Bratz Super Babyz: A Novelization, Chapter 5

944083_20071120_screen001NB: This is a novelization of the film, Bratz Super Babyz. The dialogue is taken verbatim from the movie. The rest are things that I added in, in an attempt to explain some of the stranger parts of the film. To read all parts of this novelization, click here.

Chapter 5

After the Super Babyz had saved various people and inflicted untold physical and psychological damage onto the grounds and people of Stilesville, they flew through the air, enjoying the afternoon. “What was great!” Sasha announced.

Yasmin yawned. “We’re awesome,” she affirmed.

“I don’t see any trouble,” Jade observed, half-heartedly looking down onto the park that they were flying over. She observed a cop being beaten by a group of homeless men, but quickly looked away. “Maybe we better go home before Gran wakes up,” she suggested.

“I never thought I’d say this, but a nap sounds really good right about now,” Cloe admitted, dipping down in the sky and quickly straightening herself out.

“Official Super Babyz don’t need naps,” Sasha said, indigently. Although she felt rather tired herself.

“Maybe Stilesville could do without the Super Babyz,” Jade said, “For an hour anyway.”

“Please,” Cloe begged. “Come on, Sasha, give us a break. My throat hurts from all that yelling.”

Sasha, who was now even more in charge than ever before and loving every second of it, sighed deeply. “Okay, okay. Maybe a nap is a good idea,” she reasoned. “I mean, we might have to do something important today. Like save the world from an alien invasion of something.”

The girls wearily sighed. They couldn’t imagine having to do anymore world saving after what they had just been through. Cloe wondered if she could pretend to be in a coma if they awoke her to go fight aliens.

“As if,” Yasmin counted. “I just wanna go home and have some of Gran’s spaghetti for lunch.”

“And ice cream for dessert,” Cloe added, thinking about Gran’s mint chocolate homemade ice cream.

“And a bubble bath,” Jade added, picturing herself in the bath, surrounded by pink bubbles and soft music.

“And a story,” Sasha finished.

The girls reached the house in a few minutes and flew through their open bedroom window. They landed softly on the floor and looked over at their beds.

“That was fun,” Yasmin said, stretching and yawning.

“Maybe we can do it again tomorrow,” Jade offered.

“But tomorrow we’re going to the park,” Sasha reminded her friends.

“Oh yeah,” Jade remembered. “I’d rather do that.”

The girls got into bed and snuggled down with their animals. The hallucinations held them tightly as they rested. But they had only settled down for a few seconds when Gran opened the door and stepped in. The girls, even though they were partly asleep, pictured the pets jumping out of bed and running for cover in their usual hiding spaces, where Gran couldn’t see them.

“Little girls,” Gran called, opening the door a little wider. “Time to get up. Oh, what good naps you took,” she commented. “Not a peep out of you.”

The girls rubbed their eyes and looked up. It felt like it had only been nanoseconds since they had closed them.

“You’ve been such good girls, I think we’ll do the park this afternoon,” Gran said.

The girls exchanged glances. None of them wanted to go to the park. They just wanted to sleep.


Back at Adventure Universe, the Potatoes were skulking around the rides. The park was closing in an hour, so they had to move quickly. They had a plan on how to lure the flying babies to the park and capture them. But while Tuber was convinced the plan would solve all of their problems, the others were anxious.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Tot asked, nervously.

“I will bet my blackazoid on it,” Yam affirmed.

Tuber rolled his eyes and wondered who would be interested in betting on the Potatoe’s sex organ. He ignored the comment and focused on the task at hand. The group made their way to the Rockin’ Rocket ride.

Tot, doing his part to distract the park goers, got behind a man in line and kicked his foot. The man looked down, surprised from small sharp pain in his ankle. He saw Tot and the Potatoe laughed manically. Roots sprouted from his head and the man screamed in horror at the sight of the sentient Potatoe.

Satisfied that the diversion was working, the others walked around to the ride. “Go ahead, big hero,” Yam told Tuber. The Potatoe looked around, nervously. He approached a park employee and took a deep breath. He was ready.


The Bratz Super Babyz were sitting in their high chairs around the dining room table. Jade was fast asleep, face down in her food. The girls, who had noticed her snoozing for several minutes, realized that Gran was finishing cleaning the kitchen and coming to check on the girls.

“Kool Kat!” Sasha hissed. “Wake up!”

Jade lifted her head at the sound of her nickname. She groggily looked up and wiped some of the food from her face, making her hand sticky with the pudding substance.

“Butter my parsnips,” Gran remarked. “Yasmin, honey, use your napkin.”

Sasha rolled her eyes. Why had she bothered telling Jade to wake up? Gran wouldn’t have noticed if Jade was dead and decomposing.

“I’m Jade,” the little girl insisted.

“Oh yes, of course,” Gran said, not even hearing her adopted daughter. Gran wiped off Jade’s face with a wet towel.

“Gran, may we go to bed early?” Yasmin asked, yawning.

“Oh, you’re pulling Gran’s leg,” Gran laughed. She couldn’t imagine her rambunctious little girls wanting to go to bed early.

