Appetite suppressant adventures

337129-41118-18March 19, 2014

Picking up from where I left off from my previous weight loss blogs, Dr. Clark decided to put me on an appetite suppressant. One of my main problems with food is that I’m always hungry. Always. The only time I don’t want food is when I’ve eaten so much that I feel sick. Seriously. I could be completely full and still think about making some popcorn or getting out the peanut butter.

So in order to help combat my weight gain and hopefully curb my incessant eating, he recommended that I try Phentermine. This drug is rather safe for those without major health problems, none of which I have. I do have to have my blood pressure monitored and occasionally get blood work, but I’ve already done that for some bipolar medications that I’ve been on, so that’s no big deal for me.

I went in for my consult earlier today and had a quick rundown of Phentermine and how it works. Side effects can include feeling active and alert, similar to a caffeine jolt. Sometimes it can react with anti-depressants and give your mood a lift. Which I’m fine with. I have a new psychiatrist now and I can monitor my medication as needed. Brain fog is not listed as a side effect. This is great as whenever it was an effect, common or not, I got it and got it bad.

Dr. Clark recommended that I start out taking a half pill per day and see how it makes me feel. He said that the medication doesn’t need to build up in your system. Once you take it, it gets to work immediately. But it also leaves your system after about 12 hours, so you can’t skip a dose and be okay. But when it comes to doses, Dr. Clark said that I probably won’t need a dose every day. Some people just take one if they know they will have trouble that day and when they have an easy day where eating isn’t an issue, they just don’t take one.

As for how it works, it doesn’t stop you from eating. Dr. Clark explained that it just makes food sound less appealing. Which sounds perfect for me. Because I can’t even remember a time when food didn’t appeal to me on some level. Even if I was full to the point of feeling sick, I’d just tell myself that I could eat something later. It never was like, meh. I don’t really feel like it.

When I got home I dug out my old pill cutter and cut my first pill in half and took it. I ate lunch soon after that. I had only had a protein bar so far that day and I needed something substantial for lunch. About an hour later, I feel good. I’m not really interested in food right now and I’ve been Facebooking and working on my blog quite happily since I took it.

I will keep updating as to how this situation progresses. But right now, I feel pretty good about this.

March 20, 2014

So far, I am very impressed with this drug. I took one yesterday and my constant cravings for food were far less than usual. I actually managed to eat three meals and one snack without constantly eating all day. I had a little trouble at night. I was watching Archer and what’s better than eating while watching TV? But I had something healthy to snack on and called it quits.

I took the half pill this morning before we left for shopping. I had a protein bar and protein shake for breakfast. I wasn’t even hungry until lunch time. After lunch, I thought about making some popcorn, but I really didn’t want any. How cool is that?

I hope this keeps up. I do feel very alert and I was pleasantly productive yesterday. I’m still jumping from one project to the next and working on things a little at a time, but I’m getting shit done. So that’s good.

March 23, 2014

This is the best thing ever!

I’ve been eating so much less and not craving food. Sometimes I even go into the fridge to find something to eat and don’t see anything I want to eat and leave the kitchen without food! How cool is that?

I have noticed that the pills make me feel a little jumpy. I feel alert and active and all of that good stuff. It’s not entirely unpleasant though. Sometimes it’s nice to feel a little pick me up when you need to get moving in the morning.

March 27, 2014

I am a believer. If I wasn’t before, I sure am now. Last night I was over with the girls watching a movie and I made popcorn. I fucking love popcorn. It was nothing for me to go through two gigantic bowls in a day, by myself. Last night, I made the popcorn, had a few pieces and thought, eh, don’t really care anymore.

How great is that? Normally, I would have fought off both those bitches to get to that popcorn and then made more. But I felt fine and really didn’t want anymore. Also, I’ve noticed that I’m eating less. This is awesome as I was dangerously overfilling my sleeve and getting stomach aches. I’m not perfect, but I’ve far fewer than in the past.

Getting a handle on my eating is a huge relief. I talked to my therapist about how I fall into the trap of eating my emotions. He said that recognizing that is an important first step. He added that I should continue to ask myself before I eat, if I’m hungry, if I’m upset, if I’m celebrating with food and figure out that if I’m not hungry, why I want to eat.

For the future, I’m hoping that I can get into the pattern of looking at food as something to eat to live and not something that’s anything fucking other than that. I don’t want to be on appetite suppressants for the rest of my life, definitely not. But right now, they are really helping and I hope that I can learn to reprogram my eating habits and continue on my own without the help of suppressants. But let me just say, if I backslide, I’m getting another script and getting back on track, pronto.