effortlessly over the earth.

“Oh my god, this is totally fun!” Yasmin declared, dipping down a few feet.

“Too low, too low. Pull up!” Jade said, adjusting her height to avoid a patch of tall trees.

“Going up,” Sasha said, as the four girls leveled out their height.

“Do I look a little crooked to you?” Cloe asked. Sasha rolled her eyes. At least she wasn’t asking if her butt looked big in her leotard. Cloe didn’t even understand what the phrase meant, she had just heard it on TV before and was constantly repeating it.

“I’m feeling a little wobbly,” Yasmin offered.

The girls all laughed and continued to fly. As they got braved they started to tumble and play and see the limits of their flight.

“Woo hoo!” Cloe enthused. “Higher!” She called as the girls flew through a low-hanging cloud. “What should we do?” She asked her friends.

“Save the community, of course,” Sasha told her.

“What else would Super Babyz do?” Jade questioned.

“Yeah!” All of the girls declared in unison. The Bratz Super Babyz flew off into the sky. It wasn’t long before the spotted the first problem that they could fix.

Yasmin saw a cat stuck in a tree. She swooped down and picked up the small animal, depositing it on the ground. The cat walked away without a thank you. But that was cats for you.

Next, Sasha infiltrated a group of male scientists who were looking for a way to make trees grow stronger and faster than before in order to bare more fruit and help feed people. Sasha worked carefully on an equation for a new chemical mixture that would promote growth, with an added flair of cuteness.

She finally poured the blue chemical compound into a petri dish with a seed in it. The mixture caused the seed to sprout immediately. The tree grew into a bonsai-sized tree that exploded with hearts. The scientists were amazed. It was so efficient and so adorable at the same time!

Meanwhile, at a playground, Jade witnessed a bully stealing a ball from two children playing. She used her sticky abilities to grab the bully and hold him upside down from his shoes. He dropped the ball and the young body and girl retrieved it. The children waved happily to the toddler.

Jade released the bully and he crashed to the ground. He watched in awe as the little girl flew away. The bully, who was named Marcus, would never forget his humiliation that day, though. Marcus would later graduate from petty bullying to actual crimes and eventually murder. At night, the vision of his childhood shame at being bested by a toddler would enter into his dreams and slowly drive him to end another human being’s life.

Cloe, meanwhile, was having trouble finding an outlet for her ability. Her super scream didn’t seem especially helpful or useful for solving problems or fighting crime. But just when she thought that she wouldn’t be able to help anyone, like all of her friends, saw a family out for a picnic at the edge of the woods and a bear headed straight for them.

The tiny blonde girl swooped down and used her scream against the bear. The creature, who was endangered in that area, was so stunned by the shriek that it shattered both of his eardrums. He ran back into the woods in terror. His hearing didn’t return that night or the next day. When hunters came looking for illegal game, the bear didn’t hear either of them. He never awoke from his nap.

But Cloe didn’t know any of this. The family that she had just saved thanked her by offering her a cookie. Cloe graciously accepted and had lunch with her new friends.

Later that afternoon, the girls regrouped. They excitedly told each other about what they had done and their various adventures in town. But just then, they spotted a school bus teetering off of a cliff. The school bus driver, drunk at the wheel, had driven the bus off of the road and over the guardrail after she had miscalculated the turn.

The girls quickly leapt into action. “Pop the tires, Angel!” Sasha instructed.

“Smart thinking, Smartasha,” Cloe said. She flew from one side of the bus to the other, screaming at the tires until they popped.

“Yas, run back and forth behind the bus,” Sasha continued.

“Why?” Yasmin asked, wrinkling her nose.

“Just do it!” Sasha snapped. “Cloe, call for help. Kool Kat, use your glue.”

Diligently, the girls did as Sasha told them. Jade attached her glue to the bus and started to pull it back towards the road. The kids inside of the bus screamed in terror as they were jerked back and forth.

Yasmin continued to race back and forth until she carved an oval-shaped hole into the pavement. The fact that they were creating thousands of dollars worth of damage to the road didn’t occur to the four toddlers. What did they know of highway infrastructure anyway?

Jade’s goo sprung out too much and she lost her grip on the bus. The tiny girl continued to pull against the weight of the bus. Just when it looked like the school bus was about to go over the cliff and take Jade with it, she managed to wrangle it back towards the road and set the rear axles into the crater that Yasmin had created.

As the girls flew back to Sasha, the rescue teams and firefighters, who had been completely useless in this entire sequence of events, ran up to the bus and cheered on the four toddlers. The four Super Babyz smiled at each other, satisfied at their job well done.

“All in a day’s work for Glue Girl!” Jade announced.

“A breeze for Smartasha, Sirena and Speedy Princess!” Cloe declared. The girls had come up with their own nicknames. As was evident by the quality of the monikers.