“Please, Gran?” Sasha asked. Her over-sized eyes were burning. She couldn’t wait to go to bed.

Gran looked at the girls skeptically. “The park couldn’t have worn you out,” She said, thinking out loud. “All you girls wanted to do was sit on the swings.” Gran quietly wondered if the girls were on drugs. She heaved a heavy sigh. She knew this day would come, but she never thought it would come so soon.

“We want to get a good night’s sleep,” Jade insisted.

“Well, if you really mean it,” Gran said, cautiously. “But you need to pick up your books and crayons in the den first,” she informed them.

The girls nodded, sleepily. Gran helped them down from their high chairs. The girls diligently trooped into the living room and started picking up their crayons and coloring books. Gran watched the girls, suspiciously. Were they hiding the marijuana in their crayons?

She watched them as she took one of the remotes and turned on the TV to the evening news. Maybe it would have a story about a new drug craze for toddlers and she could learn what was going on with her little darlings. Gran sat down in her recliner as a commercial was interrupted and a news anchor appeared on screen.

“A child is stuck on a ride gone wild at Adventure Universe,” he announced. The screen showed an image of the Rockin’ Rocket, zooming out of control, a child’s head just visible above the top of the car. “They’ve closed down the park and are bringing in the fire department,” he added, in a concerned tone.

Gran looked at the girls as they finished putting their coloring books away. “Get in bed, girls,” Gran said, gently. “Gran will be in to read you stories,” she assured them.

The girls all nodded and walked upstairs, their feet dragging. Once they got into the bedroom, Jade quickly looked down the hall for Gran and when she didn’t see her, she closed the door. Jade turned to the other girls in concern.

“You heard the news. The fire department can handle it,” she said.

“Yeah,” Cloe agreed. “They don’t need us.”

“But what if they do?” Yasmin asked, softly.

“Yeah,” Sasha confirmed. “I don’t know why we have these superpowers, but we do! So it seems like if we can help…”

“We should,” Jade said, finishing the other girl’s sentence.

“But what good are we if we’re sleepy,” Cloe asked. She had recently seen a story on TV about people who drove when they were tired and got into accidents. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to fight crime when exhausted either.

“We just have to buck up!” Sasha argued. “What kind of superheros would we be, if we fell asleep on the job?”

The girls wanted to fight for their nap time, but they knew that Sasha was too intelligent for them to argue with. “Hmmm… Okay. Let’s go,” Cloe said. She cringed inwardly. She just wanted to sleep.

The Bratz formed a circle and all put their hands in the center. Jade was the last to put her hand in and when she did, the other girls yanked their hands back. They didn’t forget about how Jade’s goo would get all of their hands and make all of them sticky.

Just then, they heard Gran’s footfalls on the steps. The girls scrambled into their beds and by the time Gran arrived in the room, they were all snuggled down, pretending to be fast asleep. Gran looked around in surprise. Were the drugs causing them to sleep so much?

“My goodness!” She remarked, mostly to herself. She decided that she better let the girls sleep it off. Gran quietly closed the door and walked back to the den, determined to figure out just what kind of drugs the girls were taking and where they had gotten them.

As soon as they heard the door close and Gran’s footsteps fade down the hallway, the girls jumped out of bed, ready to fight crime. In order to cover for them, the girls hallucinated their pets hiding in their beds and forming toddler-looking lumps under the blankets. The Bratz Super Babyz climbed out of the windows and flew off into the evening sky.


The girls flew straight to Adventure Universe. Right before they got to the park they saw the four Super Buds walking towards their cars in the parking lot. The four had planned to go out for a drink after going home to change. They had had enough of pretending to be super heroes. They now just wanted to be drunk.

“Look!” Cloe shouted, pointing at the heroes. “What luck!”

The girls all looked down and gasped when they saw the entire team walking past.

“Maybe they can take care of this one,” Cloe figured. They had engineered a similar rescue dozens of times on their TV show. What was one more?

“And we can go home,” Jade offered.

The girls didn’t even need to discuss how wonderful that would be.

“Yeah!” They declared, swooping down to where the four adults were walking to their cars. The girls flew down just in time to hear the last bit of what Smartessa was saying.

“I wish rides broke down more often,” the leader of the Super Buds declared. “I love it! We get the rest of the night off. They better pay us though,” she added in a dangerously low voice.

“Haven’t you heard?” Sasha demanded. “There’s an emergency!” She informed them, as if the Super Buds weren’t well aware of why they were being senf home.

“Oh…” Smartessa said, softly. She technically wasn’t on duty. Did she have to be nice to these kids? She was still in uniform. But she had already been sent home. Smartessa tried to think back to the training manual, but couldn’t remember what the exact rules were.

“We’d love to,” Smartessa started. “But, uh, there’s as lunar eclipse tonight and we lose our powers.”

Sasha cocked her head to the side. “The last lunar eclipse was in June,” she informed her.

Smartessa was done. It was bad enough she had to put up with silly kids all day, now one was telling her about lunar eclipses? “Oh yeah, sure thing,” she said dismissively. The super hero walked to her 2000 Passat and slid behind the driver’s seat.

