First kiss

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First kisses are exciting. The anticipation is sometimes better than the actual kiss, depending on whom you’re kissing. But one way or another, first kisses are like nothing else.

Science tells us that kissing can help us determine if we’re compatible with a mate. It’s surprising how you can kiss different people and have a different reaction each time. Kissing is like discovering another depth to a potential partner. Someone you were interested in can turn you off completely with a kiss. Other people become more interesting once you kiss them. Others still you have to teach how to kiss and then it becomes well worth it.

Either way, the first kiss is a thrilling and exhilarating part of dating and really the only thing that I miss. When I was dating I kissed dudes as quickly as I made Facebook friends. Which is to say, if they didn’t completely repulse me, I would kiss them. By the time I met Tim I was up to about 30 guys that I had kissed. I kept a list in one of my diaries (where I also have photos of various penis pictures that men have sent me, but that’s another story). But by the time I started the list I wasn’t 100% sure that I had counted all of the people I kissed.

I enjoyed the intrigue and the mystery of first kisses so much that I gave little thought to kissing someone new. Kissing is probably my favorite intimate thing to do and very low risk, all things considered. But the excitement of the first kiss was something that I never got tired of.

So go and enjoy your first kisses! Just watch out for pneumonia and mono. That shit is not fun.

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