“Go, go, go, Super Babyz!” The four Bratz shouted as they flew off into the sky. Their fists raised in the air in triumph as they went.


“You’ve got to stand up for your rights!” Tot insisted. “You may be small, you may have thin skins, but that doesn’t mean you should hide under the ground. Come into the light and fight!” He enthused. “Come on! Wake up and smell the warm fertilizer.”

Tot looked out into his audience, waiting for a cheer of agreement. But there was nothing. Not even a nod. He looked over the silent Earth potatoes in annoyance. Not a single one had said anything to him since he had liberated them from the park’s fast food stand earlier that day. Not even a thank you.

“Any luck?” Yam asked, popping his head into the room.

“Forget it!” Tot declared. “These glorb slugs are never gonna rise up and conquer their planet.” He surveyed the potatoes in disappointment.

“We should’ve never liberated them from the deep-fry torture emporium,” Spud commented.

Tot turned his attention back to the potatoes in disgust. “Alright, go ahead, just lie there. You’ll never amount to anything, you lazy–” He ask about to finish with the most foul swear word in their language when the news anchor of the local news cut him off.

“This just in,” he started, professionally. “Four toddlers rescued a bus full of children in distress this afternoon.”

The screen switched to footage of the Bratz Super Babyz and their daring actions earlier that afternoon. Tuber watched in horror.

“Hey look! It’s them!” He shouted, pointing at the screen.

“Who?” Tot asked, abandoning his potato compatriots.

“The babies who took the Matter Exchanger. Look!” He insisted.

“But who taught them to fly?” Spud asked, cluelessly.

“Don’t you see, you dim-witted starch?” Yam demanded. “They’ve used the Matter Exchanger to turn themselves into flying babies.”

Tuber looked around the room. No one was blaming him for losing the piece of technology anymore. Good. Now they were united again, he had to get the rest of his team focused on regaining the Matter Exchanger.

“We’ve got to get the Matter Exchanger back!” Tot insisted.

“But we don’t know where they are,” Yam pointed out. “Do we?” He asked Tuber.

“No, we don’t,” Yam said, before Tuber could answer. “But where there’s a will, there’s a way.” He had just learned that phrase from the human’s daytime TV and greatly enjoyed saying it. Even if the shows featured a staggering lack of potatoes in leading roles.

“Yeah,” Yam confirmed. “And there’s a will.”

The four Potatoes turned back to the TV to continue watching the news broadcast.

“That’s right, Jim,” the anchor in the studio said. “Looks like we’ve got some amazing flying babies in our community.” He said it as if flying babies were something that lots of people had all over the world and not the result of a freak miscommunication with alien technology.

Tuber looked at the anchor as he struggled to move to the next story, still bewildered by the appearance of flying toddlers. His mind was already working into overdrive. “So we’ll just have to make them come to us,” he said, slowly.

The other Potatoes looked at him in curiosity. Tuber smiled at them. He had a plan.


Back in the living room of Gran’s house, the homeowner was snoring loudly with her mouth open. A fly that had been trapped in the house for several hours flew near her mouth and decided to investigate. It landed on her tongue. Gran coughed and unknowingly ate the creature.

On the television, Gran was watching the same news program that the Potatoes had just seen. “Four toddlers rescued a bus full of children in distress this afternoon,” the reporter said as Gran continued to snore.

“That’s right, Jim,” the anchor responded.”Looks like we’ve got some amazing flying babies in our community. Never heard of super babies!” He declared.

Gran awoke with a start. “Where in the wide world?” She asked herself. She looked at her watch. She had been asleep for two hours.

“We’ve got at least 10 calls reporting a UFO sighting,” the anchor continued, shakily.

“What’s it?” Gran muttered as she searched for the remote in order to change the channel to something else.

“That’s right, Bob,” the reporter confirmed. “It’s like some kind of mass hysteria. What about the call we got last night, Jim? Young kid in town claimed he was abducted by a group of large potatoes and a very unattractive baby.” A mugshot of Ted from one of his various, drug-related arrests, flashed onto the screen. “I tell you, Bob, the wacky things people come up with,” the reporter laughed.

Gran realized that she had probably better go check on the girls after leaving them alone for two hours straight. She stood and realized that her massive panties and her sweat pants had wedged themselves into her ass crack. She pulled both away from her skin, inelegantly.

The gray-haired widow walked up the stairs and arrived at the Bratz’s bedroom. She opened the door quietly and saw that their beds appeared occupied. The girls had left their “pets” in their beds. At least, that’s what they told themselves.

In reality, they had stuffed the extra pillows from the linen closet into their beds and covered them with blankets. Gran smiled at her sweet, sleeping darlings. She softly closed the door and decided to let the girls sleep a little while longer before their afternoon trip to the park.

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