“I thought she was supposed to be super smart,” Yasmin whispered to her friends.

“Mr. Strechtastic!” Jade implored. “You’ll help us, right?”

The person portraying Mr. Strechtastic was a former body builder who had been banned from competition for using steroids. He was over trying to be a super hero. “Uh, sorry,” he said, walking away. He wasn’t sorry. He just wanted to go out and flex his muscles for whomever was willing to pay attention to him.

“Explodo Girl?” Cloe asked, her huge blue eyes filling with tears.

Explodo Girl, the least jaded of all of the super heroes, sighed deeply. Her heart yearned to help these little girls and make them see that there were super heroes and people who would always help those less fortunate than them. But she had just failed a calculus test and with that grade on the books, her GPA was dipping into academic probation territory.

She hated herself for doing it, but she turned away and said, “Not tonight. I’m off-duty.”

The Super Babyz looked at the last remaining hero, Johnny Speedometer. He looked at each of the girls and ran. He had had enough interaction with children and anymore would be entirely over his limit.

“J-Johnny?” Yasmin asked, her lower lip quivering. “What wimps!” She declared, her voice breaking.

“They don’t have the right to call themselves Super Buds!” Cloe said, tears streaming down her face.

“Don’t waste your tears over those fakes, Angel,” Jade said, wrapping her arm around her friend.

“Yeah, stop crying, Cloe,” Sasha said, a little sharper than she had intended. “Come on, someone has to help that baby.”

“We can do it,” Jade offered.

“That’s right,” Yasmin confirmed.

The girls turned to each other in excitement. “Let’s rock!” They all shouted.

The girls took off and flew over to the Rockin’ Rocket. They hovered next to the ride, everyone unsure of how to go about rescuing the child.

“You guys save the baby, I’ll work on the controls,” Sasha said. She flew down to the control panel that was already open. The lights were blinking red and gauge was showing that the ride was operating at three times normal speed.

Meanwhile, the Bratz arranged themselves around the ride and Jade used her goo to stick onto the car and hold the ride still. The huge machine creaked as inertia wanted to pull it forward but Jade held it back.

Cloe flew over to the car. “Hey kid!” She called. “Little kid! It’s okay. The Super Babyz are here!”

Yasmin flew over as well to help retrieve the child. “Come on out! We’ve got you,” she promised.

Just then, Corporal Tuber popped his head out of the ride. “That’s where you’re wrong, Babyz. We’ve got you.” Tuber reached into the car and pulled out a laser gun. He set it to capture and large roots whipped out of the barrel and wrapped Yasmin in the dirty vines.

Sasha was too busy trying to figure out the controls to see anything that was going on above her. She had quickly deduced that this was no accident. The controls had been sabotaged. “Someone’s been messing around,” she said, out loud.

“And they’re not done yet.”

Sasha turned to see who had said that and by the time she turned around Spud and Yam had shot her with the same gun that Tuber had. They had finished incapacitating Sasha when Tuber hopped down from the ride carrying Yasmin.

Just then, Cloe swooped down in furry. “Come back here, you evil baby!” She shrieked.

“Give us back our friends!” Jade added, releasing the car with her goo. The Rockin’ Rocket continued pummeling the air at three times normal speed.

Sasha looked over at her friends in terror. “Help!” She called.

Cloe looked over and realized that the Potatoes now had two out of four of the Super Babyz. “Oh my gosh, Sasha!” She exclaimed.

Jade planted her feet on top of Tuber’s head and flew upwards, pulling him along with her goo. She swung both him and the captured Yasmin around. After a few seconds, Tuber managed to grab a railing and hold on. But he dropped his captive and Yasmin fell to the ground.

Cloe and Jade flew as fast as they could, catching their friend before she hit the ground. Tuber jumped down from the ride and scampered back to his friends.

“Come on,” Cloe said, not wasting a second. “We have to save Sasha!”

As the three girls looked around, they spotted their friend being carried into the space ship. The two Potatoes, Yam and Spud, who didn’t even weigh more than a pound each, had managed to carry the girl several times their size.

Before they could fly over, Tuber raced into the ship, closing the door behind the Potatoes and the captured girl. He quickly locked the complicated anti-gravity door. Satisfied with themselves, the Potatoes carried the Bratz girl into the ship’s bridge. They set her down and Sasha quickly surveyed her surroundings.

“Oh my gosh!” She exclaimed, looking at the far wall. “Someone left your thermo-nuclear generator in the overdrive switch!”

The Potatoes, none of whom were even completely sure how to care for the ship they had stolen, screamed and raced to the instrument panel. As they scrambled to check all of the ship’s levels and backups, Sasha untied herself from the vines and slipped into a tunnel that lead to the sleeping quarters.

Tot looked at the readouts on the instrument panel and realized that absolutely nothing was wrong with their thermo-nuclear generator. He looked over at Sasha in annoyance and saw the empty vines laying on the ground. “It tricked us!” Tot screamed.

“It can’t get out!” Yam bellowed. The Potatoes ran off after Sasha.