Bianca the evil nice girl

bianca-375This year RuPaul’s Drag Race doesn’t seem to have a villain. In most of the past seasons, there was a villain of the show. Someone that was just loud, abrasive, self-important and slightly delusional. This idea went to the extreme last year with the addition of Roxxxy Andrews. Phi Phi O’Hara had been the villain of season 4, and managed to have an awesome sound byte from the season, but was otherwise harmless. But for season 6, there seems to be a change of pace.

Granted, Roxxy Andrews’ character completely backfired on her. After her appearance on the show, a lot of people started to genuinely dislike her. When I saw her perform live her show was sparsely populated while winner Jinkx Monsoon and runner up Alaska Thunderfuck had managed to fill both of their houses. Her treatment of Jinkx Monsoon was not taken lightly and definitely not forgiven. While the tension and workroom fights made for great TV drama, it turned out that Roxxxy’s career didn’t take off like the person she had been harassing.

Perhaps that’s why this year Drag Race has gone in a different direction. Instead of a villain, we have Bianca Del Rio. She’s  fun, she’s sassy, and she holds absolutely no punches. But while she could easily be the snarky, aggressive villain, she absolutely isn’t. She helps her fellow queens, she immediately apologized to Laganja when she thought that her feelings had been hurt. Her mission isn’t to make everyone hate her. She’s extremely talented, likable and fucking hilarious.

Her standup comedy was untouched during the Drag Queens of Comedy challenge. Her Snatch Game Judge Judy was hysterical. But even though she could have treated the other girls with contempt and disdain, she didn’t. Even when she was paired with whiny and insecure Trinity, she was patient and guided her through the challenges. She could have unleashed hell on her fellow queen when she couldn’t get the dance steps right in the Ru-ssical or couldn’t pronounce “car doors” in the makeup commercial challenge. But while her interviews were always sharp, she was supportive of her drag sister and encouraging.

Bianca is so funny, warm and genuine that I can see her easily being top 3, if not winning outright. She might have plenty of thoughts on her fellow queens and their behavior, but she’s no mean girl. She’s one of the nicest bitches you could ever hope to meet. Even if it would sometimes be annoying, she would make an excellent friend. Sure, she would tell you things that you don’t want to hear, but she would tell you exactly what everyone else was afraid to say. And sometimes a harsh truth is better than a well-intentioned lie.


A few people have tried to cast other queens as the villain of the series, but the accusations falls a little short. Sure, Gia Gunn was bitchy and shady to the other girls, but she was also a little silly. Between not knowing what a Tony Award was to mispronouncing the word “Delorean”, it was clear that she isn’t exactly going Mensa anytime soon. Gia didn’t seem intelligent enough to really be as manipulative and cruel as a villain usually is. Also, she befriended Laganja, one of the most dramatic queens on the entire show.

Courtney Act has also fallen victim to the accusation of mean girl. She was quite rude to Joslyn Fox about pretty much everything. But Courtney just isn’t nasty enough to Joslyn or to anyone else in order to really deserve this title. A lot of the time Courtney seems to be treating Joslyn like her annoying little sister, only to have Joslyn respond accordingly.

I have to say that this season without a villain is great. The show doesn’t need to have all of that interpersonal drama in order to work. All Stars used the big characters and fierce queens to make it work without one girl cast as the bad guy. These queens have enough personality and intrigue that relying on stock characters to perk up the show just isn’t needed.

Hopefully, Drag Race won’t feel the need to go through this again and cast another villain next season or in All Stars 2. In fact, if a past villain comes on All Stars 2, I would love to see them go through a redemption where they become more likable and more respected for their talents, not for their insults. Only time will tell.